Recovery of coinbase portfolio funds

I bought and sold Bitcoin on coinbase which is now in my portfolio. How do I recover the portfolio money? I tried Bitcoin wallet but it only accesses the active Bitcoin, not the funds in my portfolio.

Transferring funds from banxa to Binance

I am trying to find my Binance account from banxa which is not an exchange.
It is a payment gateway for crypto,now my problem is I am unable to deposit banxa funds to Binance.
I get to the deposit address for Binance but then does not direct me to the banxa platform.

When transferring funds, the service gives this error, what should I do?

When transferring funds, the service gives this error, what should I do?

This wallet is currently frozen.

BitGo will not sign any transactions on this wallet until October 11th 2060, 7:00:00 PM.

I have not received my funds from blockchain to cash app via bitcoin

I transferred funds from a broker to cash app via bitcoin. I received email from broker that the funds was approved/sent. However its been one week and I have not received my funds into my cash app. What need to be done to research this issue. I have emailed cashapp customer support and the issue is still not resolved.

family – Visit visa refused for not clarifying the source of funds

My mother applied for a visit visa which it has been refused as the bank statement doesn’t show the source of the funds , these funds are available for her which she has in her saving account and she got these money for her pension after retiring 16 years ago and we are not able to obtain a proof of this


I came across this question while filling the form imm 1294….Is it asking me to calculate my salary and bank statements or only bank statement?

Hour Funds –

I am not the admin or the owner of the project, I don’t know the admin!

Hour Funds

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How to move paper wallet funds to another wallet

I have an old paper wallet and private key.

I want to transfer bitcoin from this wallet to another wallet? How can I accomplish this?

I tried this on coinbase for example by going to:

  1. I click “Receive”
  2. A QR pops up with my coinbase wallet address

The problem is there is no place to input or transact where I want to receive bitcoin from.

What is the easiest way to transfer BTC from wallet to another? (I’m also a developer so API, code, etc work for me as well).