licensing – Inserting a GPL code snippet into a Creative Commons document

What I have to do is blog about my own code. I already use github for my experiments and publish the code usually on GPL3. My wish is to write blog pages with code snippets of GPL3 projects. For example: write my thoughts / experiences and examples of raw code on the post, then publish the final result on github as GPL3.

Which license should I use for my blog posts? I would like to use one of the Creative Commons licenses (in favor of CC Attribution). I know that CC Share Alike v4 is compatible with GPL3 but I do not understand if this is the case in my particular case.

Thank you.

License – Can I use GPL libraries in plugins without infecting a commercial application host?

I am quite confused about the obligations of GPL libraries in the context of plugin-based software.

Suppose I want to distribute and sell a plug-in application as a closed source, providing users with a set of closed source plug-ins.

Here's the thing, if the plugin framework and the main plugins do not use GPL repositories and assuming they do not violate the terms of the license agreement possible deposits should not be required to open code.

Now here's my question … what will happen if some of the plugins (created by the company or the users) use GPL dependencies … Would GPL dependencies only affect the plugin or plugins? would also infect the host and other closed source plugins?

Common sense suggests that only the source code of plugins using the GPL should be open, but since the GPL is viral and nasty, I'm not sure.

In fact, if this were the case (which would be crazy), as a user, you can invite companies to open the source code of a complete host application in case you add a plugin using the GPL code of a plugin for this host. you could not?

Hypothetical examples:

  • You have created a driver for Windows that uses the GPL code. Should Microsoft be forced to open the operating system?
  • You have created a plug-in for SublimeText / VisualStudio / 3dsMax / (regardless of the closed source plug-in software used here) that uses the GPL code. Would these companies be forced to open the hosts source code?

To summarize, could we specify here what kind of code the GPL libraries would infect directly / indirectly?

Ps. The reason I opened this thread is because I found this answer and that I found it quite confusing, especially the part where it says:

(b) If you are distributing your application and you have used something from GPL
as part of your application (even if you only bind when running to a
library – and even if you do not charge money – and even if you do
do not change this LPG in any way – then you MUST make the source

how would you interpret this statement?

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What happens if I use a library with a GPL license in a commercial product?

I'm starting a project involving OCR reading and I planned to use pytesseract that uses the GPLv3 license. I've tried to understand what the GPL license means exactly when it says "edit" but I'm still not sure. If I import and use the library, do I have to publish my GPL code?

In addition, what does the GPL license mean when it says distribute, if I write software and ask companies to check their data, distributes it?

Thank you very much for any help.

licensing – Is it mandatory to have a GPL licensed wordpress plugin?

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Licenses – Is a GPL library for MATLAB considered free software?

The term "free software" (especially when used as a synonym for free and open source software, FOSS) generally refers to the terms of the software license agreement itself, it does not depend on the flat necessary form for the execution of a program. Otherwise, programs related to a commercial operating system such as Windows or iOS could never be called "free software". Since the GPL is a FOSS license, the answer is clearly yes, a GPL lib is free software, regardless of the platform required to use it.

Regardless of this, note that there is a free MATLAB clone called GNU Octave. If someone intends to write a free library that does not require any "non-free" software, it could make it compatible with GNU Octave under Linux. Nevertheless, to my knowledge, the freedom of a library does not depend on the availability of such a free platform.