How to add filter in Gmail to label any email which is from/to an email address from one of your Google Contact labels?

I want to make my clients’ emails stand out more than just “important” allows, and also group them better. I have added all client emails to a Google Contacts “Label” and want to make all emails to/from these client email addresses to be labelled in Gmail.

There is a manual solution here: How to add filter and label to group in Gmail contacts?

But it doesn’t account for new emails you add to the contact label in future, and required manual updating.

Any help on my specific question, or an alternative solution would be much appreciated.

Direct link to add email to contact in Gmail

In marketing and transactional emails I send to Gmail address,
I would like to include a link, clicking on which adds my address to the recipient’s contacts.

I have read In Gmail, how do I create a contact from a recipient of an email? but that doesn’t help.

Describing the process to the recipient is more complicated and fraught, e.g. on desktop gmail, one needs to hover on the sender name, then click on “more info”, then click “add to contact icon” in the opened section. Different way on mobile. So if I could generate a link that they can just click to add is the way I’d like to go, if at all possible.

Adding multiple reply-to addresses in gmail

I send emails on behalf of my manager using gmail, but when people reply they can see the reply-to address is my address, which is not very professional.
Is there a possibility to set up a reply-to my manager and bcc to me or multiple reply-to addresses?

push notifications – Gmail app repeatedly notify for the same email

When I receive an email, there will be a push notifcation from the Gmail app. If I leave it unattended, it will pop up again and again.
I set the sync frequency at every 15 minutes in order to get notified as soon as possible. However, it seems that every time the account syncs, it will notify me about any unread emails. The notification will just keep popping up until I read the email. Is there a way to only notify once for each unread email?
I found something called “Notify once” in the gmail account settings, but not in other accounts’ settings (like outlook accounts).

gmail – Autofill Google Form for Sent Emails

Problem: I need to keep a comms log for emails sent by my teams to other teams. We are running a multiyear project that has over 150 customers. We often escalate and get responses from directors asking when we have sent past messages, often requiring us to dig back in our emails and figure out who sent ‘what’ to ‘who’ and ‘when’.

Solution: I created a google form that my team can fill out every time they send a ‘comms’ email as part of this project. This allows us to track when emails were sent, to whom they were sent to, and when they were sent.

Question: Can I automate this? I would like to avoid having my team fill out this form manually every time. We are on GSuite, so I am wondering if there is potential to use the Gmail API or Google Apps Script to enable the automation of this step. Essentially I would want to capture the From, To, Cc, Subject, and Date Time Stamp of each email. I am also open to some form of group inbox that can be Cc’d that has a listener in it that will fill out the form or even better yet put the data straight into the Google Sheet.

Limitations: I am not a GSuite admin. I have limited technology stack to support this so I am stuck with GSuite.

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Contact Details

gmail – Anyway to search for an exact phrase that contains quotes?

Im trying to search for a phrase containing quotes but as the quotes is what gmail uses to delimit the exact phrase filter, it closes before it can.
For instance

I need to search for the exact phrase:

and then james said “come here”

Issue is when I put that around quotes

"and then james said "come here""

It creates two exact phrases search:

  1. and then james said
  2. come here

Which doesnt work for me

Is there any way to escape the “?
On programming languages we usually have a escape character like that you add before the character you want to escape, so it would be something like:

"and then james said "come here""

In Gmail why are all emails also appearing in the Updates folder?

Your solution is to hide the Updates tab, but I want some kind of tab to store emails I’ll need to revisit