Is Stripe any good?

Been using Paypal for quite some time, now I'm eyeing Stripe, anyone used it?

computer networks – What happens at the receiver side in Pretty Good Privacy

computer networks – What happens at the receiver side in Pretty Good Privacy – Computer Science Stack Exchange

optimization – Why does consecutive averaging not lead to a good solution to a linear system?

I have been working on a program which requires me to get a solution for a huge system of linear equations (3,132 variables and 3030 equations). I was having trouble finding a previous implementation to solve this, so I thought up this method:

  1. Guess a value for every variable
  2. For each variable, consecutively:
  3. compute the value it would need to be to solve each equation in the system
  4. Set the variable to the average of those values and go onto the next variable

For example:

Say your system is


You start by guessing x, y, and z are all one. The mean squared error of this “solution” is 1.

Start by focussing on x.


Through simple algebra, you can see that x should be 2 and 1.5 in each equation, respectively. So you average those, and say x is 1.75. The mean squared error of this solution is 0.156, so the new solution is better. You update your guess, and continue doing this with each variable until the solution was sufficiently close or was no longer improving.

I never expected this to be a good way to solve this problem. I thought it would often get stuck in local minima and be slow. However, when I implemented this, it was not just ineffective, it was counterproductive. After each pass through the variables the mean squared error increased, not decreased, and I can not figure out why. Theoretically, each step should make the solution better, so why does it seem to make the solution worse?

Thank you in advance for your help.

A good VPS host? | Forum Promotion

So I’ve been looking around and toying with the idea of getting a VPS. However I have no idea which provider to use. I’ve asked for input from a few people already and I’ve been recommended a few providers. But before I go ahead and choose one, I figured I would ask here…

What are some good VPS providers for a reasonable cost?

To help clarify things, I am considering an maximum cost (without any promotional changes) of 25 USD a month. (So if your suggestion would start more than that… please don’t waste my time, I won’t be considering it.) I would prefer a managed solution given that I’m relatively new to this and don’t really want to add a lot of stress right now if I can avoid it. But if unmanaged is the only option then I’ll take it.

Hardware wise, I’d like at least 20GB of storage space. If it’s SSD that’s great, if not I don’t really care. Beyond that I don’t really care.

applications – Hello everyone i found an app called app stack that was factory installed? Is it any good and also is it ok to give it full permission

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Good virtual desktop / remote desktop cloud service?

I am looking for a cloud service where I can connect and it gives me basically linux with GUI

So I have all the nice tools of linux plus a GUI, and I can run the stuff that I need there, as well, say, scraping.

Recommend Me a Good PPS Host | NewProxyLists

Hi Friends,

Recommend me a good pps host. I was using Filejoker. But Its a cheater host. Its shaving sales like anything. And I have got proof from my visitors, who bought Premium but it never got counted. When I complained, they threatened me not to post anything negative review. I deleted all my files from there. Avoid this Filejoker shit. These are same people who were running Filehost Oron. Totally scammers.

Looking for a Reseller with good performance for WP

Any good reseller hosts that have proper, fast, and generous resource allocations?

I’m with a provider for over 10yrs, they’re great for most websites I run but for WordPress sites are so slow on them and I’ve battled with this on several wordpress sites I host. On a particular WP site with Woo commerce and a few plugins (new) and barely any traffic the site gets sluggish with less than 3 users! And to think this host is LiteSpeed based already and i got Litespeed cache enabled on WP……

So I bought a 2yr reseller plan from InMotionHosting a few days back , to try it out and deployed this particular site and it’s only slightly better over-all (even when they dont have litespeed , which was odd) – however the pages still are too sluggish for comfort and gets the occasional ERROR 500 with just 3-4 users on the site! so obviously, I’m not inclined to stay with them and will be cancelling my account soon as I am able to find a proper host.

All in all, I believe, as with most Shared Hosting, these servers are over-sold or has inadequate hardware to deal with the load. Whatever it is, these servers are clearly unable to keep up with decent WordPress Sites , even extremely low traffic ones.

Hence I’m posting here.

I need a Reseller Shared or VPS Account with capable hardware that WordPress can run smooth on.

My budget: 15-25usd/mo

Willing to purchase 2yr sub. but must have ample 90day money back guarantee to give me opportunity to test for consistency (7-30 days isn’t enough time to test for a 2yr commitment)

My requirements:

60GB or more SSD

Generous bandwidth

WHM + CPANEL (although i dont mind any decent free WHM alternative, but i do need a good amount of CPANEL as requested by my clients

unlimited domain hosting


At least 10MB/s IO allocation per Cpanel Account

– and other ample resources to keep sites snappy.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Dedicated IP /WhiteLabel / NS and all the usual good stuff for Resellers

Again, im pretty happy with my current host that i’ve been with for 10yrs, if it wasnt for the fact that nearly all WP sites im hosting with them are so so slow (server side sluggishness) and im getting tired of my WP customers complaining – so i just need something similar but can handle WP sites much better!

Good and complete, already with advanced level, Copywriting courses


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is there a good shared hosting that’s better than most and slightly lower than VPS?

So i’ve been with a host for over 10yrs.. but our small WORDPRESS + WOO-COMMERCE website is just crawling / freezing on it. And we’ve done all we can on the site side. We have reasonable amount of plugins installed… and there is barely any traffic on the site but as soon as 1 or 2 users are on it, it crawls and sometimes even times out!

So i got a reseller package from INMOTIONHOSTING and trying them out.. this site is slightly better performing but the moment there are 2 or more users it crawls.. CPU spikes 100% etc..

Method of testing:

2 Tabs open for WP ADMIN

-> refreshing the Orders panel (simulating 2 admins processing orders)

2 Tabs open for Product display (com/?s=baby+&post_type=product)

-> with basic search “baby” (simulating 2 customers browsing products on the front end of the site)

NO OTHER USERS on site, and the damn thing is barely responsive.. and occasionally times out. ERROR 500

View post on

So just 2 admins processing orders, and 2 customers browsing, and the site is barely usable!

Im honestly disappointed with the new host i thought IMH is high performing (as im paying nearly double for their reseller rates)

I refuse to believe that I need a strong VPS for this site (jesaz , just 4 users and a few plugins?!) …. but i am wiling to pay a bit more for a truly good performing shared host better hardware or better customer management (because perhaps IMH is overselling or im on a machine that has an abusive user hogging machine resources!?)

So im at a point willing to pay for a stronger better shared hosting (VPS is a waste of $$ at this point and does not make sense at all, again, with just 4 busy users on site!)

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