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stopovers – From Geneva to Frankfurt via San Francisco, will my cabin baggage be X-rayed again at Frankfurt Airport?

I plan to buy pocket knives from the Swiss army at Geneva airport (there is a store located after the security checkpoint that sells it). However, what concerns me is that when I'm in Frankfurt, my hand luggage will follow the X-ray again, in which case I will not be able to carry the pocket knives.

So I wonder if your bag will have to go through X-rays at Frankfurt airport. Thank you!

public transport – How to get from Geneva airport to Metabief?

Google Maps finds no link between these points.

https://www.rome2rio.com/ suggests taking trains to Vallorbe, then a taxi from Vallorbe to Métabief.

(Actually, rome2rio suggests a taxi from the train station just before Vallorbe, but it will probably be easier to find a taxi in Vallorbe, which is a bigger station).

As noted in the comment thread under your previous question, this taxi ride is not long, but as it crosses a border, you have to agree on a price with the driver before you go up.

Otherwise, if you do not want to live a cross-border taxi adventure in French-speaking Switzerland, you can take a train to Frasne on the French side, then the Frasne bus to Metabief. (You have already found the times for this bus).

It will probably cost more because you will need the Lausanne-Frasne TGV rather than a local Swiss train and certainly slower. Note that the TGV requires a reservation, but on the other hand, you should not worry about flight delays because the first connection you can get leaves Geneva-Airport only anyway. Arriving at Frasne at 13:14, you have an hour and a half to kill before the bus to Jougne at 14:49.

Traveling to Métabief (France) via Geneva Airport in Switzerland

I am a Malaysian.
I will go to Métabief in France in June 2019.

As I am going to land at Geneva airport in Switzerland, I wonder if I need a visa in Switzerland and if I have to cross the border.

India – Geneva to Bombay via London Heathrow. Should I obtain a transit visa?

I am holder of an Indian passport with a residence permit in Switzerland. I go to Bombay from Geneva via London Heathrow with a stopover of 3 hours.

My travel website says that a transit visa is required and that this is unusual, I will always be at the terminal entrance.

Anyone who has traveled from India's Schengen region via Heathrow can shed light.

tickets – Train from Geneva Airport to Fiesch

I see no reason why you could not do it. There are ATMs and workstations in the Geneva airport station. As long as you have money or an acceptable card, this should be pretty simple.

There are two trains per hour, so even if you have to queue a little, that should not be a problem.

However, I do not see any reason for not being able to buy tickets online. Have you tried sbb.ch?

Customs and Immigration – As a citizen of the EU who exercises his treaty rights, can I travel to France via Geneva with my family?

Let's just say: I am Danish and I exercise treaty rights in the UK, where I live with my Russian wife. My wife has a UK residence card because she's part of my family. Switzerland requires a visa (free and fast but boring).

Two questions, can we go to Geneva (the airline will she board)? Should we go out by the French part of the airport?