Old Nerd playing old PC games

Hi all, I'm only an old guy who still plays nostalgic titles like Diablo, Gothic, Morrowind, Doom, Mafia, Age of Empires, etc.

Check out my new YT channel >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrY4jt1Qh_mMIKZfHXIA2A

Thank you all for your comments

One of my videos – "Mafia: The City of Paradise Lost" (Playless Voiceless Playthrough 1080p):

Why do not games usually allow arbitrary resizing of the window?

Can I ask why, as a general rule, games allow only specific resolutions instead of allowing arbitrary resizing of windows? Are there any technical difficulties with arbitrary resizing of windows?

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unity – Are 2D platform games still popular among players?

I am currently working on a 2D platformer game that I wanted to highlight as the first game, but seeing the popularity of other games created by Voodoo and other games is quite painful and made me ask this question and you guys now. Will 2D platform games that have become popular will have some popularity for developers to take an interest in and get a share in future projects or can they work on more popular games like Color Bump 3D?

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Your favorite games

What game do you play often?

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fa.functional analysis – Understanding a proof about the limit of a suite of open games

We read a proof about the following limit
begin {equation} tag {1}
lim_ {n to infty} sigma_1 (T_n) = sigma_1 (T),
end {equation}

or $ T: D (T) subseteq H to H $ and $ T_n: D (T_n) subseteq H to H $ are linear operators on a Hilbert space $ H $ and
$$ sigma_1 (A) = sigma (A) cup {z in mathbb {C}: | (z-A) ^ {- 1} |> 1 } $$
for a linear operator $ A $. In the evidence, it is said that it is sufficient to show the following:

(i) If $ K subseteq sigma_1 (T) $ is compact then there is $ N in mathbb {N} $ such as $ K subseteq sigma_1 (T_n) $ for everyone $ n geq N $.

(ii) if K $ is compact and $ K cap overline { sigma_1 (T)} = emptyset $ then there is $ N in mathbb {N} $ such as $ K cap overline { sigma_1 (T_n)} = emptyset $ for everyone $ n geq N $.

But we do not know why (i) and (ii) implies (1)?

The definition of the convergence of the sets used in (1) is as follows:
Let $ {X_n } $ a sequence of subsets of $ mathbb {C} $. then $ x in limsup X_n $ if there is a subsequence $ {X_ {n_k} } $ and a sequence $ {x_k } $ such as $ x_k in X_ {n_k} $ and $ lim_ {k to infty} x_k = x $. On the other hand, $ x in liminf X_n $ if there is a sequence $ {x_n } $ with $ x_n in X_n $ that sucks $ lim_ {n to infty} x_n = x $. The limit $ lim_ {n to infty} X_n $ exists if $ limsup X_n = liminf X_n $ and we define $ lim_ {n to infty} X_n = limsup X_n $.

Our attempt:

We believe that (i) implies that $ sigma_1 (T) subseteq liminf sigma_1 (T_n) $ because if $ z in sigma_1 (T) $ then $ {z } $ is compact.

From (ii) we can get that $ limsup overline { sigma_1 (T_n)} subseteq overline { sigma_1 (T)} $. Indeed if $ z notin overline { sigma_1 (T)} $, then there is $ varepsilon> $ 0 such as $ overline {B (z; varepsilon)} cap overline { sigma_1 (T)} = emptyset $ and (ii) we get $ overline {B (z; varepsilon)} cap overline { sigma_1 (T_n)} = emptyset $ for all big enough $ n $, so $ z notin limsup overline { sigma_1 (T_n)} $.

But how can we show that $ limsup sigma_1 (T_n) subseteq sigma_1 (T) $?

Thank you for any help you can provide us.