google sheets – How to increase the formula in increments of 10

I have a spreadsheet with a value per year. I would like to take the average of decades (with, obviously, 10 cells per decade), so I put in place a formula inspired by = AVERAGE (A (1 + 10) :( A (10 + 10), in the hope of being able to drag it so that each cell is populated with A11: A20, A21: 30, etc. How can I do this? I'm not particularly savvy with Google Sheets formulas.

seo – What are the most important things I need to do to encourage Google site links?

You will need to have some traffic on your site to get them. Keep creating good content. Google will not give them easily.

Make sure your navigation is tagged with semantic HTML and include a login identifier nav or navigation on your menu. This will help Google know which links are your navigation. (as opposed to a list of links).

Plus, once you've found them, Google will give you the ability to control the links you want in your sitelinks via Google Webmaster Tools.

There is no simple way or algorithm known publicly to give you sitelinks. And I'm sure this algorithm changes all the time.


  • Do not use JavaScript for links and menus.
  • Do not think too much about it and give it time, site links are rare.

Showing the icon in mobile google search

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authentication – how does the connection to Google work?

When you use one of the Google applications, you enter your credentials and your app can now access all relevant Google APIs.

When using an external application and use "Google Sign In", a consent flow is always involved (because it is OAuth2).

But how does Google (or any big business) apply this differentiation?

This can not be done with the API client credentials, because I could then decompile one of the Google applications (for example, GMail), extract the client ID and the client ID. use in my application. In this case, my application can get all the extents without the Gmail application. ask for the consent of the user.

How to generate custom reports in Google Analytics?

How to generate custom reports in Google Analytics?

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google sheets – Sort by column while keeping the information in a row

I had a previous question with a lot of support and this solved my problem. Then, the next problem is sorting the data, while bringing the information into the corresponding row. A link to the previous question I asked, linked here. Here's what I have to do:

I have to take any information here, the promotions sheet:
enter the description of the image here

and organize everything in here, the Enlisted sheet:

enter the description of the image here
This is the code I have up to now that organizes the ranks, but not the corresponding data:

= ARRAYFORMULA (INDEX (SORRY ({Promotions! A2: A, IF (Promotions! A2: A = "", VLOOKUP (Promotions! A2: A !, A2 !, L! ROW)),}:, 2, 0) )}, 2, 1) ,, 1))

Any help is appreciated, thank you very much!

How to copy (relative) cells and paste them into an absolute cell slot in Google Sheets

Try to create a function in which I can copy an entire block of cells according to the location of the button where the script is activated (get them to select works correctly):

worksheet.getCurrentCell (). offset (-25, -3, 26, 4) .activate ();
spreadsheet.setCurrentCell (currentCell);

And stick in Q54.

I can only seem to achieve this by using absolute values, that is to say;

spreadsheet.getRange (B2: E27). copyTo (spreadsheet.getActiveRange (), SpreadsheetApp.CopyPasteType.PASTE_VALUES, false);
spreadsheet.getRange (# 54). activate ();

But B2: E27 will move according to the location of the script, hence my problem. Must copy the parent from where it is enabled: (-25, -3, 26, 4)

Thanks in advance

google – The French version of the page does not behave correctly in indexes

Our homepage has two versions:

The first being in French, the second in English. Both versions have been online for several weeks.

Searching Google or Bing from their .FR domains does not work for the French version of the page. Yet make a website: on the English version of Google returns:

enter the description of the image here

Meta tags on the French page:

Meta tags on the English page:

My questions are:

  • Have I correctly configured meta tags?
  • If not, should Google even display the French version in the English results?
  • Why does the French version appear higher than the home page in English in the results above?