2 tips on social media to keep in mind if you really want to grab the attention of your audience – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

1. Be less boring – People do not worry about boring things. Its social media, people come here to have fun and have fun.
Thinking of creative ways to market your products and generate traffic while being interesting is marketing! It starts with the title of your posts / blog links. Make sure that the public is obliged to read your messages. "6 social media marketing tips" can be improved to "do not miss these 6 tips when marketing on social media".
Often, being controversial can give you viral traffic. Give your opinion, create friction, stand out!

2. Aim for the face: images are more appealing, can give you instant sharing, viral traffic.
Do not forget Instagram and Pinterest in your checklist for social media marketing.

Grab the genius of our state-of-the-art cPanel Extended For WHMCS 3.7.0! | NewProxyLists

1. Extended cPanel for WHMCS 3.7.0

This week, to our delight, another well-known module from our WHMCS package has been a big step towards perfection. The conversation is all about extended cPanel for WHMCS and the many improvements that have enriched the new version 3.7.0 update.

From now on, you will certainly appreciate being given the opportunity to rename your PostgreSQL databases as good as change your users' passwords when such a need is felt.

But above all, the two new sections we have implemented in the most recent version the addition of very useful features, namely:

  • "Disk usage"Section – giving you control over the amount of disk space currently used.
  • "Delivery capacity by email"Section – helps you dramatically reduce the number of emails sent by your server that could later be treated as spam.

Do not take our speech for granted, as no amount of words can really do justice to the sheer ingenuity of all the additions implemented in the cPanel Extended For WHMCS 3.7.0. Therefore, we sincerely recommend to just give them a try and judge for yourself!

Learn more about cPanel Extended For WHMCS 3.7.0!

2 Would you like to see your favorite SMS gateway integrated into the SMS Center for WHMCS module, fully free and without additional effort?

Leave a note to our software development consultants and within two weeks of submitting the form, we will send you a completed project for you to enjoy! You must be quick though – this exclusive offer will soon be a thing of the past!

Keep one step ahead of the competition with your custom software!

3 MetricsCube – GARMTECH Case Study

Having trouble keeping track of all the data generated by your company based on WHMCS? Or maybe you need a hand to fill the information gaps that prevent your business from developing dynamically?

One thing is certain, you are not alone in this situation.

See for yourself by following the case study of GARMTECH, one of the leaders in web hosting in the Baltic Internet Service Providers market, which decided MetricsCube in their daily data monitoring strategies.

Immerse yourself in the full potential of GARMTECH success and let the founder, Max Korzhanoff, shed light on how to achieve the ultimate in success with an appropriate data analysis tool.

4 Our increasingly dynamic list of modules, with support for WHMCS V7.8, has recently welcomed new modules that are fully ready for use in this new environment, without any hitch:

More updates are coming so make sure to keep a watchful eye on our always reliable support list!

Do you need a bespoke software for your business?

We will specially tailor for you an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even an entirely new system built from scratch!

dnd 5th – Can you grab / push when you are affected by the Crown of Madness spell?

the crown of madness spell states:

The enchanted target must use his action before going to each of his tours make a melee attack against a creature other than the one you choose mentally …

I do not know if it is his own unique action that fate forces you to create, in the same way that class features that "use your action" are their own unique actions. Or if an affected creature can take all action as long as it includes a melee attack.

For example, the sections "Grappling" and "Shoving a Creature" indicate:

[Y] You can use the Attack action to perform a special melee attack, a grapple …
Using the Attack action, you can launch a special melee attack to push a creature …

Grapple / Push require specific actions but involve doing a melee attack, so my question is this:

If you are under the effects of crown of madness, can perform a fight / push by performing the action of attack, or is it true that the attack required by the spell is a clean and unique action?

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Can not install Avro to grab Bangla on Ubuntu 19.04

I created a modified avro package, where I dropped the ibus-qt4 dependence and loaded it into this app:


From there, I can conveniently install Avro on 19.04.

(However, Avro does not work for standard Ubuntu sessions with GNOME, but that's another problem.)

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Grab Links Problem

I want to seize these links with the data of the company:
I'm using "Grab Links while exploring a site"

Works well, but I only get $ 2200. Do you have a chance to get the 20,000 in full?

Domain registrar who is friendly towards Dynamic DNS? [********] Is not it … They just grab domains

Hi everybody,

I launch a free dynamic DNS service called Dynamix (https://dynamix.run).

My service allows anyone to "register" their own subdomains that come from many of my core domains. Thus, "url1.mydomain.com" may belong to the user "A" and "url2.mydomain.com" may belong to the user "B". obviously, [********] has received a complaint regarding one of the subdomains resolved by my service. They said that "urlxxxx.mydomain.com" was responsible for phishing attacks. Rather than contacting me about the situation, [********] seized all my domain and never said anything to me. I did not know that my domain was not working until I tried to access it directly. I then connected to my [********] account, and the domain was missing from my list of domains. I just paid for the renewal of the domain in question as well. Once I contacted them, they accused me of harboring phishing content that was not true and informed me that they had disabled all my domain (regarding to both legitimate sites and potential abusive sites).

My service simply resolves many subdomains and domains on many different servers. I do NOT host content resolved by these subdomains and I can not be held responsible for their content. My terms of service DO NOT allow content breaking the law, but I can not apply it because I do NOT host the content. My service only resolves DNS queries. All I can do is stop solving the subdomains in question, which would prevent phishing attacks and illegal content. However, I can only respond to abuse complaints if I receive them. If the domain registration office receives a complaint and does not mention it, I can not solve the problem. In addition, I do NOT agree that the domain registrar will seize my domain name and make it unusable due to a complaint that I have never received and that I have not received. Did not have the opportunity to solve it myself.

Does anyone know of domain name registrars that DO NOT attempt to control hosted content, will contact you in case of problems and give you time to deal with it? Honestly, a domain registrar does not have activity to take action when a complaint of abuse is received. It is at the host. Because dynamic DNS resolves the IP address of the server hosting the content, they must look up the address of that ISP or server and not a complaint to the domain registrar (which in this case my case has nothing to do with me). However, I would work totally with a domain registrar to resolve any type of complaint, but only if they tell me. Dynamix can also receive complaints of abuse via the main site.

Any free service is subject to abuse, but you do not close doors completely because of a few bad apples. You deal with rotten apples. There are many legitimate uses of Dynamic DNS. I use it myself for my personal home internet connection, which is why I started this service.