In Google, is there an integrated plagiarism checker?

Is there a way to use a plagiarism checker in Google? I'm writing a research project and I do not want to have any problem with that.

seo – Google has deindexed portions of our page after copying the content

This year, our website has featured in a number of leading design articles and has subsequently been copied in-depth. Now, Google seems to have deindexed parts of our homepage (and perhaps other content), which worries our SEO and CTR rankings.

Moreover, it no longer reads the key parts of the page to present in SERP, rather converting our navigation into text. The results, as you can imagine, are very poor (see image).

enter the description of the image here

We are a Christian organization and we do not wish to pursue copyright infringement.

What can be done about this?

Google search console errors

This in the Google Search Console …: what can I do?


Google BERT deploys in many languages

Google has stated that BERT (representations of bidirectional encoders for transformers) is now deployed in many other languages ​​…

The verifier found the Google API key in our Android app

during the recent security audit of the Android application, our listener found Google API hard-coded in the application, without API key in the application, we can not show the Google maps to our clients. How do we solve that? We can not delete the API key from the app because Google Maps will not work without it. How to solve it?

How to merge Google Photos with Apple Photos?

After several years of using Android, iOS and Mac, I found that I had thousands of photos in Google Photos and Apple Photos, and maybe 75% are the same .
I would like to have a single repository, ideally on Google Photos, but without duplicates.

These are the options I found, but I do not like any of them.

  1. Check the random dates to check where the major lack is on the other repository. It's a headache and very inefficient.
  2. Add photos of Apple to Google Photos, download them all and run something to find duplicates. This will take a lot of time and space on the hard drive

I am short of ideas here. Any help is welcome.

Does Google explore referrals? – SEO help (general chat)

Google does do not Redirected index Pages. It's probably obvious to most of you, but Google & # 39; s John Mueller said on Twitter that Google does it do not index referrals. … we do not usually do it index URL that redirectso it seems to work well.

Google search console messages are now integrated

Messages are now integrated with Google Search Console.

Microsoft Excel – Defining Calculation Accuracy in Google Sheets

Google Sheets uses a kind of floating-point arithmetic in its internal calculation, even if only integers are included in the calculation. f.ex

A1: =128^128
A2: =A1+1
A3: =A2-A1

Then A3 gives 0

how can I set Google Sheets (or other software, even Excel) for A3 to give 1?

Formula Google Sheets If else

enter the description of the image here

I'm trying to write a statement if else in Google Sheets. I want the value in cell B2 to dictate what the value will be in cell D2. if cell B2 is less than 12 I want B2 = 17, if B2 is less than 15 but greater than 12 then I want it to be 16 and so on and so forth, as indicated by the code above. Any help would be very appreciated.