What are the important steps of image optimization? – SEO Help (General Chat)

9 Steps to Optimize Images for SEO

-Resize your images. Image size and file size are not the same thing
-Optimize image file names
-Use alt tags
-Optimize the image title
-Include captions
-Use unique images
-Ensure that your text complements the images
-Add image structured data

What is webmaster advantage? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friend,
Webmaster tools renamed as Google Search Console is a place where you see how your website is seen by Google.

You can get all the errors, notifications, issues about your website at one place. If you are a website owner, you need to know how Google see and treat your website. You should always add your website to Google search console

Proper Educational Facilitates – General Forex Questions & Help

If you want to become successful in the forex market, you need to be perfect on your strategy and planning. Wrong strategy can put you in danger. To make a profitable strategy, you need to have knowledge about forex market. Education is the main key to success in this platform. If you want to get all kind of education about forex you can open a demo account.

I also opened a demo account in Forex4you when i was starting trading. This demo helps me to understand all the tools and techniques about forex easily and practically. It also helps me to know all the basics of the forex market.

Dollar Eases Marginally As Forex Auction Gains Confidence – General Forex Questions & Help

The Zimbabwe dollar eased slightly by 3.2 percent to $65.80 to US$1 in the third weekly auction run by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) yesterday with most bids moving into a tighter range and private businesses now expressing far more confidence in the new system.

The ruling rate, which is a weighted average of auction deals, has drifted from $57.36 in the first week, to $63.74 last week and now to $65.80, with the downward drift slowing as the market, designed to match export earnings to import demand through pure market forces, become more established and gains the confidence of both buyers and sellers.

The number of applications submitted yesterday dropped to 264 against 316 received for the second weekly auction but was still well above the just over 90 in the first auction.

The total of bids fell from roughly US$18 million to US$15.8 million while the successful bids went down to US$13.6 million from about US$16 million last week.

Part of this was the rejection of 92 bids, partly for duplicate bidding but also because some bidders simply do not offer enough to make the list.

Companies are allowed just one bid at each auction, with all bids from operating units and subsidiaries being consolidated.

This measure was put in place to reduce the risk of speculative bidding. But under bidders now also risk rejection.

The lowest bid in yesterday’s auction was $30, but all bids below $55 missed the cut as the RBZ enforces the rule that bids are allocated in order from the top-down, once any bids that do not fulfill bidding rules are eliminated.

This means that those who bid in very low ranges are highly unlikely to be allocated anything.

The top bid is also falling as bidders continue to move closer to what markets suggest is likely to be the average rate.

Yesterday’s top bid was $90, down from the $92 last week and $100 in the first auction. Successful bidders have to pay what they offer, and yesterday’s top bidder paid almost 37 percent above the average.

The insistence on making all successful bidders pay exactly what they offer, while at the same time eliminating those whose bids are too low to make the list for allocation from the available currency on offer, are both designed to push bidders into making realistic bids based on economic fundamentals.

Yesterday the most successful bids were between $60 and $70 as more bidders read the markets and study fundamentals such as the balance of payments, local currency money supply, and government budgeting.

They then try and calculate the price that will ensure their bid is successful, in a market built around supply and demand, but without paying too far above the average.

Authorities have indicated that they expect the new market-determined exchange rate to guide pricing by businesses as new stocks with the foreign currency component paid from auction allocations reach the shelves.

Many producers and retailers were using the black-market rates in the last few months following a freeze in the official rate in a desperate attempt to calculate replacement values, but that market is small compared to the official market, is easy to manipulate, and can fluctuate wildly.

As the auction system moves increasingly into the desired equilibrium between export earnings and import demand, producers and retailers should be able to make far better predictions over what pricing levels will keep both viabilities and make products more affordable to their customers.

The desired pricing process has been jump-started with bread prices, which now track the auction-rate following an RBZ decision to allocate currency from its own reserves to flour millers at this ruling auction rate to import wheat.

A total of US$13.6 million was allocated to various industries and sectors of the economy through the auction system yesterday, which was opened to the media for the first time as well as observers from the major organizations representing business sectors.

Once again raw materials and similar imports, such as spare parts and chemicals, required by producers dominated the allocations.

The openness is part of the RBZ program to boost confidence that the auctions are open and transparent and are not being manipulated.

Business groups confirm that the confidence in the auction system is growing.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industry chief executive officer Ms. Sekai Kuvarika said there was positive feedback from CZI members that have been submitting bids. CZI groups industrialists, and especially the leading industrial concerns, and probably represents the majority of successful bidders.

“In my view, there is a steady increase in demand for the forex in the auction. Between the auction sessions, you can see the market is responding to this opportunity to procure forex formally,” Ms. Kuvarika said.

Contrary to what has been circulating on social media, CZI said bidders were receiving their allotments between 24 and 48 hours after the auction.

“What we have received as feedback is that for all companies that were awarded their bids, their money has been paid and that brings confidence that they get their bids approved as well as early transfers of the money to their accounts.

“You can see an incremental increase in that the demand is increasing which may mean that the confidence is also increasing,” said Ms. Kuvarika.

Top economist and member of the RBZ Monetary Policy Committee Professor Ashok Chakravarti said circumstances surrounding the current auction are different from the 2004 setup and therefore must not be judged based on that past failure.

“I think we need to understand that the situation in 2004 and today is fundamentally different. In 2004 the RBZ tried to fix the rate but now that is not the case as we have a clear policy which is anchored on free adjudication,” Prof Chakravarti said.

In 2004, Zimbabwe had no control over the national budget deficit and accelerating money supply, which increased pressure on the foreign exchange resource, a situation he said is now quite different.

The RBZ reiterated its commitment to ensuring the auction dynamics continue to be determined by forces of supply and demand.

Central Bank Governor Dr. John Mangundya said the auction is a process of price discovery. “There is no bias because we are allotting at their own price (what bidders offer). We are using the Dutch auction system. Everyone who is buying foreign currency is suggesting their own price,” Dr. Mangundya said.

RBZ invited foreign currency holders — exporters and NGOs —to join the auction and add to the foreign currency supply.

Credit: TopAsiaFX

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What is the full functionality of Webmaster Tool? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Google webmaster tool is a search engine tool used to submit your website to increase the visibility in Google searches. The tool also helps to find backlinks, submit sitemap and analyze various data to improve optimization techniques for your website.

Are You Happy In Forex Market Business? – General Forex Questions & Help

The Fx market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with the most important world trading centers being located in London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and Sydney. Forex trading can be done by anyone, as long as there is a desire and ability to analyze market movement, high risk offers a great opportunity to be able to make money. Today, many people join for this business, because we can get started with a little minimum deposit.

success in business is the hope of all forex traders. traders who have discipline and maximum trading capacity will greatly help the development of their careers in the forex business. wether use their own money or manage investor’s fund. my current brokers keep improving their service, Tickmill has a duty to provide services to retail traders in Armada Markets before. Armada Markets it self will focus mainly on providing liquidity and services to banks, brokers and hedge funds.i’m sure they will continue providing first-class trading services.

What is the feature of SMM in digital marketing? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friends,
Social Media Marketing has always been a powerful tool in Digital Marketing. Now a days, people are more over their smartphone devices using such platforms. It generally opens up various opportunities for marketers to get connected with their customers.

Like Facebook there are various other players in market who are having their advertising platforms to reach their goals. But Social Media Marketing is not it. There are various other fields that will help in accelerating Digital Marketing.

Since more and more people are having access to social media around the world, it is considered to be most rewarding place in order to showcase your company, but Social media takes time . It’s not a one day task that you have posted an advertisement today and next day you get probable leads.

Unnecessary Emotion Make Loss – General Forex Questions & Help

Obviously, if we do our trading without proper logic unless market emotion, then definitely we’ll crash our trading balances. First of all, my intension is to find out logical areas of market. Live market review on Technical and fundamental sector that I get from TradingBanks broker is my main source of pure knowledge. So, when I get good points then, I open my trade with SL and TP.

Which is more important, SEO or SMM, in digital marketing? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friend,
Both. SEO and SMM both are essential for the business. SEO is a great way to keep your website in a well-versed manner. If you have the Unique content, you can do both On page and Off page SEO.

So, SEO is more important in Digital marketing.

Social media marketing is growing day by day. The marketers are investing their capital in SMM to promote their business even sell their products online. SMM plays a huge role in developing a business.

SMM is vital in promoting a perfect website and selling products online.

SEO and SMM both are important in Digital marketing.