Google Spread Sheet Import Question

I have some google dorks like ( Around 4000+)
What i want is to fetch results/links of each search on google
Is there any way
I add url like that and it returns me result

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Combine multiple Google sheets that can keep updating

Okay, so I think, no one seems to have exactly the same problem as I do…

I have an app writing automatically my health data into a google sheet.
It does so in three different sheets inside the one file.
Column A is always the date.
Now, I’d would like to have a master sheet, that combines this data.

Like this:
Sheet 1: A1:20/07/21, B1: value1
A2:19/07/21, B2: value2
Sheet 2: A1:20/07/21, B1: value3
A2:18/07/21, B2: value4

Result: A1:20/07/21, B1: value1, C1:value3
A2:19/07/21, B2: value2
A2:18/07/21, C3: value4

So in essence, I’d like to sort by date and combine the values from the two sheets into one line so there is one date per day.
Is that even possible?

I’ve tried different queries and IMPORTRANGEs, but to no avail.
I am a sheets-newbie, though…

Any help appreciated!

url rewriting – Google crawls* urls that are not supposed to exist

Google reported a schema error on a page on my website which should not exist:

my-category does not have 25 pages. It only has 3 pages. I checked the other categories and I can access those pages with /0/ on the URL as well.

my-category pages should only be

Only the main archive page, which has all the POST, should have 25 pages.

Is there a setting that I need to update, or a hook that needs filtering to remove those URLs with /0/ on the URL? Those need to be 404.

dns – Google Domains Path Fowarding

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multi factor – If I receive Google verification codes that do not work, is my phone compromised?

I know that something similar has happened to other people before (see for instance here or here), but the situation and the question are slightly different.
I wanted to log in to my Gmail account from my laptop, and usually I receive a verification code to my phone number, sent by “Google”. This time it was sent from some random phone number, and it did not work. I tried a few more times to get a code. Every time it was sent from a different international phone number and had some oddities (wrong spacing or spelling), but the timing was almost seamless (it arrived perhaps 2-3 seconds after I had requested it, while usually it takes roughly 1 second). I did not try to use them anymore, as I was growing suspicious. I cleared the cookies and browsing history of my iPhone, restarted it, retried again to get a code, and still got a similar message from some random number. I tried again and then I got a usual message from Google, used the code, it worked, and then I changed my Gmail password (just to be safe). But now I am wary of using my phone for the 2-step verification process: it looks like someone is getting the message from Google instead of myself, and then is sending me a fake code (though I would not know why). I want to stress that I do not get these messages at random times (as other people on the internet have mentioned), but rather shortly after having actually requested a code. Does this mean that my phone has been compromised (though I would not know how…), and if so, what can I do about it?

google apps script – Duplicate and rename a sheet (only it`s data) at fixed hr and day

every monday I’ve to make a copy of a sheet which is called week_nn, where nn is a progressive number of the current week for that sheet from its beginning. At some point of the day, we have to fix those data to make a history, and so I duplicate the sheet which take the standard name of “copy_of_week_nn_WIP” to “copy_of_week_nn_FRZ”. If possible, I’d like to automathize this with a triggered script (time/day, in this case, every monday), because sometimes it happened if forgot the task and also, because it`s a stupid job…how I could possible do it?

How to track QR code scan from my site to app store in Google Analytics?

I have a QR code on my site that links people to the mobile app store. Since it isn’t a click but rather a QR code scan done on the user’s mobile device, what is the recommended way of tracking this action in Google Analytics?

I was thinking it would be an immediate meta refresh from a blank page on my domain to the app store, as in:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=">, with being the app store URL.

If the content is set to 0;, would GA still be able to pick up the UTM parameters? Or would it need to be set to 0.5;? Or something else?

Or perhaps there is a more reliable tracking method entirely.

What is Discover traffic in Google Search Console?

I saw some traffic from "Discover" for a few days but later it back to zero again.

And I never got any traffic from "Discover" since 5/16/21.

What is this for?


enter image description here

google chrome – Pycharm app keeps opening my html files and links

Issue: .html files and links and ipython notebooks seem to be all routed through pycharm.

Whenever I open a html file or start a jupyter server, it opens up with pycharm instead of chrome.

I made sure that Chrome is my default browser in settings. Tried several times this one:
when opening a html file click open with -> other -> tick always open with chrome. It works just for that file but then html files are still associated with pycharm and next time it still opens with pycharm by default.