Search Engine Indexing – The Google Webmaster Tool does not contain more than 8 keywords. It's been 2 months since the last keyword appeared.

The Google Webmaster tool does not recover more than 8 keywords. It's been over two months since the last keyword was generated. I want to know the reason. I've installed the Google Webmaster tool in the same niche website and for which the main Google tool has extracted 47 keywords. in search queries within two to three weeks. Can any one tell me what is the possible reason? I just checked the difference between the two sites and the website that does not retrieve keywords on the Google Webmaster Tool. There, I installed a plugin (Really Simple SSL) to secure my website, it's a free plugin to secure the website, I just disable it, this could be the reason?

8 – Geolocation of Google Map View Settings

I work with the geolocation module as well as the integration of Google Maps in Views and I am satisfied with the results obtained so far. Interested in taking advantage of some of the additional options offered under Google Maps Settings (found in Geoloaction CommonMap settings), but I do not understand them all.

I hope that someone will be kind enough to explain the following options or guide me towards documentation that will help me understand their purpose and, more importantly, to to use it:

  • Zoom & Animate Marker
  • Scroll-to-ID marker

File Sharing – Why do I receive requests for access in my Google Public Reader folder?

To make the update easier, I have linked various Google Drive folders containing public documents to my company's website. These are all set to "Public on the Web" as shown here:
enter the description of the image here

So, clearly, is not limited to my organization or even someone connected to a Google account.

However, today, I have received an access request for this same file:

enter the description of the image here

I am especially paranoid about the fact that there is still a subset of users for whom this setting limits access. I do not want to use this solution if it prevents someone from seeing important information or manually sharing a folder with strangers periodically.

It may be that the person has access to it and that it was confused, so they still sent me the request.

No advice?

seo – AMP Pages in Google Desktop Search Results

I have a WordPress-based website with the "AMP for WP" plugin installed. It seems to be configured correctly so that AMP pages point to respective non-AMP pages with "canonical rel", but I noticed that some AMP pages appeared in Google's search results, even on a web browser.

What could cause this and how to ensure that AMP pages are displayed in SERP only for mobile devices?

What's a Google Trend?

Hello friends,

I want to know what's a Google trend?

Google Rentals for a service company

Hello again.
Can anyone tell me how to display my service business on Google, as in the picture below, in several places and not just at my physical address? I serve a radius area of ​​40 miles and want to show for all areas.
Thanks in advance!

google sheets – How can I filter a list based on whether or not it contains a list of substrings?

I have a list of Japanese words. I want to produce a formula to filter this list, based on a list of substring filters (kanji characters) that I am looking for.

So, for example, suppose my filter list contains three characters, and 木 and 日. I want to find every word in my list that contains or 木 or 日. This is an inclusive word or – any word containing more than one of the characters in the filter list (such as or 曜) should also appear.

enter the description of the image here

Until now, my formula works with a single character to filter:

=QUERY(Sheet1!$A$1:$A$44492, "SELECT A WHERE A LIKE '%"&A2&"%'")

However, I tried to extend it to a beach and it does not work:

=QUERY(Sheet1!$A$1:$A$44492, "SELECT A WHERE A LIKE '%"&A2:A4&"%'")

It only filters the words containing the first character ,.

Is it possible to filter the whole list according to all the elements of my list? And to be clear, I want it to be dynamic, to be able to insert as many filter characters as I want in the list, rather than base it on an exact number of filter characters.

Registering URLs after the URI in the All Data view of Google Analytics?

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google search – AMP-page link to a redirected page

I have recently changed the URLs of my articles and they are now redirected to the new URL format. However, the AMP equivalent version of these articles rel = "canonical" The tag always returns to the old version of the URL (now a 301 page).

Is it correct?

This is to say , can $SOME_URL to be a redirected page?

How can I display a topic at the top of messages in a Google Group?

How can I display a topic at the top of messages in a Google Group?

The action menu used to include an item for this one.

enter the description of the image here