Selecting the maximum value of a given metric by dimension in Google Data Studio

I am trying to compare the maximum value of a metric with a selected value of a metric.

Consider this my data:

Name     Metric_1
John     50%
Dave     60%
Tom      55%

I'm trying to create a dashboard that would show how many percent John is less than or greater than the maximum value of a Metric_1.

The dashboard should show the following data:

-10 %

Is it also possible to add the name of the Name who holds the maximum value Metric_1 so the dashboard would look like this:

-10 %

Meaning John, because I only want to compare John values, is 10% behind Dave which holds the maximum value of 60% Metric_1.

Thanks for your suggestions.

What is a Google sheet formula for a fractional part of the number

I need a formula to get only the fractional part of a given number. It must take any number and return its fractional part which is between 0 and 0.9999 …
for example

123.456 -> 0.456
      0 -> 0
      1 -> 0
    0.1 -> 0.1

I have tried using Google, but I have not found such a function.
I could use something like this, but I didn't mean to repeat the input expression: X - FLOOR(X)

Access to information inside links in Google sheets

Context: I have a Google sheet containing links. Of course, links don't always have the content of what you're looking for in the URL, so it's hard to find it later.

Question: Is it possible to consult the content of the website to find a keyword?

Ex: Let's say I have,, (do this one) and the last link contains words like "snake" and "turtle". If I CTRL + F "snake", there will be no results. Is there a way to examine the link without having to check each link one by one?

(Note that the tag at the bottom is because I don't have enough reputation to be general, sorry)

seo – Meta description missing on Google since the migration from WordPress to Ghost

I recently migrated my WordPress blog to Ghost, an alternative to WP, powerful and fast.

I wrote this topic on the official Ghost forum:

This concerns the lack of description when I type the name of my site in Google.
In the source code of the home page, there is a meta description, OG / Twitter tags.
In the source code of the articles, there is no meta description, but the OG / Twitter tags are present.

It seems to me that Google was able to read the content of the article to generate a description … The articles are referenced but without description …

enter description of image here

I am wrong ?

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Google Split script split? – Web application stack exchange

I'm trying to understand a script that basically divides a cell horizontally in a Google sheet that automatically fills in with a form.

= The SPLIT formula (AF5, ",") works, but when a new form entry is added, a new line is created and I then need to copy paste this formula into this entry. I'm just assuming that a script can be applied to automatically split entries in a column as they are submitted by form users, but I have no knowledge of scripting.

Thank you