Did Hope Hicks just stab Trump by testifying in front of Congress that Trump was serious about the dirt of a foreign government over his opponents? Treason?

Hey Do you remember when, for 2 years, did you expect Mueller to find Trump's collusion with Russia?

So remember when Manafort was charged, did you expect Trump to turn on?

So remember when Cohen was going to light Trump and bury him?

You need to overcome this nonsense to assume that Trump is guilty of various things, Hope is not going to stab him in the back because he has done nothing wrong.


[ Other – Politics & Government ] Open question: Trump bashers, did you see Yahoo! news this morning?

20,000 followers inside the room. about 100,000 people outside the room. The crowd began to chant "CNN, it's bad". CNN cut off the live distribution that they ran. .

AOC now wants the federal government to pay money for abortion. Do you agree with her?

I read this somewhere … "All those who support abortion are already born" …

No, I do not agree with this idiot. This moron says that it's immoral to have babies because the world will end in 12 years, wants abortion to be paid in federal dollars … and also wants as many as millions of Hispanic-clandestine immigrants flood America and abolish ICE.

Left is almost open to decimating American citizens through perverse policies favoring low birth rates and replacing them with immigrants who resemble them.

By the way, is not she a practicing Catholic? I saw him a picture with ashes on his forehead on Ash Wednesday. The Catholic Church should deny her communion if she openly supports abortion


Why did Trump make a big deal of "non-collusion" for two years and now say that he would be hearing from a foreign government, it does not matter?

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