partitioning – Can not open Gparted in Ubuntu 19.04 via GUI and via Terminal

Unable to open GParted via GUI and Terminal, in terminal i, gparted was running and the error below was displayed.

asool @ find: ~ $ sudo gparted
The tmp.mount unit does not exist and continues anyway.
/ usr / sbin / gpartedbin: symbol search error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: _ZN4Glib17SignalProxyNormal13connect_impl_EbON4sigc9slot_baseEb

partitioning – How to add unallocated space to an encrypted partition (with Gparted help)

Sorry if it's a duplicate, but I think I have not seen this exact situation on askubuntu yet. I have an encrypted partition on a VPS running Ubuntu 18.04 that I would like to enlarge. I also have an unallocated space. However, using Gparted, I can not resize the partition. What can I do to solve this problem?


enter the description of the image here

gparted – Disabling RAID for Personal Computers

I've inherited the work of several server hard disks out of order. At home, I connected them to my PC, but it seems that both systems are enabled with RAID, because I can not seem to dissociate them in GParted for use as separate storage.

Is it possible for me to disable RAID between these two hard drives without having their original server? I've tried formatting one with ext4 and the other with NTFS, but even that does not seem to separate them.

In this screen capture, /dev/sda/ is my first hard drive and /dev/sdb/ is my second hard drive.

What I see in GParted

gparted – I want to part with my used hard drive

Can I share my used hard drive?

I reported with this command: sudo fdisk -l

Dispositivo Inicio  Comienzo     Final  Sectores Tamaño Id Tipo
/dev/sda1   *           2048   1050623   1048576   512M ef EFI (FAT-12/16/32)
/dev/sda2            1052670 976771071 975718402 465.3G  5 Extendida
/dev/sda5          964397056 976771071  12374016   5.9G 82 Linux swap / Solaris
/dev/sda6            1052672 964397055 963344384 459.4G 83 Linux

La partición 2 no empieza en el límite del sector físico.
Las entradas de la tabla de particiones no están en el orden del disco.

can not I resize my drive, why?enter the description of the image here

virtualbox – How to use gparted to allocate unallocated space from a vbox dynamic drive

I use VirtualBox with an Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine on OS X High Sierra. I've increased the size of my dynamic storage and restarted the virtual machine with the help of a live iso and ran gparted.

gparted output

The two partitions that offer resizing when you right-click are / dev / sda1 and / dev / sda5, but the available space is not equal to the unallocated space … they are as follows:


enter the description of the image here

How to use the unallocated 40G space? An answer (1054352) first indicates increasing the size of the extended partition, but mine (sda2) does not have this option.

linux – GParted detects 4 partitions instead of 1?

So, I want to use my second hard drive for Arch Linux and as a storage for my Windows 10 installation. My second hard drive contains only one partition (as shown by the Windows 10 Disk Management Utility) and that is where all my files are. I wanted to use GParted to cut the start and use it for Linux, but when I started my USB drive, here is what I saw:
What is it?
So, it looks like I have a tiny partition with the label that Windows uses for the only partition, then a normal partition, an unknown and 1 MB of unallocated space?
In addition, I can not resize them because there are yellow triangles (can not read the contents of this filesystem) …
My 1st hard drive (okay, it's an SSD but it does not matter rn.) Seems to work well here ..
I've tried using the terminal to find out what's going on and well … look!

user @ debian: / $ cd mnt /
user @ debian: / mnt $ ls / dev / sdb *
/ dev / sdb / dev / sdb1
user @ debian: / mnt $ sudo mkdir sdb1
user @ debian: / mnt $ sudo ntfs-3g / dev / sdb1 / mnt / sdb1 /
user @ debian: / mnt $ cd sdb1 /

And surprisingly, sdb1 had all the files of the partition that Windows 10 sees (1tb), and there was no sdb2, nor sdb3 in / dev …
Can someone help me fix it and eventually resize my score?
(I've tried: chkdsk / f (on the good drive, ofc.), But no luck)

How to repair grub after an unsuccessful gparted delay? Use boot repair?

I have two Ubuntu, version 18.04, each installed on different hard drives. One of them is a spare part. I noticed that my memory was saturated on the main memory and I decided to extend the partition with gParted with another one. I did it before and everything was fine. But this time, something went wrong and the main thing stopped working. Then I decided to fix it with the help of another boot-reapir. This did not solve the problem either. In the boot-reapir program, it was said to save the log and ask if something was wrong, which I am doing. How to solve this problem?

This is the log file

On its windows installed. On sdb I have an archive where the last sections of sdb3 sdb4 belong to ubuntu (An important detail on sdb3 is mounted /, and on sdb4 is mounted / home). On sdc, my backup ubuntu that works and with which I write this message. It should correct Ubuntu on sdb.

PS As you can see, each operating system boot loader is on its own disk and does not interfere with the other.

PSS I am not very sure of the tags, which is better to use here?

Gparted -Ubuntu uses all my disk and will not allow resizing. For double start

I've recently installed Ubuntu, I have it for Dual Boot. Windows is already installed on another drive.
For the installation, I used the whole disk and I erased it thinking to resize the main partition to create a new partition to free space for Extra. However, the partition in Gparted does not allow resizing and remains with the Keys image in front of the Ext4 partition.
It uses only 24.55 GB of 906 GB.
I have in the picture linked disabled swap.

Can not resize a partition with gparted

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boot – Problem of extending root space with gparted (and bootloader)

I have both windows and Ubuntu installed on my computer, and I want to extend my Ubuntu root space, but I have some complicated problems, here is the picture:
My boot location

As you can see, my startup is installed with my Windows startup.
On the other hand, my ubuntu is installed on another disk and is shown here:

my Ubuntu site

I am new to Linux, since it is not LVM, I think I should resize my root by Gparted liveCD, removing dev / sdb3 and resizing the root to include unallocated space, but:

1) I do not know if removing / dev / sdb3 / with the label "boot, esp" will be a problem.

2) Since the boot loader is on another drive, will I lose the boot loader?

3) I've checked the existing post in askubuntu and here
Why do I see a lock in addition to the partition I'm trying to edit with gparted? he said that resizing the disk space in gparted is enough and that just restart, but in another post, for example Extend the root partition with unallocated space on the left, it is necessary to rebuild the boot loader by myself, which is correct ??