goal – Should I continue to use Micro Four Thirds or use DSLR for sports photography?

I currently have a Nikon D5500 with the 55-200mm lens kit f4-5.6 (which I am currently using) and a Lumix G85 (with a lens too small for sports photography).

My girlfriend is riding a bike and I want to start taking pictures of her race at the edge of the track. I do not know how to upgrade my current configuration.

Should I continue to use the g85 (because it's the best case) and buy a premium sports lens, or should I buy a quality sports lens for the Nikon (in order to further modernize the case )?

In terms of lens size, the sporty 70-200mm lens will be big enough to get close enough to the track, as my current 55-200mm lens can not be as close as I can hoped.

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BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN Section
Posted by: Quintondum
Post time: June 8, 2019 at 3:17 pm

Spring Boot – What is the goal of autowired builders?

I have been working in Spring Boot for a little over a year, but I have not yet understood the benefits of using an Autowired constructor. I was wondering if anyone could explain it to me and what would be the best practice.

Let's say I have a bean as follows

Public class MyBean {

void doSomeStuff () {


And I have a service that depends on this bean

@A service
The public class MyServiceImpl implements MyService {

MyBean private MyBean;


For me, the easiest way to inject dependency into this class would be simply to annotate the variable with @Autowired

@A service
The public class MyServiceImpl implements MyService {

MyBean private MyBean;


But there are other places online (and also other developers of my team) that favor something like this approach:

@A service
The public class MyServiceImpl implements MyService {

MyBean private MyBean;

public MyServiceImpl (MyBean myBean) {
this.myBean = myBean;


For me, using such a constructor is simply redundant code. Automatic grain wiring is much simpler and straightforward than what I think is standard code.

Setting up Google Analytics Goal for the Facebook Messenger plug-in

How to insert the plug-in code to create an event to trigger in Google Analytics whenever someone uses our Facebook chat plug-in on our website? enter the description of the image here

Question about form tracking as a goal in Google Analytics

First of all, I always suggest Google Tag Manager if you have the option to install it – this makes editing and adding tracking much easier. With GTM, you put a block of code on each page once, then in GTM, you can configure all the actions you want to follow, and you can limit tracking to a single page, to a set of pages, or to a page set. to have everywhere. the GTM code is.

The only thing to remember if you have not used GTM, is that it does not do it. all auto tracking – even viewed pages must be created as a tag / trigger pair.

Unfortunately, it's hard to connect organic search keywords to an activity on your site. Without Google Search Console, this might not be possible, and even with Search Console, it's very limited. I have not found a way to link keywords to goal conversion rates – or to many things, in fact.

However, you can still get conversion rates for these individual forms. Let's review the options.

  1. Destination objectives.

    You can set a goal for each page with a destination on the thank you page and a funnel to display the individual profile page, marked "required". The overall conversion rate and the total number of conversions for each of these goals will be the same, because each landing page visit is a goal conversion, whether the visitor has taken the funnel or not. However, in the Conversions> Goals> Funnel Visualization conversion report, you will see the rate at which people moved from the profile page to the thank you page. You will only need to consult this report for each objective individually.

  2. Objectives of the event.

    To do this, you must configure an event that tracks each form submission. Google Tag Manager would be very useful because you can create a variable that reads a kind of identification tag on the profile page and sends it as an event tag . (It can even act from the page path). You must therefore configure only one trigger / event tag pair in GTM to track all forms. (Just make sure you do not send anything that looks like personally identifiable information to the GA!) Then you need to set a goal for each page. Unlike option 1, it would not be easy to get a bid conversion rate per page view, but the total number of goals achieved and the conversion rate (submissions per session) would be broken down by profile page.

    The goal-based approach of these first two options is only practical if you have no more than 20 profile pages. If you want to use goals, I recommend you create a view only so that these goals can be met, so that they do not take your limited lens locations in the main view.

  3. Events and your own calculations.

    I think this will be the best long-term solution for your monitoring needs. You will configure an event collection as in # 2 but not goal (the path of the page as the event label for the submission event of form could be more convenient here). I would then recommend the Google Sheets add-on for Google Analytics for the calculations. Extract the form submission events with their labels, the total number of sessions, and the total number of pages viewed for each profile page. Then, in another tab of the spreadsheet, you can create your own form submission data report: total number of submissions, submissions / page views per profile (it is useful to have the event label = page path), submissions / sessions. You can configure it so that the report always uses a given date range relative to "today" and is refreshed all night. You can also ask the report configuration to read the date range in the custom report tab and run it manually.

All options will take a while to set up, but after that you will be able to make your current report without much extra effort each time.

Get a new goal

I have a Canon 70d. I am an amateur photographer, especially taking my son and my dogs. I have a portrait lens, a 18-55 and a 18-400. Want to add a lens to my camera bag, suggestions?

What is the main purpose of using keywords in SEO?

What is the main purpose of using keywords in SEO?

+ Answer the thread

  1. What is the main purpose of using keywords in SEO?

    What is the main purpose of using keywords in SEO?

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nikon – Good goal for the D800E for the outdoors and traveling

In the spirit of "Teach a man to fish" …

I know almost nothing about lenses, cameras and photography, I just have a D800E camera and I want to buy a lens to take pictures of my family on a trip.

I am really curious to know how someone who knows nothing about photography has found himself with nearly $ 2,000 in his first camera. Photo shopping is like car shopping – the more you know, the more you can find something for your the needs and not the needs of the seller's commission.

Always follow the recommendations with a grain of salt and continue your research by matching equipment to your functional needs. If you can not, it's a bad buy (unless you really only want to get the material back)

I have "Nikon FX AF DC-NIKKOR 105mm f / 2D" but it's "too zoomed" and I have to go a long way to take a picture, do not get me wrong, I l? I love it and I use it inside the house because it takes great pictures inside, but not so good for the outdoors.

That's because it's 105mm. The scales for the lenses are: super wide angle, wide angle, normal, telephoto, super telephoto. The break points are approximately ~ 24mm or less, ~ 35mm, ~ 50mm, ~ 70mm and ~ 300mm.

As you can see, your 105mm lens fits well in the "Telephoto" category. These are lenses designed to make distant objects appear closer ("zoomed in"). They make beautiful portraits of the head and shoulders – but you need plenty of space to take a picture at the waist or for a full body.

I want a goal that a) I can use outdoors and not have to walk far to take a picture

See above. You need to get a lens with a wider angle of view. From where you are, it's a normal goal, broad or super-wide. Keep in mind that all are built around various tradeoffs and that you need to determine your functional need before trying to pair it with equipment.

b) Do not have a lot of blur on the background, like when we are traveling and that we are in front of a statue or something of the kind, the goal that I have really does not understand anything of in the background, they are all fuzzy.

Background Blur, or Bokeh, is a product of lack of depth of field. DoF increases when your goal gets closer to infinity. This is easier to do with wide-angle lenses because you do not have to go that far to put everyone in your frame. Aperture also affects the DoF. F / 2 is very open and, on a 105mm lens, can produce a DoF of a few millimeters wide. I urge you to learn about "Depth of Field" and to begin to understand how aperture, focal length, and focal length combine to create "blur" or lack of "blur" in the camera. 'background.

I know my questions are super basic in photography, sorry for that. I just want to take great pictures and say that the cost does not matter. You just want crisp 36MP photos with all the details of the background and clear, bright photos on the outside.

Great photos with a digital SLR means to know more about photography. Sorry, this type of camera is not aimed at beginners. The more you know, the better your shots.

I know that my lens should have a bigger aperture, like the f / 22, but how do I know which one is best for my camera? What is there other than the value f?

You are wrong The objectives are marked by their maximum opening, the most open. Your 105mm f / 2 has f / 2 at its widest setting. It can also stop at f / 2.8, f / 4, f / 5.6, f / 8, f / 11, f / 16 and f / 22. It can even go up to f / 32. Your camera probably allows stops of 1/2 and 1/3 between them. By the way, these are the full f / stop increments. You should learn them and understand what they mean for controlling depth of field and exposure.

Thanks in advance

No worries, man. Good luck in your business. As Wayne has said, a ~ 24 – ~ 70 will probably work for you. But as I said, take that with a grain of salt and study a little more about how photography works so you can make informed buying decisions.

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