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Post time: June 20, 2019 at 22:56.

Modified geographical target of my blog on the Google Search Console, how long will it take to see the results?

Changing the geographical targeting of my unlisted blog to my country about a month ago, but so far, I have seen no results, I have seen no effect of the change. How long will it take to see the effects of change?

terms of taxonomy – effective organization of the geographical state / region / content for entries

It's kind of a general question, but maybe someone has an idea.

I have a database that will have more than 300,000 entries. Each of these entries will have multiple entries for "location" – no specific locations, nor gps coordinators. These are regions, around the world. And there can be many locations for each entry.

The first attempt is to create a taxonomy of locations from which to choose, with a hierarchy of content -> sub-continent -> country -> state / department / province. In the input form for each element, a selection list extracts each region of the taxonomy and allows you to explore smaller regions in a next drop-down list, with each selection.

I did not think it would become such a burden for the system, but it certainly used such a large set of taxonomy terms in one vocabulary. Maybe someone found a lighter way to do it?

How to create a geographical point with MariaDB and MySQL?

PostGIS provides a simple cast to build a geography type from the floating point lat, and long

SELECT ST_Point (1,2) :: geography; - less accurate standard version (MM)
SELECT ST_MakePoint (1,2) :: geography; - The PostGIS version is 2d, 3dz, 4d

However, although the MySQL documentation makes it clear that there is a difference between Cartesian and geodesic points, I do not manage to know how to build a geographic cable with MySQL or MariaDB.

Development of outsourced applications

An outsourced team offers many benefits to your startup. Many big global companies have started in a garage by outsourcing their advanced ideas to grow. Outsourcing involves some risks, but the benefits generally outweigh the benefits.
Benefits of outsourcing

1. Cost reduction. By using an outsourced team, you will only pay for the services you want and these are defined from the outset in your contract.

2. Contractual periods defined. By clearly defining how long you need the services, you are able to estimate the costs.

3. Scalability. An outsourcing team will be able to take on many tasks and services for you. This allows you to grow your business much faster by leveraging new technologies or opportunities as they develop.

4. Access to expertise. By definition, an outsourced team will only employ professionals in their field. You can access this feature through your contract and get advice on improving efficiency and reducing costs.

5. Adaptability and resilience. Like scalability, your outsourced team is able to adapt to your changing needs by engaging staff from other departments in their organization to work on your project. Giving you flexibility that is not offered to you internally.
Outsourcing Disadvantages

1. Conflicting priorities. You will not be the only client of the subcontractor, so there may be consistent priorities depending on who screams the loudest or who pays more. This can affect your business because you may not receive the instant answer you need.

2. Risks related to IPR. Giving your data, sensitive information and trust to a donor can be dangerous. You only need one violation to expose your business to the risk of opponents or hackers.

3. Logistical and geographical problems. Your development team may be located at the other end of the world, which is clearly not compatible with the organization of conferences, meetings or visits.

4. Quality control and processes. You will not control the quality and processes used in your software development until the product is delivered to you. Then you may find some work to align with your goals and standards.

5. Cultural and organizational differences. With the ability to work around the world, it is possible to hire a subcontractor from almost anywhere. A brilliant opportunity can be a problem if you do not research cultural and organizational differences. This may be simple, such as shorter work weeks or extended religious holidays, but in extreme cases it may be illegal activity or discrimination.

Many custom software development companies consider these advantages and disadvantages when developing any software.