Gmail inbox “snippets” don’t match the email – text is there but hidden from human view – how?

I am curious about Google’s Gmail “snippets”. From most emailers, the snippet is the first few words of the email, or in some cases, the Google A.I. seems to pick out what it thinks is an important sentence to display (which usually it gets right). But from a few emailers — notably Facebook — somehow, the snippet displayed is not even mentioned in the email. For example —

Gmail shows "snippet" of an email I received.

The email from Facebook, about a post my friend made on Facebook, displays text from his post; but the email itself contains nothing about being diagnosed with cancer:
The email displays no content related to its Gmail "snippet".

When I search for info on Gmail Snippets, I find instructions for turning on and off in “settings”, and I find advice for email marketing people about tailoring the email to display an effective snippet (like, don’t have your first line be your unsubscribe link); but I have found nothing about how to make the snippet be unrelated to the content of your email.

When I view source with ctrl-U, all I see is a wall of CSS and (what I think is) Javascript. When I ctrl-F to search for “cancer” and “diagnosed”, it comes up empty.

When I ctrl-F to search for “cancer” in the message, it says it found one instance, but nothing is displayed:
Searching finds something but it is not displayed.

When I forward the message to an old text-only system where I have an account, I do see the snippet as the very first line of the message (prior to a bunch of Facebook links and then CSS and HTML that doesn’t render on the text-only interface).

So, how is Facebook doing this? Are they using a 0-size font, or something? (I think they are not using a font color that matches the background, because then it would be displayed, highlighted, by ctrl-F.) I think that cannot be it, because I would see the markup on the text-only system. Is there some rule that you can hide text from human view in Gmail, if it comes before the HTML? This has been bugging me for a few weeks, so thanks for any insights.

gmail – Please help me resolve this email come back

Hi Blessed Executives.

I am having problem accessing my Gmail account

The recovery email is all of which is not working at all

Please help me resolve this matters.

As this is our private Foundation emails. With the help of this email we can achieve more successful out puts one reason is helping life’s in the be remote villages.


email – Attach a file to gmail directly from Sharepoint (no outlook client – no onedrive synch)

is there a way to attach a file straight (not download and upload) from Sharepoint site using a gmail email and with no third party app?
For many reason I can’t use the following method:

  • synch sharepoint with one
  • use outlook client or using the office 365 outlook email

I found a sort of solution, but then the sharepoint website remains open from the gmail account also if I log out from everything and enter with a different gmail address, so I’m not so happy with this.
My way was, when attaching a file, putting the website address in the name field, log in and then it shows all the folders.

These attachment are for external and must be a copy of the file. They are sent on random occasion, so it’s not an automated process (so i think I can’t use flow).

Thank you for your attention

rooting – I want to learn how to unlock my Moto G7 Subaru it’s been hacked compromised Wi-Fi my Gmail etc

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Filter BCC on Gmail for forwarded email

I have an email that forwards messages to

Some customers send emails and put in bcc.

How can I retrieve thoses emails with a Gmail filter ?

I tried the following searches :


None of them seem to work.

Anyone has an idea on how to make this filter ?

Gmail messages marked as spam but not delivered anywhere

I’m using gmail for my business. Some messages were sent to me but were marked as spam and then archived. I never saw them. They are not in my Spam folder, Trash, or anywhere else.

Here is the log from Google Admin Reports for one of the messages. You’ll see it is marked as Spam and “Suspicious Content”. The location is specified as Archived, and the message is listed as “Unopened and unread, seen”. I have checked the Quarantine in Admin and it is empty.

What has happened? Is there anyway I can see these messages?

Gmail Admin Report

Three of my gmail aliases just stopped receiving email. HELP!

Three of my gmail aliases just stopped receiving email. I am able to send emails but as of yesterday, I have stopped receiving emails.

I have been using the aliases for over one year without any problems. My regular emails are working fine. I am just having problems with the aliases that have a domain name that is not gmail.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thank you!

gmail – Is Saritha Splendor Apartments are good for investment?

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Means to view offline gmail backups with folders preserved and without a mail client

I was able to make an mbox backup of a personal gmail account as per here:

I used a program called mbox viewer which successfully imported the emails, but combined them all to one folder as shown below.

enter image description here

Is there a way to have the tag / folder information be recognized as separate folders in a gmail backup?