When importing a wallet from private key or seed phrase, how do you guess the correct address format

I am building a bitcoin wallet, i can derive addresses using the derivation paths. how do i determine the derivation path for the seed when importing it.

brute force – is it possible to guess cvv code from payment number and expiration dates?

If I am not mistaken, the visa is easy to guess, right?

Let's say that if I have 100,000 credit card numbers and expiration dates, it is possible to make 5 assumptions daily.

All cards with 5 the same payment gateway / API and cards will not be blocked due to multiple attempts?

If yes, it is possible to create around 10 APIs and check them with 50 cvv attempts per day.

So, in the end, we get all the cvv codes of 100,000 cards in 20 days (50 assumptions 000-001-002 daily)?

So I guess most people in the medical field are liberals?

Although I have never seen a Gallup poll or any other addressing this issue; I am left to my 30s in health care to answer this question. I would say nationally it's 60/40 conservative, but with a few caveats. For example, I believe that most people in health care support one type of health insurance for all. But would not support patients who do not take care of themselves using the benefits. They would support the right to end their lives, but would not support abortion. They would support medical marijuana, but not legalize the pot. So it's a bit complicated.

Is PR still valid in 2020? I guess we need DA and PA instead of PR

How about having DA and PA as a new feature?

python – Guess the numbers of Liverpool players

hello guys im wassappy and i'm really a python frishman i'm learning python for almost 14 days then i saw this number guessing game on YouTube in python so i got an idea which is how to make a guessing game but numbers of football players, for example Liverpool players, I enter the number and then the game will print the name of the player ///

class GUESS(object):

    Liverpool_Player = {
        'Mohammed Salah': 11,
        'Alison_Becker': 1,
        'Fabinho': 3,
        'Virgil_van_Dijk': 4,
        'Georginio_Wijnaldum': 5,
        'Dejan_Lovren': 6,
        'James_Milner': 7,
        'Naby_Keïta': 8,
        'Roberto Firmino': 9,
        'Sadio_Mane': 10,
        'Alex_Oxlade_Chamberlain': 15,
        'Trent_Alexander_Arnold': 66,
        'Jordan_Henderson': 14

would like someone to help

Armstrong number and Guess number

I need your help because I am learning Java. That's my question and I didn't answer it. Thank you all.

Armstrong number question

question about the numbers game

maybe the guess: $ | m ^ 2-n ^ 3 |> frac {1} {5} sqrt[6]{m ^ 2 + n ^ 3} $

let $ m, n $ be a positive integer, and such $ m ^ 2 neq n ^ 3 $, I Conjecture of inequalities:
$$ | m ^ 2-n ^ 3 |> dfrac {1} {5} sqrt [6] {m ^ 2 + n ^ 3}? $$
I've tried a lot of numbers, and they all seem to hold on, but how to prove it

Guess the Btc rate and get 150/100/50 Eur

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The 2nd competition (03.04 – 10.04): https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/882/contest-exchange-rate/

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Well, I guess it's time for a new hosting site. Where to start?

I need a new website. I don't know where to start and I feel very overwhelmed. I'm good at running a hosting business, but I'm afraid … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1802952&goto=newpost