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<p>	Publishing, like most industries in the digital age, is striving to find a way to redefine itself. As more and more publishers are turning to online and electronic formats, traditional distribution and revenue models are no longer effective enough. That's why blockchain systems get a lot of attention from developers, authors, and content creators.
<p>	Although different proposals have different mechanisms, the main idea is that many things that traditional publishers do, such as copyright and license management, profit distribution, and facilitating collaboration, could easily be performed less centrally using smart contracts. a blockchain disc.
<p>	There are several platforms for publishing applications on the market. Sometimes it becomes confusing to identify the genuine and authentic ones. But one platform that has proved beyond a reasonable and real doubt for developers is the X42 protocol platform. X42 is well positioned in the market by leveraging its unique selling proposition to help publishers prepare and publish their apps.
	<strong>What is X42?</strong>
<p>	X42 is a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency based on Stratis technology, but not a fork but a common technology. X42 allows the creation of different decentralized applications. X42 is an almost instantaneous proof of the cryptocurrency of stakes that pays dividends in the form of stakes. Whether you're a small developer or want to create big projects, X42 is a viable option to consider.
	<strong>X42 Blockchain Project</strong>
<p>	In addition to having a pretty nifty name, X42 checks most of the boxes in the wish list of the publishing chain. x42 uses the Proof of Entry (PoS) system as a part generation method and for the validation of newly generated blocks, which benefits the interest of organizations operating the network and protects it from attack.
<p>	This is very useful because any user or organization can take advantage of running a complete x42 node and the nodes needed for their own blockchain without the need for expensive and dedicated hardware. The block reward will be 2 pieces per block up to the block number 400,000, after which all blocks will only generate 1 piece until the maximum bid of 42,000,000 x42 is reached.
<p>	Owners of x42 masternodes will be able to bet their coins to generate new ones according to the amount involved until the creation of the total offer. Until and after that time, owners will also receive a percentage of transaction fees from games and decentralized applications hosted on the side blockchains they have decided to host on their masternode.
<p>	The main idea behind setting up x42 is to allow zero-valued publishers to publish their application to the blockchain. The X42 protocol runs around a main blockchain that hosts all x42 parts and three types of nodes.
<p>	Coin X42 is for the moment relatively unknown to many investors, which makes it seriously underestimated. Without the traditional launch, since there is no initial offer of parts (ICO). The community and the x42 development team are working hard and the value is already noticeable, the price of the piece is rising and, with the potential, it could be among the next outstanding successes.
<p>	In fact, Ripper, Tron and other currencies that are doing well have now started as X42. According to the potential of X42, in the coming days, the price of X42 will skyrocket. Thus, it becomes one of the most watched options.
<p>	As a potential investor, you can start wagering with any amount, as no minimum amount is required. It's a simple process, just 2 mouse clicks. By far, it is the safest and easiest piece to bet on the cryptographic system.
<p>	Let's look at the other benefits of investing in the X42 project:
<p>	● Zero Fees: X42 will not charge you a cent for publishing your decentralized apps. It means more profits for you.<br />● Scalable: X42 is absolutely scalable. You can test scalability as you wish.<br />● Fast: All transactions on the X42 protocol are very fast. According to the team behind X42, the speaking time is about 60 seconds.<br />● Private: all your transactions would remain private. No matter where your team is, they will receive all units sent to them.<br />● Security: Are you afraid of losing your investment? X42 takes the problem of security very seriously.
<p>	The x42 is one of the few pieces with a multi-level masternode system. More information can be found on discord:
	<strong>Anyone trying to do it can do it through these exchanges –<br />
<p>	Stex (<br />
<p>	Graviex (<br />
<p>	Altmarkets (<br />
<p>	All additional information on: </strong><strong></strong>
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Credit card gateway for high risk businesses

Good morning all,

We are a third party payment gateway provider based in China, which has been operating in the payments business for 10 years since 2010. We have experience of working with Hing-Risk traders, including casinos and games of chance, Forex, replicas (European areas only), virtual service (IPTV, web hosting), etc.

Characteristics of the services:

1.Supporting Visa, MasterCard, AE, JCB, as well as local payments in Europe and Southeast Asia.

2. Several currencies available (USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, etc.)

3. Quick and convenient deposits and withdrawals.

4. Instant Payment Gateway (funds will be immediately deducted from credit cards at the time of payment by the customer.)

5. Secure risk control system and whitelist system.

If you are interested or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Your concerns are always welcome.:)

Need help setting up the WHMCS payment gateway by country

Hello, I have finished my configuration WHMCS. I have integrated 2 payment gateways.
1) CCAvenue (India only)
2) Paypal (do not accept payments from India)

I want to show CCAvenue payment gateway to Indian users only.
and Paypal payment gateway to all other countries.

What is the best option for this task? Free or paid any method will work.

How to integrate the razorpay payment gateway into the native expo project

I created the project in reaction to the native expo-and at the very end of the project, I got stuck to implement a payment gateway to the razor, expo-cli not taking charge of the payment gateway.
if someone can help me

webapp rec – Insert the payment gateway on the website to allow the user to enter at least in one form

I have a general question related to a start-up idea of ​​myself. I want to publish an interactive puzzle in which users must insert the possible solution in a form on the website to hit the jackpot if their solution is correct. Therefore, they must pay $ 1 to be able to propose a solution. How to set up such a payment gateway to offer a quick and easy payment of $ 1?

Thanks in advance!

penetration test – Appearance of security in the gateway area of ​​the API

I am currently planning security testing procedures within an API gateway. We want to define in advance what we expect to see in terms of security.

REST API analysis

  • SQL injection
  • Command injection
  • Injection of header
  • Cross-site script – reflected.
  • Intersite script – stored.
  • Intersite script – based on dom.
  • Missing security headers
  • Disclosure of sensitive information in response headers
  • Disclosure of sensitive information in error messages
  • Validation of missing server-side seizure
  • Unwanted use of HTTP methods
  • Incorrect HTTP response

Vulnerability test

  • Login (anonymous user)
  • Login (registered user)
  • UI (Authentication)
  • Low session identification test
  • Sensitiv Information Disclosure – phpinfo.php test
  • Low password strategy test
  • Temperance test of verbs
  • Direct execution of dynamic code – Evaluation Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting – Reflected
  • SQL injection
  • Command injection.
  • Injection of the header.
  • Intersite script – stored.
  • Intersite script – based on dom.
  • Missing security headers.
  • Malicious JS script execution.
  • Use of components with known vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerabilities of Jquery
  • Vulnerabilities Angularjs.
  • Vulnerabilities of Bootstrap
  • Disclosure of sensitive information in the response headers.
  • Sensitive Disclosure of information in error messages.
  • Server-side validation missing.
  • Dynamic Javascript code execution.
  • Exposure of sensitive data


In particular, the factor penetration tests in the area of ​​the REST API (here in the special gateway) are not yet fully clarified on our site. Therefore, we still need more information here.

Are the approaches we have given here sufficient?
Here, there are approaches to implement it on the one hand via a corresponding tooling via a Jenkins automation.

Projects behind the API Gateway must be tested in Zone V. This will also be done by appropriate tooling that meets our requirements.

But are there any points, rules or approaches that we have not yet thought about in this area?

wifi – For IPV4 settings, how can I determine the address, netmask, and gateway to change the network connection table?

How would you recommend to configure ipv4 in network connections to be the safest against MITM attacks when using an isolated wifi network, so that if a hacker hackers the network, he can only use as free wifi and do not intercept the data as long as the network connections are correctly defined, what they are not currently? I have not yet defined the other network settings for wifi, I just start with ipv4 because I do not want to use ipv6. I use Tor.

Ifconfig displays ipv4 – wlan: address, netmask, broadcast.

magento 1.9 – Error during the cancellation of the order (the PayPal gateway has rejected the request. The authorization is canceled (# 10600: The authorization is canceled))

I had to cancel an order on my site but. when i clicked cancel, i get this error message

The PayPal gateway rejected the request. The authorization is canceled (# 10600: The authorization is canceled)

the PayPal payment has been canceled, but the status of the order will not be canceled.

What's going on here?

How to check through an AWS API Gateway peer?

How to generate a public key that can be placed on HTTP clients to prevent an attack by MITM? I use curl to connect to an API Gateway endpoint and I need a way for AWS to check the validity of the certificate sent by the client.

extension of the ipsec / strongswan gateway

I have successfully created an ipsec tunnel on Ubuntu between two nodes and I can ping nodes in other networks. My question is: how can I add a route to another node (and not the vpn node) to be able to send traffic to a specific IP address via vpn to an external private network? Is it possible? Or do I have to send all the traffic to the VPN node?

This is created:

SiteA---------------SiteB <==inet==>

From the node of site A, I can query site B and the nodes of the SiteB network.


Node A.1------ SiteA---------------SiteB <=Lan=> <==inet==> <==LAN ==> 

I can not query a site B node or B site node A.1
From SiteB if I can ping node A.1

I've tried adding a static route to A.1
ip route add via dev eth1

but I get the error
RTNETLINK responds: the network is inaccessible

Is it possible to route some IP traffic through the IPsec tunnel?