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google sheets – Is it possible to define different formulas for several tracks at the same time?

In my question, is there a way to set different values ​​for multiple ranges at the same time ?, I've discovered how to set different values ​​on non-contiguous cells at the same time, and we've developed a good answer in this regard.

Now, I would like to define several different formulas on non-contiguous cells at the same time, but there is a problem. Unlike parameter values, the array containing the formulas replaces the values ​​and clears the entire range of targets.

My test data:

 | B  |   C    |  D  |
2|   2|       5|    8|
3|   3|       6|    9|
4|   4|       7|   10|
5|   9|kitty   |puppy|
6|fawn|duckling|joey |

Here is my test code:

  var testSheet = spreadSheet.getSheetByName("Tests");

  function testSetFormulas() {
    var cell = testSheet.getRange("B5:D6");
    var formulas = cell.getFormulas();

    formulas(0)(0) = "=SUM(B2:B4)";
    formulas(1)(1) = "=AVERAGE(C2:C4)";


If I put the string (not a formula) kitty in cell C5, this code blows that far.

I just want to define the formulas for B5 and C6 without side effects.

I've tried to define a table member for C5 to value "kitty". I have also tried null and undefined and "".

formulas(0)(1) = "kitty";
formulas(0)(1) = null;
formulas(0)(1) = undefined;
formulas(0)(1) = "";

Each approach always blows the content of C5 if C5 just contains a value, not a formula. (He respects the existing formulas)

Is there a way to write multiple formulas at once without replacing existing values ​​in cells that do not need formulas that I want to leave alone?

seo – Screen capture of the scanned page is empty in the Google Search Console

Thanks to this number, I found a way to solve it

It seems that angular.io is no longer indexed

Angular can be indexed by Googlebot without using server side
make way.

How to debug

add the following code to your index.html, then open Google Search Console the crawler.

you can debug by the error message that the user agent is GoogleBot


window.addEventListener('error', function(e) {
    var errorText = (
        // key point of debug
        'UserAgent: ' + navigator.userAgent ,
        'URL: ' + e.filename,
        'Line: ' + e.lineno + ', Column: ' + e.colno,
        'Stack: ' + (e.error && e.error.stack || '(no stack trace)')

    // Example: log errors as visual output into the host page.
    // Note: you probably don’t want to show such errors to users, or
    //       have the errors get indexed by Googlebot; however, it may
    //       be a useful feature while actively debugging the page.
    var DOM_ID = 'rendering-debug-pre';
    if (!document.getElementById(DOM_ID)) {
        var log = document.createElement('pre');
        log.id = DOM_ID;
        log.style.whiteSpace = 'pre-wrap';
        log.textContent = errorText;
        if (!document.body) document.body = document.createElement('body');
        document.body.insertBefore(log, document.body.firstChild);
    } else {
        document.getElementById(DOM_ID).textContent += 'nn' + errorText;

    // Example: log the error to remote service.
    // Note: you can log errors to a remote service, to understand
    //       and monitor the types of errors encountered by regular users,
    //       Googlebot, and other crawlers.
    var client = new XMLHttpRequest();
    client.open('POST', 'https://example.com/logError');
    client.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'text/plain;charset=UTF-8');


Possible reasons

1. Unused Polyfill


uncomment the following line under
/** IE9, IE10 and IE11 requires all of the following polyfills. **/:

2. Upgrading to the latest angular version

it is easier to identify possible problems


What is Google Search?

Hello friends,

What is Google Search?


What is Google Search?

Hello friends,

What is Google Search?

How to draw longitude and latitude on Google Maps?

There is a site named mapfrappe.com which offered this feature of drawing longitudes and latitudes on Google Maps (you tap a point on maps and longitudes and latitudes are automatically plotted). This feature helps me a lot because I sometimes need to know which places are at the same latitude or longitude.

Site services are down and can not be resumed. So, how can I draw latitudes and longitudes on Google Maps or any other map?

google – Both Http & Https are displayed in SERP

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Google search console error: indexed, although blocked by robots.txt

I've used shared hosting in the past and everything was fine. But when I switched to a google search console (Digital Ocean), VPS (Digital Ocean) gives this error: "I … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t = 1786978 & goto = NewPost

Google Sheets: How do you predict numbers every month in a non-linear range?

Here is the example of Google spreadsheet that everyone can edit:


And I need to work with blank / unknown cells or a formula to fill cells according to those available.

This is the closest answer I've found so far, but I can not get the formula / code to work:

How to interpolate data in a range in Google Sheets

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