how to transfer app data from any android to any android without using google’s servers?

I want to transfer all apps from one android phone to another android phone, and I want to keep all app data (i.e. keep access to the account), not install them from scratch, but without using Google’s service.

From Android 8.0 to Android 10, possibly without root.

What options are available?


usb drivers – How do I fully uninstall Google’s Android ADB?

1 Week ago, I installed Google’s ADB Drivers. However, now one of my USB devices is malfunctioning. I deleted the folder and removed it from System Variables but the problem is still happening. Please can someone inform me about how to fully uninstall the drivers which will hopefully fix my problem?

seo – Google’s priority on “My Business” vs Local Business Structured Data

There are at least two ways for providing rich data about business to Google:

  • Using Google My Business: comes with a convenient web UI and is officially run by Google
  • Using Google Structured Data: meta-data embedded in the site’s source code which can provide data about the business

Both are ways to let the so called Rich Cards show up when you search for a business.

Is there a known preference of one way over the other when Google displays business data?

This answer suggests that Google only uses structured data when it’s for big brands. But it doesn’t really go into detail for the case when a web service provides information for many small business – therefore the individual business are small but the web platform is big. Is there any known experience with this type of web service and its attention paid by Google?

Is it possible to use Google’s display ad platform to only display ads on a particular page of a particular site?

Using Google’s display ad platform (ad sense), is it possible to only display ads on a particular page of a particular site, as long as that particular page is already serving ads through Google’s display ad platform.

EG. Could i configure the ad to only be served on the page but no other pages.

email – How to configure Google’s Gmail web-app client to use arrow keys as keyboard shortcuts?

I am one of the few fortunate people in the world to have one of those fancy new keyboards with arrow keys. You too? Amazing!

Apparently, the developers at Google still treat us like we are all still using the ADM-3A terminal.

The wonderfully adorable ADM-3A terminal

Given that we’re actually using technology that was developed this century, how do we get Google’s Gmail web-app to adapt to the wonders of the modern world? Specifically, how can one configure the Gmail web-app to use the arrow keys to go to the previous/next email conversation?

Does “Visited ” shown on Google’s My Activity mean that the app has been installed?

My minor child has ‘visited <name of app>‘ in her Google’s My Activity from the Google Play Store multiple times. Does this mean she has/had the app?

She recently got a new phone and was setting it up from her old phone.

This is the actual activity:

Google Play Store
Visited Reddit
Mar 12, 2019, 5:52:48 PM EDT

Google Play Store
Visited Plenty of Fish Free Dating App
Mar 12, 2019, 5:52:48 PM EDT

Google Play Store
Visited Plenty of Fish Free Dating App
Mar 12, 2019, 5:52:37 PM EDT

Google Play Store
Visited Twitter
Mar 12, 2019, 5:52:25 PM EDT

photos – Apps which support Google’s motion pictures

Google Camera can take “motion pictures”, pictures in which a quick video is taken with the photo.

Apart from Google Photos, what other apps support viewing them? I’m particularly interested in an alternative gallery app, that doesn’t sync to Google or syncs to NextCloud.

Additionally, is there a format or specification for these files?

Site was hacked months ago. How do i remove created pages from googles listings

While I am a firm believer of a 410 over a 404 error response, this is highly dependent upon Google actually visiting each page one at a time. If your site does not enjoy frequent visitations from Googlebot as a result of being considered a highly fresh and trendy site, then this would mean that it could take quite some time for Google to find each page before removing them.

When a site is hacked, it is often quite impossible that each URL be removed using the Remove URL option in Google Search Console though this remains an option with limitations of course. More on this later.

One potentially faster option is to use the robots.txt file.

Google will visit the robots.txt each time it visits your site providing that it has not fetched a fresh copy of the robots.txt file within 24 hours. This is seen as a reasonable compromise to fetching the robots.txt file each time Google visits or fetching the robots.txt too infrequently. Prior, there was no standard for this and there were always detractors for either reading the robots.txt file too frequently or not frequently enough. Yes. Sometimes Google cannot win.

When the robots.txt is fetched, it is saved within the index and applied as Googlebot goes about it’s business. However, there is also a process that applies regular expressions (regex) rules easily derived from the rules found within the robots.txt and removes URLs and pages found within the index. This is not done immediately, likely to avoid short-term mistakes made by the webmaster, however, because robots.txt is taken very seriously as pivotal rules mechanism for well behaved robots, Google will apply it fairly quickly. It may still take days or weeks, however, it is done in bulk.

For this reason, the robots.txt is often the fastest way to remove URLs providing that they can be specified by a pattern. While not every search engine treats the robots.txt directives equally, fortunately, Google does allow wildcards giving you a serious advantage.

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /glpkvn*/

According to page: under Pattern-matching rules to streamline your robots.txt code, you will see a similar example.

Google does not guarantee that the URLs will be removed and states that it will take some time to remove the URLs.

However, it has been my experience that this method works and works faster than waiting for Google to fetch each page one at a time.

One warning. If you do block Google from fetching these pages via the robots.txt file, Google will not see a 404 or 410 error for the page. You have to choose one method or another. Google does recommend using the Google Search Console to remove URLs.

I prefer to wait for Google to remove pages naturally using a 404. A 410 error is faster since each 404 is retested several times before removing. However, given that your site has been hacked and these pages remain within the search results, it may be wise to attempt to remove the pages using another method. I have personally removed pages in bulk using this method though it was a couple of years ago. Which one you use is up to you.

seo – Google’s Inspect URL shows incorrect source code and screenshots for my page’s “Google Index” and also in “Live Test”

When I used the URL Inspection Tool in Google Search Console, The index shows the wrong information as shown below:

Different source code is shown:

enter image description here

enter image description here

The screenshot of the website too different.

The search result of a page appeared in google:

enter image description here

I couldn’t understand the problem. Please help me to find the problem and fix it.

samsung – Google’s phone app does not ring on incoming calls

I tried installing the Phone app by Google. For some reason it would not make a ringtone, even though my phone had it’s volume turned on and wasn’t on do-not-disturb. Going back to my stock phone fixed the problem, but I would like to use Google’s for the spam filter. Any idea how to fix the problem of it not ringing? I have a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Even stranger, when I tried to call someone’s phone, their phone did not make any noise.