javascript – HackerRank Grading Students JS

Here is my solution to Grading Students courtesy of HackerRank. It passes all the cases. Since I did not found a solution using map I wonder if there is a better implementation.

const gradingStudents = (g) => {
    return => {
        let nextMultiple = nextMultipleOfFive(grade)
        if(grade > 37 && grade % 5){
            return (nextMultiple - grade >= 3) 
                ? grade 
                : grade + ( 5 - grade % 5)  
            return grade

photo editing – Underwater: Pure picture with color grading or separated layers?

As I really enjoy underwater photography, I am wondering how does one end up with a final image like the one I share bellow:


Original Image

After Edition:

After Edits


As Lightroom doesn’t have a Channel Mixer (which would be really helpful), I am wondering that the photographer is probably using Photoshop or GIMP. Here the photographer can copy a blue/green channel and convert it to red.

Then it can proceed to the Editings in Lightroom (which is already good for editing pictures at the surface, as one doesn’t looses the colors as underwater).

I know that Tint can also be used for photos less than 10m deep, but it is not the best alternative.

However, in this case, it seems that the photographer is using two separate layers and adds the people separately, so that he can get a darker background.

How does one end up with an image like the one shown above after effects?

Is this only pure picture and color grading?

Should I touch up Photoshop before color grading on Lightroom or vice versa?

Is there a difference if I do skin retouching for portrait or fashion photography for an image in Photoshop and then do color correction and calibration in Lightroom? Do I have to do this first and then import the image into Photoshop, or just doesn't it matter?

Need a Premiere PRO / Davinci Resolve Color Grading Expert

Looking for someone from a good color gradient to create a LUT for me.

I will give you a series of images (Before LUT and After LUT) and you will have to create a LUT based on it. The images will contain the full spectrum of colors, so you will have good examples to use.

Your LUT should produce the same result as the following photos.

Pay $ 10 for a single test table for Premiere PRO or Davince Resolve.

PM if you can do it.

after installation, the GSA grading software is not open in my RDP

I know its very high processor load, but I do not use public proxy and I use a proxy because GSA is not open in my RDP.

when I open GSA in my RDP is not open but when I check that my task manager is running, but after a few minutes, GSA is close in my task manager