Deleting GCP and a Project

I setup a trail Workspace account last week to send data from an app (High Level) to a GSheet. This appears to have setup a Google Cloud account and created a Project for me. I need to delete both in order to move this domain to within my paid for Google Workspace.
Looks like I don’t have the right permissions to delete anything or to speak to support.
I can’t call support, because I don’t have a 6 digit pin.
I’ve been put through to GCP via Workspaces support and all the did was send me 2 support docs, which didn’t help.
I’ve been trying to delete this since last Thursday!


google cloud platform – Create alerts of for two projects in gcp monitoring workspace

Hi I have two projects project-A and project-B. I have created a monitoring workspace in project-A and added project-B in that workspace. I want to create alerts from log based metrics . I have created the log based metrics in project-A and created an alert from it but it wouldn’t trigger for project-B it works for project-A only. For log based metrics my query is –


so alert triggers when cloudbuild fails in project-A but not when it fails in project-B. Is it possible to do that?

Hi, Can anyone pls guide me how to download my wordpress website backup in gcp to local system

Can anyone please guide me how to download my word press website backup in google cloud platform to local system

firebase – Associating custom domain with Python Cloud Function in GCP

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GCP: How can I view all services / resources in an organization

How can I view, or list, all services / resources in a Google Cloud organization?

Basically I want to take audit of what services are active / inactive, prior to deleting the organization.


google cloud platform – OpenAPI config for a Graphql backend using GCP API Gateway?

I have an apollo/graphql server sitting behind a GCP API gateway. Google says it requires an OpenAPI spec to secure endpoints:

But how exactly would this look for securing a single graphql endpoint? Also, as a side question, is a new API Gateway needed to be created for each Cloud Run/App Engine service?

Thanks in advance.

Angular / React Table Filter Library Like GCP

Does anyone know of any available table filter library for React / Angular (Preferred) that does the same as how Google implemented in their GCP UI (screenshot below)?

enter image description here

enter image description here

google cloud platform – How to connect two service producer networks in GCP?

I am using two google managed services i.e Google Cloud SQL and Google Cloud Data Fusion. The cloud data fusion private IP instance is deployed inside a google managed VPC(Let’s call it A) which is peered with my custom VPC(Lets Call it B).

Now my Cloud SQL Postgres is also installed in google managed VPC(Lets call it C).

A <-> B (peered)
B <-> C (peered)

Since A and C are google managed VPCs, I am not able to peer them. What should I do to make C accessible to A?

website – Why doesn’t CORS apply? in gcp app-engine

I am trying to post marvin JS on the site.

There is no problem with the iframe and the function itself, but a problem occurs when using additional functions.

When the current page is executed, the following message appears.

[Error] SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin “” from accessing a cross-origin frame. Protocols, domains, and ports must match.


Blocked a frame with origin “” from accessing a frame with origin “”. Protocols, domains, and ports must match.

Is this a CORS related issue?

I additionally added CORS to the bucket but it doesn’t solve the problem.

my CORS setting file:

        "origin": ["*"],
        "method": ["*"],
        "responseHeader": ["*"],
        "maxAgeSeconds": 3600

Any help would be appreciated.

How do I view Apache OFBiz’s database, and how do I transfer it to a MySQL database running on GCP?

So right now, I have an Apache OFBiz deployment running on a pod in a Kubernetes cluster in GCP, and it is accessible over the internet. Let’s say I create a user, or a record, or anything on OFBiz, how do I view its database, and how do I constantly transfer the data on there to the database I have setup on GCP? If anything, is there a way to setup it up so all the data automatically gets stored to the MySQL database I have running on GCP?

Apache OFBiz apparently uses Derby
Database instance running on GCP is MySQL 8.0
Apache OFBiz was deployed through a dockerfile image on Kubernetes, in a cluster.