android – What are the best ways to give design feedback to mobile app developers?

You must first consult the developers and find out what works for them.

They may tell you whatever works for you, or they may have specific requests, but there is no point in looking for a solution on your own only to find that it does not suit the workflow.

The simplest method is to request exports of flattened screens and use any tool for annotation / markup for example. Windows Paint, Mac Preview, Snagit, Photoshop.

Managing all different versions of files can, however, introduce inefficiencies, which is a problem. design collaboration tools like ConceptShare try to solve. Conceptshare allows the downloading of static images which can be commented on by several collaborators and the software allows an easy management of the versions of the assets.

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Give your opinion on this Bollywood music site

After 1 and a half months of work, I finally finished designing a client website. In November 2019, he contacted me on Skype and told me that he needed a new design for his website, – a free song download site of Bollywood movies.

Previously, the site was also not mobile-friendly. Now I have completely changed the design of the website with a very simple CSS design. Now it looks fresh, fast and mobile-friendly. I hope you like it …

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godot – Unable to find the brother node, continues to give "null instance"

I am trying to configure it so that there are three buttons but only one can be toggled at a time. So when one button is toggled, it ensures that the other two are not toggled.

The code however tries to define the toggled state as it cannot find the im node at a loss.

var vec = Vector2(0,1000)
var ori = Vector2(0,0)
func _ready():

func _on_Ally1_Button_toggled(button_pressed):
    if button_pressed:

Here is what the tree looks like.

enter description of image here

Player_Ally1_ui is trying to access Player_Button but as shown, it doesn't seem to find it and just returns null.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

How many bitcoins do bitcoin taps give on average per day?

Bitcoin taps were useful once upon a time, when 10,000 BTC only bought you one pizza (and even then they started to go out).

Currently, you will earn almost nothing with taps – in fact, most tap websites usually make you win in DOGE or other coins with much lower values, because the time it takes to win enough BTC to be able to withdraw without losing everything at tx the costs are much too high.

If your goal is to acquire BTC cheaply, your best bet would be to get a regular job and just buy it – even $ 10 a day would buy you more BTC than you would. no matter what tap you would get in a few months.

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dnd 3.5e – Does telepathy give the ability to detect thoughts?

Telepathy is probably a two-way street, so a pseudodragon can telepathically say something to a creature without telepathy, and that creature could respond in kind.

However, even that is not clearly or explicitly stated by the rules, and I can see arguments to the contrary.

Anyway, if we buy two-way telepathy, it's kind of like reading thoughts, maybe. But more likely, the author of the description of the pseudodragon simply made a mistake.

Either way, telepathy certainly does not provide an opportunity to spy on thoughts; this kind of thing requires locations of spells and saving throws, and in any case nothing in the description of telepathy suggests it from a distance. Since the description of the pseudodragon implies that this is what the pseudodragon does, there is a contradiction between this description and the statistics of the pseudodragon – nothing gives it this ability. I don't know if the mistake was not to give the pseudodragon such a capacity, or if it described him as if he had such a capacity, but one or the other decision has no bearing on telepathy in general – if pseudodragons have the ability, it is in addition to their telepathy, not because of that.

Pathfinder 1e – Are there any other abilities or exploits that give added benefit to coaching?

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