wordpress – Why my website description and title not showing on google?

How long has your website been up?

It looks like Google hasn’t re-crawled it yet since you put up the website. It’s still showing the title and description from the domain broker who apparently held the domain name before you put up your site.

Solutions are to (1) wait until Google automatically re-crawls your page, or (2) use Google Search Console to manually trigger a re-crawl.

Google Kills Off Google+

Recently I heard that news from Search Engine Land, Google has changed the way they show local results! Again! So, guess what?

Google going to update Google + or would be closed local business? what you guys thinking?

Google Analytics v4 tracking screen stay time

I am using Google Analytics v4(GA) to track each screen. How to check each screen stay time according to custom params “story_id”?

eg. i setup one custom params “story_id”. When user redirect to story page in app, it will send set screen name event to GA include the “story_id” params.

In Pages and screens of GA Engagement, it will work to track each screen stay time. when i add params “story_id” to display each data, the each item will display 0m00s of Average Engagement Time but the not set “story_id” item time have Average Engagement Time.

How to subdivide the item data by params “story_id”.


google sheets – how to automatically modify (fill down) separate IMPORTRANGE formulas for each consecutive individual cell in a column, instead of the entire range

Is it possible to automatically modify (or fill down) separate IMPORTRANGE formulas for each consecutive individual cell in a column, instead of the entire range?

Example of three consecutive formulas in three consecutive cells:

  1. B4
    =IMPORTRANGE(“https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RGXMw1zKXbfjyZp81S8ICHtiUJZhQe1VQhntAoPOPIw/edit#gid=564463244”, “DATABASE: Schools (DO NOT RENAME)!B4”)

  2. B5
    =IMPORTRANGE(“https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RGXMw1zKXbfjyZp81S8ICHtiUJZhQe1VQhntAoPOPIw/edit#gid=564463244”, “DATABASE: Schools (DO NOT RENAME)!B5”)

  3. B6
    =IMPORTRANGE(“https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RGXMw1zKXbfjyZp81S8ICHtiUJZhQe1VQhntAoPOPIw/edit#gid=564463244”, “DATABASE: Schools (DO NOT RENAME)!B6”)

Separate formulas for each individual cell makes it possible to sort data in the destination spreadsheets while remaining connected to the other columns in those spreadsheets.

I discovered this after realizing that one formula for the range of cells will not allow for column sorting in relation to other cells in the sheet.

Example of one formula for the range of 3 cells:
=IMPORTRANGE(“https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RGXMw1zKXbfjyZp81S8ICHtiUJZhQe1VQhntAoPOPIw/edit#gid=564463244”, “DATABASE: Schools (DO NOT RENAME)!B4:B6”)

I was very disappointed to learn that basic A-Z sorting is not possible with the ImportRange data in destination spreadsheets. I’m so glad that it’s possible to sort after importing each cell but I’m not happy about modifying each formula manually (filling the formula down and changing the number after B in each cell for the entire column, as in the three formulas above).

Is it possible to create a formula for this? To add a +1 to each formula in the consecutive cells?

Thank you!!!

Google Search Recaptcha is not received by Xevil — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈


I set an option to parse target urls from google search.

For solving captchas I use Xevil.

The problem is that Xevil does not receive recaptchas from google search (while captchas from target websites are received and solved correctly).

That means that proxies do not get a chance to pass recaptcha verification by google search and get banned very quickly.

How can I fix it?

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security – What are all these Google internet hosts (domains) and why is stripped-down Android connecting to all of them?

Technology users are faced with a challenge: Allowing our tech devices to work without them invading our privacy.

Obviously choosing products carefully is a critical step. Unfortunately, the two main players in the smartphone space, Google and Apple, are well known for their questionable data collection and harvesting practices.

LineageOS and /e/OS are up-and-coming providers of privacy-friendly smartphone operating systems. Until they become more commonplace, I thought it would be worthwhile to create a compendium of internet hosts to which Android connects by default.

To do this, I let an Android device run for 5 hours and captured all packets trying to leave the device.

The Android device was configured never to share contact data, calendar data, task data, map data, location data, or any history of any kind. It also was configured to not transmit or receive email at all. The internet search function of the launcher was removed. Furthermore, Google Chrome and the Google’s Android Assistant were both disabled, as were all the various “Google Play” apps (such as Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music / YouTube, Google Play Newsstand) except for the Play store. Within the Google Play store, automatically checking for new app versions was disabled. Finally, a non-Google keyboard was installed and set as the default.

Even after doing all this, within just 5 hours of the phone sitting without being used, the Android device attempted to connect to all the following Google-owned hosts:


What is the purpose of each of these hosts, and why are so many connections still being attempted given that almost everything Google-related is supposed to be disabled on the device?

Note that I don’t expect a single answerer to know the purpose of every host listed, but hopefully we can work together to use this QA to create a quality reference resource.

I appear to be completely invisible on google despite their search console claiming that I am indexed

I recently put the site for my web design business up on google. It’s been online for about two weeks and according to Google Search Console, has been indexed several times. Despite this, I can only find it on google if I type the actual url into google. Typing the business name verbatim doesn’t work, typing the contents of the meta description tag doesn’t work. The things that do come up are a worse match. I can type my business name perfectly and things that are off by one or more characters will show up instead. I’ve gone to the 15th page of google search results and found nothing. The google search console is even claiming that my page has 7 total impressions, with an average position of 1. I can’t tell if that’s just because of me typing the url exactly or if it’s actually organic.

Important Note: My server automatically responds with a 301 redirect to the https url when someone goes to the http url. Does the Google indexing bot mishandle this somehow?

Here is what the google search console looks like:

enter image description here

I have a sitemap.xml and a robots.txt. Google search console claims that it has discovered my URL, as a result of the sitemap.xml. I don’t understand why it will only come up in google search when I type the exact url. The contents of the meta description and meta author tags have to be unique, and they still don’t bring anything up.

I should also note that I ran lighthouse on my site and got a 95/100 on the SEO portion.

seo – Why google crawler indexes old data of the website?

A month ago I updated the website with a new Title and Description (basically the whole website had been changed) but the Google crawler doesn’t index these new data and continues to show the old one.

I checked it in the Google Search Console and found a very strange behavior. In the URL inspection tab I saw that the last indexing was a few days ago (21 Jan 2021) by a mobile crawler and in the Crawled page report old data is showing. So the bot found the old data somehow.
When I used the TEST LIVE URL tab I found that the crawler picked up the new data.
How it’s possible and how to make the standard indexing tool to see the relevant data?

I manually requested the re-indexing process, however, I’m not sure it helps because the last index was a few days ago and the site had been changed a month ago

P.S. I don’t have the robots.txt file. Bing shows the same old data.
Maybe I should remove the URL indexing at all and request the new re-indexing?

Thanks for any help

android – Can I use direct Url instead of paid api of Google?

I’m trying to make a Simple search engine app. In this user can search using key words or can use reverse image search.

For Simple search I’m using


For Image reverse search I’m Using


Source :https://stackoverflow.com/a/29195961/13485181

So Question is, google already have Paid Api for image reverse search, Is it okey to use these method in app?