Group Dynamics – Social contract of flirtation in GN

I have participated and mainly organized a LARP in Switzerland for several years. This year, I have for the first time participated in a major GN project organized in Germany (Conquest of Mythodea, about 9000 people).

  • While there, one of our friends met another participant in the said LARP – actually one of the NPCs. It happened at a party before the event when people were not yet in character, that is, rather normal things that could happen at any music festival.

  • Later, while taking part in the real story of LARP, a sort of quest was distributed where the goal was essentially to make nice discussions / flirt with any other player. Regardless of the details of this quest (and how it might be considered complete or not), it made me think …

Is there a social contract / practice established on how the GN community handles flirtation or similar romantic advances?

Of course, LARP should be a fun experience for everyone. You would absolutely want to avoid creating situations in which players would feel uncomfortable (or worse) by unexpected advances. And although breaking the character is of course always an option to tell someone to stop, I wonder if there is no danger that people will feel "submissive" to pressures "in a certain role or a certain scene. Moreover, breaking the character is rather frowned upon in some circles and would probably be considered a measure of last resort …

I am looking for LNG responses with personal experience of this topic and / or established social contracts. Bonus points if the experience comes from the European / German LARP scene.

sharepoint online – SPO PowerShell – How to add an AD group as permission on a folder in the document library

I write a PS script to create a site with a documentation library. The document library will have many folders, each of which needs its permissions set through an AD group. I use PNP PowerShell, but I see no way to do it. I can assign SharePoint groups to folders, but I need to assign domain groups (AD groups). Looking for hours, any help is welcome!

javascript – How to resize a group in Phaser 3

In Phaser 2, we resize a simple by setting the scale property as explained in the documentation:

But there is no equivalent in Phaser v3.

The possible URL does not point anything. And if I do it:

this.enemies =;
this.enemies.scale.set(2, 2);

He throws:

 Phaser v3.19.0 (WebGL | Web Audio)
indexph.js:22 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'set' of undefined

What is the appropriate form to resize a group of sprites in Phaser 3?

User Management – What is the purpose of the group "wheel" on the FreeBSD operating system (FreeNAS)?

I am setting up a new server based on FreeNAS, a FreeBSD based operating system. The system has a group, wheel. I have a vague idea that system administrators need to be added to the group wheel, and that the group confers the ability to use su (Root). However, I do not find this written anywhere.

What is the purpose of the group wheel? When should I add my users? If you can direct me to a FreeBSD System Administrator manual that explains it, fine. Otherwise, ServerFault becomes this manual.

Can I control the power and the group on a flash to a pin with the help of a manual trigger?

… since the YN 560 IV can control other wireless flashes, can it also control and group the TT560 (Neewer) flash since it is currently connected to a wireless receiver?

No, he can not; all you can do is trigger the flash in sync.

The RF-603 II C, when used as a receiver, can not control power or group control. There is no way to communicate it with flash. An RF-605 transceiver can give group enable / disable control, but no remote power control.

In addition, the Neewer TT560 (which, like the Amazon Basics flash, is actually a renamed Godox TT560) is a single-pin flash with no built-in radio trigger. All that is attached to his foot can only communicate sync (fire). No other signal can be received by the flash because it does not have the pins to receive it. Your YN-560IV would behave in the same way as on an RF-603 II; its group / power can only be controlled via its internal radio transceiver.

If you want remote power / group control, you must stick to the YN-560III / IV / -660 / -560Li models, which also have a compatible built-in transceiver.

combinatory – selection of numbers in the group

What is the number of options to select 80 numbers in the group
{10.11 …. 99} With repetitions and whatever their order, each number that divides by 10 without residue is taken at least several times, as its tens digit (position of the decimal digit).

so i tried to do it with the formula without repetition and no matter the order
( $ {n choose k} $ )

but the second part, I did not understand how to calculate (each number that divides by 10 without residue is taken at least several times, like its tens digit (position of the decimal digit).

Thank you;

Setting group permissions

I have a lot of users and two groups. Some of them are members of group1 and others are members of group2. I want to allow group 1 to access all directories and group 2 to access specific directories. I did some research but I could not fix it. How can I do that?

Thank you.

csom – Access denied to the list after granting permissions to a group in a list

After granting View / Add / Edit / Open / Delete ListItems to a group on a list, users in the group always have access denied while attempting to access the list.
Here is the code I used to grant permissions:

var group = clientContext.Web.SiteGroups.GetById(id);   

 BasePermissions permissions = new BasePermissions();

 RoleDefinitionCreationInformation rdcInfo = new 
 rdcInfo.Name = "roleDefName";
 rdcInfo.Description = "Description";
 rdcInfo.BasePermissions = permissions;
 RoleDefinition roleDefinition = 

 RoleDefinitionBindingCollection RoleDefinitionBindingColl = new 

 List targetList = web.Lists.GetByTitle(listTitle);
 targetList.BreakRoleInheritance(true, false);
 RoleAssignmentCollection collRoleAssign = targetList.RoleAssignments;
 RoleAssignment rollAssign = collRoleAssign.Add(group, 

 web.RoleAssignments.Add(group, RoleDefinitionBindingColl);

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customization – Any application launcher that allows you to group applications instead of folders or tabs

Everyone, is there a launcher that allows to create groups of applications using dividers or something in the application drawer? I am aware that we can use folders or tabs, but I want to display multiple groups of applications at once in the application drawer. I currently use Nova Launcher. I've tried Apex, Poco, Microsoft Launcher and others, but they do not seem to have this feature. I also found that some launchers offered intelligent sorting, but again, they came in different groups on different tabs. All pointers would be appreciated.