View pdf at GitHub directly from browser viewer

I have a repository in GitHub where I upload pdf of a book generated through LaTeX, and the files change every time there is an update. I want to get a link to the pdf where is possible to view directly from browser, instead of automatically downloading from GitHub link.

I’ve tried using the docs viewer, but the files are too large to be uploaded. Is there any other way that I can visualize the pdf at the browser innate reader?

Thanks for the consideration.

version control – How do I clone a Github repository?

I have successfully created a GitHub repository and uploaded the module I have created. I used the Github application for that, and it was pretty easy to do so.

I want to use the same module and upload it, so people can download and use it.

How do I do it so it is the same repository with the same files? Is there any possibility to configure the github app to use Drupal repositories as well?

I want the files to be synced, so deployment of the updates happens in the same time on both repositories.

Do github ban users for commiting bad repositories just like stackoverflow for asking bad questions?

Define bad. If by bad you mean low quality, no. They don’t care- github is an acceptable place to use while you learn. You can also use private repos to not share the code if you wish.

If by bad you mean possibly illegal (virus, ransomware, etc) they do have an Acceptable Use Policy and could choose to ban you for violating that. Here’s a copy of it

security – Does github two factor authentication remember device

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Unity Project Fubar’d after trying Version Control (Github)

So I have a project which I am wanting to continue for a long time supporting. I already released the game onto Android Play Store.

I added lots of functionality (including Google Play Achievements, Leaderboards etc. Using the Unofficial Google Play Plugin).

I read a few guides and noted that I should not include the ‘Library’ folder from the Unity project into VC. (This folder took up the majority of the space).

Now I have managed to screw the project up. I got loads of errors after I imported it back from Github (most I read related to GooglePlayPlatform (ie. the plugin)). I had kept a .zip of my original folder before I used Github so I tried to remove all and go back to this zip version.

Now I still have errors 🙁 and I have deleted the original zip now (it was too big for recycle bin and I messed up, deleted it by mistake).

Another complication is that I had imported TextMeshPro package to the project a long time back, but never used any of it.

Many of the errors I got after recovering to the zip version was relating to TextMeshPro, so I removed that package. This got rid of most errors. But I still have 2 errors relating to TrackAsset which seems to be either a Unity engine type, or part of the Google plugin I am using.

Is there anything I can do, I had made huge progress with this game so it will be a real shame to lose all that work.

The exact errors read like this:

LibraryPackageCachecom.unity.timeline@1.4.8RuntimeUtilitiesTimelineCreateUtilities.cs(69,78): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'TrackAsset' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

LibraryPackageCachecom.unity.timeline@1.4.8RuntimeUtilitiesTimelineCreateUtilities.cs(93,48): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'TrackAsset' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

I purely want to know how I can recover my project. I am not concerned about how to properly VC a Unity project. From now on for the time being I am just going to backup my projects without excluding any files at all.

API REST GITHUB: Get Topics from a Repo with Python (Request library)

Im trying to get the endpoint: ‘{user}/{repo}/topics’
and I’m also aplying the required headers :{‘accept’: ‘application/vnd.github.mercy-preview+json’}
Here is my completed code:

**headers: {'accept': 'application/vnd.github.mercy-preview+json'}
user= 'octocat'
url= f'{user}/{repo}/topics'
topic = gh_session.get(url, headers= headers)

It shows an empty list: () but it should shows this: {
“names”: (

Any help??? Thankss!

github issues – How can I download subtitles for a movie by taking video as input using API (python wrapper)?

I found a python wrapper for’s API in github, which has pretty good documentation.
So, i started trying out some methods but unfortunately i am getting an error. I figured out that searchsubtitles() method is returning a null list. Can anyone help me?

from pythonopensubtitles.opensubtitles import OpenSubtitles
from pythonopensubtitles.utils import File
import easygui

ost = OpenSubtitles() 
username=easygui.enterbox("Enter username:")
password=easygui.passwordbox("Enter Password:")

search_result=ost.search_subtitles(({'sublanguageid': 'all', 'moviehash':video_hash, 'moviebytesize':video_file_size }))
id_subtitle = search_result(0).get('IDSubtitle')


enter image description here

github – Not able to checkout from a locally created git branch

I created a new branch using :

git checkout -b DikshaPython

Now I am not able to checkout from the branch and move back to master.
Even when I close the window of gitBash and open it again it shows that I am still on this branch .
I have used commands

git fetch
git checkout
and nothing happens. I have even tried to force delete the branch by using git branch -D DikshaPython
and I get and error

“error: Cannot delete branch ‘DikshaPython’ checked out at ‘C:/Users/Diksha Nasa'”

Searched stack overflow and found some answers which recommended using $ git checkout master
$ git branch -d DikshaPython
Recieved an error

error: pathspec ‘master’ did not match any file(s) known to git

Please help me as to how do I get back to my master branch, I have not stored anything on this branch so deleting it is not an issue.

How to restore an old release of a GitHub repository?

Say for example I fork the project.

How can I restore the version 3.0.0 ?

I would like to restore that version, to make some changes and then to make a new release, named

Is it possible to do that? If yes, is it possible to do it from the browser (Chrome)?

How to delete an image from a GitHub issue?

I posted a replay in an issue for a project on GitHub. Is it possible to delete it from the server?

I know I can edit my reply and delete the image link in the reply but can I delete the image from the server too?

If someone knows the link at this moment, they can still view the image, even if it’s not included in the reply.