What do you think of Nancy Pelosi's decision not to have a state of the Union during the closure of the government?

Some Democrats did not want to reelect Pelosi to the presidency. They thought that she was too old, that she represented the former Democratic Party. They wanted fresh blood.

But Pelosi is very very politically savvy! I think it was a brilliant shot! You want to close the government? Ok, we will stop your SOTU. Brilliant!

For years, Republicans have wanted to think that politics does not require any real skill. They elected GW Bush's president after serving half a governorship in a "weak governor state" where the governor is only a main character. And he was completely incompetent. They hired Trump based on nothing but attitude and self-confidence, and his administration is a slum. Pelosi would have made a better president than one or the other because she KNOWS WHAT IT DID!


maui – How can I book to see the sunrise in Haleakala, if the closure of the federal government hampers online bookings?

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Is North Korea a better place to live than Canada, because under a communist government, food, education, housing and employment?

North Korea is also sentenced to death by almost the entire planet, while Canada is free to trade with anyone. It does not matter the quality of your economic system if sanctions strangle you to death. The only reason the United States is wealthy is because they have so much control over foreign markets. In the United States, most of the products you buy have been made from a long production process spread all over the world, from forced labor in Africa to sweatshops in Asia. The United States would not be an economic giant if it was isolating itself from foreign trade.

North Korea is even worse than most countries. In the United States, for example, the country is so vast that, if they adopted isolationism in their own right, they might not be wealthy, but could manage decently enough with the sole sources of their own country. It was the same in the USSR, where the world tried to condemn them to death, like North Korea, but their landmass was so huge that they managed to strengthen their forces productive and have become the second largest economy in the world. own.

You can not really do that in North Korea. Most of the land is mountainous and it is almost impossible to produce food. Stable development is impossible if people are starving. So they spent most of their development finding ways to feed them. The fact that the United States constantly plays war games on their border has not helped, which forces them to spend a lot of the little money they have on the money. The army as a deterrent.

It is not disputable that these conditions result directly from sanctions, with North Korea experiencing economic growth as fast as South Korea. The United States punished them for a long time, but the usual sanctions did not matter because they could simply trade with the USSR. After the dissolution of the USSR, they found themselves isolated in a sea of ​​capitalist countries that did not want to trade with them. Their economy suffered a considerable slowdown and was immediately hit by horrible weather conditions, which also resulted in a massive famine.

Even Russia and China have joined these sanctions now. North Korea is forced to build a fully self-sustaining economy from scratch on land that is difficult to exploit. It's amazing that they have managed to accomplish anything.


United States – Will the closure of the US government affect my two-hour stops in Los Angeles and Atlanta?

I am an Australian flying from Brisbane Australia to Bogota Colombia. I have two stops en route on Saturday 19th – one in Los Angeles, the next in Atlanta. Both are only 2 hours.

Because the flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta is domestic, I have to go through customs and immigration in Los Angeles and then back to Atlanta. I understand that 2 hours are possible (I only take cabin baggage), but I cut them well.

Should I fear that the closure of the US government will create further delays?

How do you suggest ending this ridiculous and useless decision of the government?

It can end at any time either in the Dems cave and give Trump his wall OR in the Trump caves and give up on the wall. Nor do I see it as particularly likely in the near future.

I think if the stop really needs to be lifted, it's Mitch McConnell who can do it. He's smart, but cowardly stayed out of things. I think that he could negotiate an agreement between the two parties … it would be a deal that Trump mainly loses, but can allow him to save face. Maybe a moderate extension of the existing checkpoint walls in exchange for DACA?

I do not think Trump or Pelosi can afford to be the one proposing this deal for political reasons.


[ Politics ] Open question: Who said, "I am proud to stop the government. I'll take the coat. I will be the only one to close it. I will not blame you "?

and to whom did he say that? .

Mining Theory – How to know that the majority of Bitcoin miners are not XYZ government facilities?

Your answer is incentives.

Imagine that a villain, called Mallory, has an interest in attacking Bitcoin and that he has created himself or wants to create 51% of the hash power needed to launch shenanigans. (beginningbecause it must maintain and develop this hash power long enough to overcome the "good ones.")

To begin with, there is no technical or legal way to prove that Mallory did not obtain, or can not obtain, that figure of 51%, nor is there a technical or legal way to prove that Mallory did not obtain, or can not obtain, nuclear devices. the world to ransom as a villain of James Bond.

Instead, you rely on incentives. Assuming Mallory has spent $ 1 billion to gather his forces, one must ask: would it be logical to destroy Bitcoin? If he does, his billion dollars is lost. He may be counting $ 1.1 billion out of the chaos, and the cost – for him – is worth it. The cost is now so high that even Mallory stops and thinks "Hey – I'm securing $ 0.1 billion a year by securing the network." It's actually more cost-effective to continue doing it even if I'm a bad guy. "

It should also be noted that its 51% only allows it to double the expenses it has already spent.

You specifically suggested that Mallory be a government. We can look again at the incentives above: if its interest is to destroy Bitcoin as an alternative, it will quickly encounter problems: everyone will quickly know that the 51% have been reached and therefore everyone will know that Someone & # 39; a (Mallory will probably not show up) Its mineral resources were previously unknown. Perhaps a more effective SHA removal algorithm. Even if Bitcoin itself is thrown into the ground by it, alternative algorithms can be set up so that a Bitcoin2 is immune to its attack. So: Mallory has now spent huge amounts of resources, revealed something that might interest his existing opponents (that he has a way to crack an encryption algorithm that they use) AND s & # 39; 39; is found in step 1: Bitcoin2 is running and go without him. Which attacker deliberately aggravates his own position?

Prior Authorization and Closure of the Federal Government

Does anyone know how pre-clearance facilities at airports like Abu Dhabi are affected by the closures of the US government? Is it still worth reserving to go through these facilities in the coming days?

usa – Does the closure of the US government in 2018-2019 affect travel to and from the United States?

My grandparents bought a flight on United Airlines that will depart on February 10, 2019, as the same ticket, from Toronto to ORD with a 55-minute stopover, then from Maui. Please send me a ping request if I have to publish their return flight on February 24th. This answer advises:

There should be no customs and immigration formalities at the DSB because YYZ is a pre-clearance airport, and CBP matters will be dealt with in Toronto.

  1. I guess the closing of the federal government in 2018-19 persists during their vacation in Maui.

  2. On January 22, 2019, the NY Times reported the refusal of some TSA agents to work.

  3. Will the air traffic controllers refuse to work or any other federal employee who may travel to the United States?

Government shutdown: TLS certificates not renewed, many websites are down !!

Government shutdown: TLS certificates not renewed, many websites are down !! | Talk Web Hosting

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  1. * Government shutdown: TLS certificates not renewed, many websites are down !!

    More than 80 TLS certificates used by US government websites have expired to date without being renewed, leaving some websites inaccessible to the public.More…

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