Immigration to the UK and declaring goods

I’m soon relocating to the UK on a work visa from a EU country. I have a few questions in regard to this:

  1. Do I need to declare electronic goods that I want to bring with me for personal use via the airport to the customs?

For example, I’ll be bringing my laptop, phone, watch and headphones, and I believe that the price of laptop as well as the phone was over £390 back when I purchased them.

  1. Is the limit of £390 per item, or is it for all the items?

  2. If I declare the customs at the airport, how is the price of the goods calculated? I don’t really have any proof of their value, as they were purchased a long time ago.

All the help here would be much appreciated.

Selling – Just Artisan – Multi Vendor Marketplace for handmade goods

Why are you selling this site?
I have taken the site as far as I can. It is time to let someone else take it to its potential.

How is it monetized?
Vendor subscriptions and transaction fees.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

How much time does this site take to run?
As much time as you want. From 5 hours per week to as many, as you want to spend on marketing.


interrail – Recommendations for travel insurance which covers unattended stolen goods

I am an Australian citizen going interrailing in Serbia, Albania, Italy and Spain in a few days time.

I need to bring my laptop to be able to work and I feel very scared that it will be stolen, lost, or damaged somehow.

How should I go about covering myself for the following cases:

  • My laptop is stolen while left unattended somewhere
  • I accidentally leave my laptop somewhere and lose it
  • My laptop gets damaged by water

Is there a good insurance provider that covers these types of things that anyone can recommend? I will only need the insurance for two months.

Thanks in advance :]

algorithms – Optimal allocation of heterogeneous divisible goods

In the context of my PhD on the simulation of the labor market with a multi-agent model, I encoutered a problem that doesn’t seem to be really treated in the litterature, according to my searches on different networks on the subject. This problem is the “Max-Min Fair Allocation of Divisible Heterogenous Goods”.

The problem is the following : There are N fully divisible resources, and M agents that can use some of these resources. Each resource has a different utility for each agent (either 0, or a positive value). The goal here is to divide these resources between agents to maximize the least satisfied agent (the one with the least total value across his allocated resources shares).

This problem can be solved using Linear Programming, but I’m looking for an algorithm that can approximately solve this problem. The optimal solution doesn’t need to be found, but the results of my current algorithm can be less satisfying that I would like, with a ratio fo around 4 between the least satisfied agent and most satisfied one.

My current algorithm is a Glouthon algorithm with a post optimization phase which transfers shares from “over-satisfied” agents, and the current least satisfied one. The initial allocation of shares is done by giving a share of each resource to each agent according to the value that they give to this resource compared to other resources.

The utility $U_i$ of an agent is the sum of the value $v_{i,j}$ given to each of his allocated resource share : $U_i = sum_{j in M} v_{i,j} times s_{i,j}$ with $s_{i,j}$ the amount of resource $j$ allocated to $i$.

This problem can be described as the Santa-Claus allocation problem as described in Max-Min item allocation on Wikipedia, but this problem has indivsible goods. There are also other papers which describe close problem like How to Divide Hard Candies Farily (2 agents, indivisible goods), or Max-Min Fair Allocation of Indivisible Goods byt Daniel Goglovin (indivisible goods), and Maximin Fairness with Mixed Divisible and Indivisible Goods (contains both divisible goods and indivisible goods).

Is there an algorithm, or a way to compute such an allocation of resources without using linear programing ? This problem is repeated a lot during the model so calling a LP solver multiple times in order to get a good solution is not really feasible. An approximation algorithm is completely acceptible, as my current algorithm doesn’t have a specified approximation factor.
If this is of any importance, the model is in JAVA.

Thank you for your time.

eu citizens – Paying tax when traveling home to the EU with UK bought goods and gifts after Brexit?

When travel opens up after COVID 19 we are going to experience travel after Brexit and the adjustment period for the first time. In my case it will be to the Netherlands, but I might travel via France or Belgium.
I assume the general rules for travel from outside the EU will be in force.

I have found I can import items up to €430 without import tax being due on it, if traveling by flight or ferry. €300 if traveling by your own vehicle. Link in Dutch.
Someone suggested that I can bring more if it is gifts rather than items I have bought. The site I linked to does not mention that but does mention buying.

Kocht u goederen buiten de EU met een totale waarde van € 430 of minder?

(Did you buy goods outside of the EU with a total value of €430 or less?)

Someone might gift me with a piece of art which might be worth more or may bring my total to over the given amount.
Do gifts count to the total value and if not, how do you prove they are gifts?

Information about the other way around is also welcome, for when my friend goes home after visiting me.

Make all paid order (digial goods) status as processing

On my woocommerce website, I sell digital goods. Some goods are required manual dispatch after payment. But all my orders getting the status “Completed” after being paid. is there any way that I can complete the order manually after being paid? So after successful payment, order status will be “processing” then i’ll make it “completed” manually.

Is Amazon using Robots to deliver goods?

Does Amazon use robots to deliver goods?

Not sure which are the countries they offer this service.

customs and immigration – Is your luggage scanned when declaring goods at Bangalore international airport?

Anyone know if you need to scan your bags at the declarations section in Bangalore? I am going through customs there and will be carrying a few gifts (about 6). If I declare a portion of my goods, will they still scan my bags? I don’t want to get caught carrying other stuff that I didn’t declare. Thanks for any help

Parsing of goods in online stores. Ads notice boards.

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Parsing of goods in online stores. Ads notice boards.

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Buying goods online from Canada to EU is VAT free?

I read that Canada and EU now have a free trade agreement. Does this mean that as a private person, if I order some goods online, like a laptop, or a TV, or anything will be VAT free if it comes to the EU?