gmail – Is Google's web hacking (not just Google?) in the browser?

The following YouTube video talks about Google session hijacking from Gmail.

I usually think that the owner of a website can not initiate hacking (in modern browsers, excluding short-term critical bugs), otherwise the website would be very dangerous.

There are 2 points in the video about which I am skeptical. Are the following possible (providing important information)?

  1. Clicking a link in Gmail can lead to a Google session hijacking.
  2. Downloading a file can cause it to run in the background.

Does Gmail need attention? – Exchange of web applications

I open Gmail, I see my emails labeled Category/Primary in my main inbox, loading is still in progress, after a few seconds, it stops loading and suddenly a new message appears at the top of the list of main tabs: A message titled Category/Forum I check the labels on this message, it does not have Category/Primary label, he did not play, I turned off Include starred in Primary.

I refresh the page, the same thing happens again: the message is not there during loading (the cone turns) and after a few seconds, it is added at the top of the list.

The most annoying thing about this is that I even see a notification on my Android about this message, my Android only displays email notifications that I get in my main tab.

What is this message? If it is not labeled primary, why is it in the primary tab? If it's marked primary why do not I see this label on it? Why is not it in the first rendering of the message list and it suddenly appears after a few seconds? Why does this happen only for certain messages from Jira de Qt and Kubernetes Github? I get a lot of notifications from Github and Jira, but messages from only some threads end up like that, not even all messages from these threads.

Does Gmail need my attention? Do I reward Gmail every time it works properly and punish it whenever it spoils my labels?

Gmail Tags – Archive only after reading e-mail

I already know how to create a label in Gmail and how to archive files automatically (delete the inbox).

What I want is a way to archive the email only after reading it.
It normally appears in the inbox, so I easily see all my new emails. And when I finally read it, it is archived.

Set margins from gmail settings

I'm trying to define the margins of Gmail, but I do not find the option to do it.
What is the settings section where I have to search?

Thank you in advance.

Incoming emails not Google in my Gmail inbox

If I create a Gmail account with a school address other than Google, do I receive emails sent to this address in my Gmail inbox?

Thank you

gmail – Why am I getting emails to someone else?

I just received an email from with the following text, in which firstname_name and github_user_name belong to a person with whom I have never previously interacted:


14h18 (2 hours ago)

to first name

Hey github_username!

A personal access token (git: on X from 07-Nov-2019 to 14:18) with resumes and reverse repos has recently been added to your account. Visit for more information.

To see this and other events related to the security of your account, visit

If you have problems, please contact support by visiting

thank you,
The GitHub team

The e-mail is sent to the e-mail (gmail) associated with that person's account, but the e-mail on which I received this e-mail is the ### 39, one of the aliases of my company (also gmail). My email appears in the "mailing list" section of the email information.

Someone has an idea of ​​what's going on?

google groups – Features of G Suite Collaborative Inbox from Gmail


I think the G Suite / Google Group Collaborative Inbox offers features that would be very useful for my business. But I also think that the fact that there is a user portal separate from Gmail will encourage members of my organization to no longer use it.

I see a lot of collaborative inbox options in apps such as Winter and Gmelius (which I would prefer not to use because of recurring subscription costs), but it seems like that level of support. Gmail integration should be covered by Google. All my research seems to indicate that it's not possible to integrate the features of Collaborative Inbox to Gmail without an application based on a third-party subscription. This seems to be a big mistake on Google's part.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to operate the features of the G Suite Collaborative Inbox in Gmail? I can configure the inbox to be sent to all users in the group, but I would like to know if another user in the group has responded to a message without having to access the dashboard. Google Group.

It sounds like it should be possible and I just do not ask the right questions.

gmail – SOBHA Dream Acres

SOBHA Dream Acres With 20 years of experience, Sobha Developers has always tried to bring a series of dream homes to people looking for a quality place to stay. Sobha Dream Series is now part of their beautiful township of Bangalore.

They launched their first company in the complex sequence for Sobha Dream Acres in Balagere, Bangalore. It is an integrated 81-acre township that plans to deliver more than 6,500 homes in the eastern part of the city.