Consequences of the cancellation of a visa Tier 5 GAE UK

I am not a citizen of the EU. I've signed a contract for a summer internship in the UK and the company is going to sponsor a level 5 GAE visa for me (so I'll have to go to an appointment at a center in the UK. visa).

It is possible that I will have to cancel this contract due to external circumstances and that I will not use this visa. Will there be any negative consequences for my future visa applications if I cancel an appointment / cancel the process after an appointment / cancels the approved visa (depending on the state of the visa)? 39, advancing the process, I will decide not to accept the job), assuming I do this cancellation correctly?

architecture – How to deploy a typical API and front-end application in GAE?

I'm developing my first node.js application to deploy in GAE.

This will be organized as an API service and a front-end web application developed with Next.js

I'm looking at this architecture and, although the application is separate in two repositories, I could have a merged repository to create two different microservices:

For me, it seems excessive to create a new repository for merging and deploying them (does not this break one of the basic ideas of microservices to perform isolated deployments?)

I have to discourage this because we need SEO in some parts and we should use Next.js (or similar):

Another idea that I've worked on is … creating different GAE projects for front and API to deploy independently. For me, this seems like the best option, but I would like to know your opinion as the experts of the GAE.

Which one should I use?

Thank you!