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google analytics – Total goals and separate goals do not add up

I have created four goals. The total number of goals completed is 5,889. But on his right, the fourth are separated: goal 4 is 343, goal 5 is 2008, goal 6 is 201 and goal 7 is 40. It would have an additional result Objectives 1, 2 and 3 are inactive. Why does it make sense the sum?

Scope of achievement of Google Analytics goals

You have trouble finding the answer to this query, but is a Google Analytics goal conversion scope (URL destination) set on the hit, session, or user?

that is, if this was within the reach of the user and that a user clicked 5 times on the same URL, would the conversion of the goal be 5 for the user or 1?

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Conversion goals in Google Analytics

I have 6 products, each product has a separate application form (a different URL), but the "Thank you for your request" page only contains one for all application forms.
I put in place lens with funnel / product-1-request-form (required) and / thank you for application and other objective with funnel / product-2-request-form (required) and / thank you for application but still Quelqu & # 39 an email sent an app, Google Analytics counts this goal for both product goals.
How to set goals for which Google Analytics has separate goals for products 1 and 2?

A * Pathfinding Find one of many goals

My tracking search algorithm A * is currently working so that from a graph it can find the route from a starting node to an objective node.

It works well for many problems, but sometimes I see that more than one goal node is valid.

For example, in a game, an NPC may have to go to a switch to close a door. If there are several switches that close the door in question, no matter which switch it is intended for, it simply has to go to one of them.

How can I increase my path finding algorithm to find the path of the best goal (the shortest)? As time goes by, the algorithm looks for several objectives and, when it finds only one, it returns the path of access to it.

One solution would be to run the algorithm as many times as there are valid goals, but you can guess why this might be ineffective.

Where can I find maintenance manuals for old (and new) goals?

Besides Google, where can I find maintenance manuals for old (and new) goals?

What are the goals of Google Analytics for?

What is the purpose of Google Analytics goals?

Do not follow rules about website design

Website templates can allow you to create a website that you do not have the design capabilities, time or a huge budget. Website composition templates can also save you time, effort and money – in case you choose the right one! The richness of web design templates can be amazing, but a few simple queries can allow you to choose an informed choice before creating a website.

When considering separate website templates, you need to be sure of your goals. When you understand what you need to say and what you need to do as a guest, you are ready to choose a format and create a website! Depending on your goals, you can navigate the field of Web design templates with simple advances. Mobile App Development Company follows the rules while developing the website.

What kind of site do you want to create?

Website templates define the structure, appearance and usability of a site. Do you create a single page? Do you need 10 pages of text mainly? Or do you need a directory containing thousands of product images? You also need the web design template with the theme when you are developing a website.
Which arrangement fits your needs?

The layout defines how the information will be structured when creating a website. The key to using web design templates is to select the one that works exactly the way you want it and want it without too much modification. Avoid website templates that look attractive but require an overhaul to meet your practical needs. Examine the structure of the homepage and interior pages when you are creating a website. Do you mainly want text pages? Do you want to include charts, tables and links? Do you like the navigation bar at the top or the side?

Will web design templates require many customizations?

Most web design templates allow you to make changes to reflect your existing brand. Customization ranges from selecting colors and fonts to adding your company logo to adding multimedia and flash animations. What customization do you need? Keep in mind that Web design templates must meet the goals of fast download times, be search engine friendly, and facilitate user navigation. Make sure the template you select to create a website supports the degree of customization required.

Will customer support be there to help you?

Regardless of the "ease of use" or the "ease of updating," website templates should be left to an expert, with whom you can talk in case of problems. 24×7 support is invaluable when you create a website Make sure you can reach someone by phone, email or chat online so you can download your website "in an instant" to any time of day or night.

Are the website templates professionally designed?

There are many Web design templates available at varying costs. It is certainly important to select the website template that combines professional design and usability. The goal of any web page is to guide the viewer to a chosen action. It must be aesthetic, easy to read, fast to download, easily accessible to search engines and compatible with all web browsers. Web designers and programmers need to create web design templates to ensure that the design and usability are perfectly aligned.

Web design templates can save you time, money, and effort when you create a website. The right template for your site is one that will give you a good look and include all the features you need so that you can focus on what you add to your website rather than making it work.


Goals of life | Promotion Forum

What are your life goals? Current or future goals you can work on?

My current goals are to increase my income at work and to be more active by posting on various forums.

My future goals are to be able to work full time as a paid administrator and thus earn a good salary for websites.