How do you delete documents for good on Google Docs?

I have documents on Google Docs that I either don’t want or need. However, when I delete them, leave the site, and then return, they’re still there, like I haven’t deleted them at all. If you know the answer to this problem, please send me it. Thanks.

Is Google Chrome Having Security Issues?

Hey guys just wanted some feed back… over that last few weeks I thought my laptop was getting a little buggy or malware/virus which would be shocking as I pretty much keep my antivirus software up to date.

Then I realize that Google Chrome appeared to keep freezing in the middle of some of my blog projects while online, didn’t think anything of it the first time but then it happened a few more times. I stumbled upon an article from Forbes this morning indicating Google was having security issues with Chrome.

I tried a complete uninstall, cleaned my temp files and data base but still experience a one off issue about a day or two ago.

Is anyone else having issues with Google Chrome as of late?


Convert columns of ISO 8601 strings to dates in Google Sheets

I’m pulling data to my sheet from an API using an ImportJSON function. The data array contains mixed data, including several columns of ISO 8601 date strings in UTC. For example:


Google Sheets doesn’t apparently recognize these as dates, or at least applying a date format to these columns doesn’t do anything. Can I wrap a formula around the ImportJSON function that would parse certain columns to format the date and time properly?

upload image error "An Ajax http request terminated abnormally.." on Google Chrome [closed]

My website i use Drupal 7.69

I use Google Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)

when upload image it’s show

And click “Remove”

But i use Safari not have error.

router – New gateway results in Google and Amazon security lockout, “device not recognized”

The cable company recently replaced my old gateway/wireless router. After the new gateway was installed (a “Touchstone TG1682G Telephony Gateway”, if it matters), both Google and Amazon required additional verification before I could log in to my accounts on their websites. Google gave me a message that my device was unknown or could not be verified and required that I either provide a backup email or phone to receive a confirmation code before proceeding. Amazon required me to enter an emailed code. AOL didn’t seem to notice or care.

But my actual device that I was using to connect to these websites has not changed. It is the same computer I have always used. My IP address probably changed with the new gateway, but the cable company has always assigned new IP addresses several times per year and it has never triggered a security lockout by Google or Amazon. Previously I would get the occasional e-mail notification that a sign-in was made on a new device (either “Linux” or “Windows” depending on which OS I was using), but nothing was ever triggered by getting a new IP.

Based on my understanding of a similar question asked on Quora it would be highly irregular if my router hardware were known to websites.

What about the installation of a new gateway could trigger account lockout protocols for Google and Amazon? Does anyone know what might be going on here?

How to view Google Books previews on mobile device (Android or iOS)?

If you try to preview a book on from an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet, it’s basically impossible. You cannot zoom in to read the text. For example:

enter image description here

There is a Google Play Books app which is just a regular e-reader; it doesn’t seem to let you view Google Books previews.

Am I missing something or am I stuck waiting until I can get to a desktop OS in order to preview a book?

google search – Why my site is not indexed

When I tried to search with I got only the below 4 results!

enter image description here

I am facing this issue 2 months ago and I can’t trace my issue and there’s no error in the search console! (only excluded URLs (not post URL))
Could you please help me to know why my site is not indexed in google?

P.S: I am not facing the same issue in bing and yahoo only in google!

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game maker – When updating app from Google Play will the app data be deleted?

My question is pretty simple.

I developed a game, uploaded it on the store. In order to keep player level record and UI prefs it writes an ini file.

When the next update is up on the store and the users will update will they lose their progress? Will the file be deleted?


google sheets – How to change cell format on ImportHTML Function

I’ve used the ImportHTML function to scrape play-by-play information from Basketball Reference.

I am using a Vlookup to create a rating system based on time, point different, and several other factors.

I realized the TIME vlookup isn’t reading correctly, but the formula is exactly how it should be (I’ve tested it, and it works fine when I type in the info manually). It only doesn’t work on the time that is coming from my ImportHTML.

I can’t get the format to match – I’ve tried every format option on both my vlookup & the data, and tried forcing it with the TEXT function (might of not done that correctly).

I’m at an absolute stand-still at this point — has anyone experienced anything similar?

Other ways to force a format change on imported data? or another way to correctly pull the values from a range of times? I’ve tried the Lookup function as well.

For Reference:


upper lower bounds