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Give the user imprecise information is there a good UX?

I've noticed that YouTube no longer shows the exact number of views when the video has more than 1,000 views.

But instead of showing something abbreviated as 203k views, they show 203.000 views. Clearly rounded and in principle inaccurate.

I asked a similar question about the decision of YouTubes not to display the actual date of download or "age" of a video, but rather to show imprecise representations such as 1 year ago for a video that was published 1 year and 10 months ago: What is the advantage of using imprecise representations of time i. e. "One hour ago"

This latest change does not hide as much more accurate information as it claims to be unavailable.

Is there any benefit to this, with reference to the user experience or the ease of use of the site? Personally, I really do not like this choice because, although this information is rather useless in this example, I have the impression of having a well organized version of reality.

computation – The modeling of infectious diseases without vaccination does not give an intuitive answer

I'm trying to predict the spread of a type of infectious disease demonstrated by the following problem. Suppose we have 1000 people and each infected person infects 10% of uninfected people per hour. Initially, 100 people are infected. Suppose moreover that a health agency "disinfects" 120 infected people per hour and that I need to know how long it will take to eradicate the disease. Note that there is no mention of immune persons and that they can thus be infected again in a very short period of time. That is, it is not a classic SIR problem with a system of two differential equations.

If I had to use a model that reflects this situation, I would say:

$ frac {dx} {dt} = kxy – P $

… or x(t) is the amount of people infected as a function of time, and y(t) is the amount of uninfected people as a function of time, k is the rate of infection and P is the fixed number of people disinfected (non-immunized) per hour.

If I had to simplify and substitute the known elements in the model, I would get:

$ frac {dx} {dt} = kx (N – x) – P $

$ frac {dx} {dt} = 0.1x (1000 – x) – $ 120

Now the problem I am having is that when I try to solve this system and predict the time it will take to eradicate the disease, I get a negative number. I've checked my solutions and always ended up with a negative number.

My question is basically: Is the negative number derived from my very early stages, that is, from the inherent inability of models to cope with such a situation (ie that I've used the wrong model), or the answers provided by the model should they be reasonable and give a positive number? in which case there must be an error in my calculations. Intuitively, I expect a positive number with the lower limit of a little less than an hour.

Restore the site collection in SharePoint Online give an error

I want to restore a root site collection from the recycle bin in SharePoint Online, here is an error:

I've tried using the command below SharePoint online management shell shell

 Restore-SPODeletedSite -Identity https://TheSiteName.sharepoint.com/

I have tried to use the interface, it has not worked either and gives the following error:

Sorry, something went wrong
There is no site in the current site subscription matching the HiddenSiteSelection control's value.

General topology – Can the use of continuous fractions give a homeomorphism $ mathbb {Q} ^ + rightarrow ( mathbb {Q} ^ +) ^ 2 $?

Let $ mathbb {Q} $ to be the set of rational numbers and let $ mathbb {Q} ^ + $ be the set of positives ($ x> 0 $) rational.

I am looking for a simple construction of a homeomorphism $ phi: mathbb {Q} rightarrow mathbb {Q} ^ 2 $ (do not use an abstract result). In a previous article, it was suggested to use continuous fractions, but this poses problems with negative numbers. My idea is that we can first make a homeomorphism $ f: mathbb {Q} ^ + rightarrow mathbb {Q} $ via $ f (x) = (x-1) ^ 3 / x $ and then we can just worry about $ mathbb {Q} ^ + $.

Then the homeomorphism
$ phi: Q ^ + rightarrow (Q ^ +) ^ 2 $ would just like

$ (a_0, a_1, …, a_n) rightarrow ((a_0, a_2, …), (a_1, a_3, …)) $

this seems to be obviously bijective, and I think it is bicontinous only because two continuous fractions are close if and only if enough of their initial terms match (which seems plausible).

Does it make sense? Or am I missing something? Thank you for your help.

8 – How to give the possibility of filtering the content by geography, separately from the language

I do not know if it is feasible or how to do it. I want a drop-down menu (and use IP detection) to provide users with Region-based content – No language. Because we will also use the Normal Language feature of Drupal 8 to provide translated content, if they decide to read it in another language. Because languages ​​and countries are not synonymous.

I want the same functionality as in language filtering, in which a user can select "Spain" from a drop-down menu and get the content of the page and the blocks associated with the region. Then, if they wish, they can also filter by language.

Here is a scenario:

  1. In the United States, the user accesses Website.com
    They see content related to the global market in general, because they have been automatically detected as a US IP address.

  2. The user selects Sweden from the drop-down list. The page is reloading as
    Website.com/Sweden/English (or maybe just website.com/Sweden?)
    Now the homepage reloads the page with specific content to Sweden. Similar to how the language filters .. but filtered by COUNTRY.

  3. Now the user wants to change language. They choose Swedish in a second drop-down list "language" of the page. The home page is then reloaded with Swedish related content, translated into Swedish, with this URL.

Any ideas on this? I know that the language modules can cover half of them, but how can I also provide the user with a way to display the content of the site by region? I know that views can be part of that, but I'm not sure that Views is the proper way to present the entire website.

Maybe someone can clear my head.

sharepoint online – Can I give a free text comment to a specific document that does NOT create a new version when editing?

I understand that if versioning is enabled in my document library, any changes to a document or its metadata will be reflected in a new version of this document.

My client asked if SharePoint could be configured to support a freeform text field (or something else) that could be associated with a specific document. This would allow a user to type any type (for example, a status, pending tasks, queries, etc.) and it could appear – perhaps as a SharePoint column – against this document in the view of the library. If they edit this text, they do not want it to create a new version of the document and they do not want the "approved" documents to suddenly come back to "draft".

Maybe I should think outside the box and push the customer's request slightly, but is there anything possible in that regard?

Thanks in advance!

Will domain registrars give your information in case of prosecution / request of foreign authorities?

Will domain registrars give your information in case of prosecution / request of foreign authorities? | Talk Web Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
// ->

  1. Will domain registrars give your information in case of prosecution / request of foreign authorities?

    Suppose you have a domain registered, that the domain owner information is not public but that they have been inserted and that someone wants to know the domain owner to sue him. Will the domain registration office give the owner information just for a lawsuit? How is the procedure? And will he give it to foreign authorities from abroad?

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Is it a security risk to give the ssh key and one or both public and private keys to my web hosting provider?

My web hosting provider needs my ssh password and either private or public ssh key to configure ssh access. This seems to be a security risk. Are not private keys supposed to stay on your machine? If I gave my ssh password, could not they just create my public and private keys themselves? Would that not allow them to access my machine? Or am I wrong?

For clarity, it is on the website of the hosting providers that they request the ssh key and one or both public and / or private ssh keys in a Web form, and not a connection error of one openssh terminal or human interaction. They have two text boxes that you can choose one or both and they are for your public and private keys. Then they have a mandatory text box for the ssh key.

I'm used to accessing sites that allow ssh by giving only my public key, which seems suspicious.

Also hope that this falls under risk management, because I try to understand if there is a risk for my machine.

unityscript – How to change the car model in the standard assets to give more control to the car in the unit

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