Why are the media trying to put Ronaldo on the level of Messi, even if he can only match Messi in goals?

Why are the media trying to put Ronaldo on the level of Messi, even if he can only match Messi in goals?

What are the goals of Google BERT?

What are the goals of Google BERT?

The goals of Bing Ads do not come exactly from the execution of Bing Ads? Could this be due to the performance of Google Ads?

I've been running Google ads for a few months now, where I'm monitoring conversion goals using tags.

Now I'm experimenting with Bing Ads and I've enabled tagging + conversion goals.

I have a conversion goal on Bing Ads that has also been saved in Google Analytics. How do I know if I've achieved this goal only via Bing Ads and not via Google Ads?

tables – Same form fields – two goals / functions

Work on a project to add new entries to a table and / or display the table.

We have mandatory fields to add a new entry. Only one of these fields is required for viewing. In principle, when the user selects items in the drop-down fields, a table is displayed with these filters. The user can then click on an "Add" button to add a new entry to the displayed table, provided that all required fields are completed.

See below:
enter the description of the image here

This image is actually an interpretation because I added the "Show" button. Initially, there was only the "Add" button. I guess they want the table to start displaying and filtering the results as the user chooses.

I do not think it's a good UX or even good practice in general to make these form fields duplicate. (Is it even technically possible to allow fields to act as both filters on a table and data for an input?)

My solution is to separate the view / edit from the add as two separate features. They want them on the same page, which would require us to include these form fields twice in the same page, but for different purposes. Other applications that I have worked on have completely separated these functions into separate tabs or pages, but I understand why, in our scenario, a user may want / need to see an array during or before the 39, adding a new entry.


What is the best way to achieve these goals by developing the software in C # ..?

Hi, this is an evaluation tracking system. where we have different stakeholders. Director of Studies, Module Leader, Module Team, Moderator, Program Director, Panel, External Reviewer.
Director of Studies:
Is to set the date of the evaluation
Book meetings with speakers
Assign staff to submit an assessment
Approve the evaluation
2. Responsible for the module:
Ask the module team to write an assessment
3. Module team
Write the assessment
Edit appraisal
4: moderator
Receives evaluation of the module team to submit
The examination of the assessment is correct
If this is not the case, return to the module team to rewrite the assessment.
If correct, submit to the program director
5 program director: they read and comment after receiving the evaluation
6. Panel: (includes Director of Studies, Program Director, other staff)
Make a decision on the assessment
If the assessment requires major changes?
Returns to the module team to edit
If that's okay …
To proceed to
7. external examiner
Then publish the course work

lens – What are the goals to consider when upgrading the Tamron 70-300mm Di LD Tamron macro for

I'm looking to upgrade to a better telephoto lens that can be mounted on a Canon (APS-C & FF).

I currently have a cheap Tamron 70-300mm Di LD Macro which, for the price, has pleasantly surprised me with an entry-level goal. However, I use the manual focus exclusively on this lens and the sharpness is poor at high focal lengths if the light / tripod mode is not available.

I am looking for a replacement product ideally less than ~ £ 600 (ready to buy used lenses). The following characteristics are important:

  • Fast autofocus
  • Sharpness at higher focal lengths
  • Ideally, I would still like to be able to reach 300mm (I know that there are quite a few 200mm lenses)

Options I'm aware of so far:

  • Tamron SP AF 70-300mm f / 4.0-5.6 Di VC USD
  • Canon EF 75-300mm f / 4-5.6 III USM
  • Canon EF 70-300MM f / 4-5.6 IS II USM
  • Canon EF 70-200mm f / 4 USM

I am interested in other options available and what users recommend here is the best.

my goals for my Canon Rebel XTi will they work on a new Canon EOS Rebel T7i

I want to upgrade my old Canon EOS Rebel XTI to a Canon EOS Rebel T7i. Do my existing goals work on the T7i?

Google Analytics: Matching Settings for Goals Using the Regular Expression Option

I have two goals in Google Analytics: a subscription order and a one-time order. Both go the same way. Using the regular expression option in the drop-down menu, how do I match the following?

Single order (numbers and random letters are variable):


Subscription (numbers and random letters are variable):


olympus – What are the best goals for street photography?

I am interested in street photography. So I'm looking for something portable and I wonder if there is a difference in relative weight between the two objectives.

It's really a matter of preference. On occasion, I hike with a Pentax 645N. At the time, shooters used things like a Graflex. So, if something is "portable" or not, it's not something that someone can decide for you.

As for the differences in the lens, the 17mm is 120g while the zoom (if I look good) is 91g. A difference of 29 g equals about 1 ounce, or a single slice of bread. If it's the drip that makes yours overflow … well, remove something from your bag and worry less about it.

I also like doing black and white photos and I sometimes need to zoom in and cut them later. I am therefore looking for a solution that allows me to preserve the sharpness as much as possible.

"Make black and white" and "zoom and cut" (also called "crop") have nothing to do with each other. All digital images will become unwanted if you trim and twiddle back at one time. The only thing you can really do is crop and not interpolate but limit yourself to the resolution you have now. In today's high-resolution sensors, this is generally enough, but you have to wonder if the lens is able to solve these small details. This varies with each camera, lens and camera + lens combo.

Again – this is something not to worry about. If you reduce your shots too much, you need to buy a longer lens. Period.

Another requirement is to be able to focus quickly, because I capture moving subjects: I wonder if the choice of lenses makes the difference.

There is an old street shooter who says, "F / 8 and be here." The shooters fixed the lens at a preconceived distance, the camera at f / 8 and the depth of field occupied the rest. Sometimes the hyperfocal distance was used. It just allows you to aim and take a picture.

Even with fast autofocus systems, this method remains very valuable. Why do I report it? Just to show you that the quick focus is as much an operator skill as a camera feature.

Finally, is there a significant difference in their market value?

Of course there is. The premium seems to be about $ 150 more than the zoom. Why is it important? The market value does not affect the images taken. One of the most used lenses in the world is the Canon 50mm f / 1.8 – and it's brand new at $ 125.

What is the best option between the two lenses?

Simple really: whatever you choose.

Your questions indicate that you are very new in this game. I can understand the pressure of a first lens and to be honest, there are many advantages and disadvantages for one or the other of these. choice.

You will divide the photographic community in half on a choice between a zoom and a premium and you will hear both opinions. The best thing to do is to try them yourself. Renting the camera and both lenses is the best option to take pictures with both, see and feel the differences, then make the best choice for you.

try to reach your goals in a concrete way – Discussions & Help

Each forex trader can have convincing goals that he always tends to accomplish here. But with the main premise of achieving the goals, a trader can not clearly articulate his aspiration to achieve his goals. A trader must constantly work to put in place a real business plan to achieve his business objectives in accordance with his knowledge and skills. Even a trader should work at a reliable level to exploit his funds appropriately here.