Google Mobile First Indxex

This week, we received an email through our Google Webmaster account, stating that our website is now indexed with the help of the Mobile First index. Although I appreciate the idea that smartphone compatibility is a ranking factor for some time, does anyone have any idea of ​​how this new index will affect (or not) classification?

How to scratch the Google search engine for hyperlinks or anchor text point target


I hit my head on how to get there ..

Anyone can help?

How can I scrape Google for this:

for example, I want to search for a site that links to

How can I get there?

The site "":

It worked well and still works some, but Google has made it much harder to find backlinks these days. You can use a paid tool as majestic of course.

but you can also get a free moz API and reach the limit of 1,000 allowed by moz using the Checker Backlink addon.

I've checked your videos and tried the merge stuff .. it can find backlinks but only a few .. why so? hmmm

tried majestic but it only shows visible links .. i am looking for alinks that majestic / ahrefs blocks

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Google Chrome update | Shop Builders Forum

Important to know

Sure October 27, a new version of Google Chrome will be released, which will visibly identify any site without an SSL certificate as "unsafe" in the navigation bar.

This change will affect you if your website contains input fields, asks for passwords or other sensitive data, or if it is visited in incognito mode.

This means it's more important than ever to get your SSL certificate and secure your website if you want to avoid running away from customers.

Google search syntax to find expressions while excluding domains for search results

I'm trying to search on Google for:

"Alba Beta" + "Charlie Delta" -excluding (, -excluding (

What I am trying to do here is to find results containing the phrase "Alpha Beta" and separately the sentence "Charlie Delta", and to exclude search results from and

What would be the correct syntax for this?


it looks like google its running a huge update these days


algoro and mozcast and showing a very heavy movement on the serps

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What is Google Web Search ..?

Hello friends,

What is Google Web Search ..?

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Screen capture 2017-01-03 11.20.23.png

The new Google Killer has arrived?!?!


do you think it's a google killer.


I just read about this search engine here: