proving great theta

How could I approach this equation?

$ 10n ^ 3 + 3n = Theta (n ^ 3) $

I know I have to solve Big $ O $ and big $ Omega $ but I do not know how to do that.
I am as far as

$ 10n ^ 3 + 3n <= c1n ^ 3 $

$ 0 <= c1n ^ 3 <= 10n ^ 3 + 3n <= c2n ^ 3 $

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Choice of a lens for a great depth of field and a short focal length

I have designed my own night vision system using a DVD player screen, electronic components, an 11.1vdc lipo battery, two camera mounting systems, a 2-7×32 rifle sight, a pvc coupler (for eye spacing), a CCTV camera and lens, and an IR LED Illuminator.

The lens is a C-mount 16mm CCTV lens of pentax cosmicar c31631pl c1614er. The camera is a digital camera day and night samsung scc-b2391.

Here is my problem. The configuration works. I'm able to display an image as expected, but I can not get the image to focus clearly on the scope reticle and the target. Also, I have a little fisheye effect. I suspect that a fixed focus and format mismatch (the camera is 1/3 of the super-HAD-CCD lens is 2/3 respectively) are to blame. Another question that I think could contribute is my lack of experience in setting up the auto iris, which has also been a struggle for me. It works all the time now without flickering or closing completely with the changing light. My previous configuration was able to get a sharp and focused image on both the reticle and the target. The problem was that the picture did not take enough screen. The 16mm closed-circuit television lens gives a beautiful image in full screen but not focused enough. How can I focus on both the reticle and the target? I know someone who knows how to set up photography equipment will tell me what to do.

UPDATE: I have now moved to a surveillance camera lens for F1.6 / 5-40mm mount security surveillance for Pelco This has solved 90% of my problems. I am sure that I still have room for improvement. Any additional information would be welcome.

dnd 5e – Does the multi-classification in Fighter give you a great armor control?

You do not miss anything. Multiclassing in a fighter plane only gives light and medium armor skills (as well as shields and simple and martial weapons). You will also have to take the Highly armored feat to gain control of heavy armor.

Curiously enough, although multiclasses in the cleric only give light and medium armor as well as shields, it also gives you full access to the cleric's domains, many of which allow for advanced armor control. He does not seem enough just that fighters do not understand that, but here it is.

Maybe the fighter was considered too attractive for a "dive" with a fighting style and a second wind also on the first level and extra features very interesting in the second and third. But these are just speculations. Whatever the reason, if you want to master the heavy armor of a fighter (or a paladin), you must take it as a first level course.

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