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I have never met a soul that has not been fascinated by the soothing beauty of the Kerala backwaters and the natural and cultural richness of Tamil Nadu. This southern area of ​​the Indian Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. So, while you are planning to head south, here are some of the places you should visit during your visit to Kerala and Tamil Nadu:

1.The charismatic Chennai

From India's second oldest museum to the longest beach in the country, Chennai is home to the most exquisite attractions you can not miss on your day trips to Chennai.

2. The magnificent Mahabalipuram

This famous UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its delightful bunches of temples carved into stone and its sculpture museum. Thirukadalmalaai and the Mahabalipuram chariot temple are other places that make it a reputed tourist destination.

3.The divine Pondicherry

This wonderful place is home to a series of spiritual and religious sanctuaries that add to the soothing aura of the place. Places such as the Aurobindo Ashram, the Nataraja Temple, the Swamathaswamy Temple of Swamimalai are just some of the many attractions that allure the globe-trotters.

4.The wonderful Madurai

Two wonderful places, namely Meenakshi Temple and Thirumalai Nayak Palace, are two of the most famous places to visit in Tamil Nadu, and rightly so because of their larger than life appearance and unparalleled charm.

5.The wild side of Periyar

Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is a well-known wildlife sanctuary that also introduces you to green plantations and a boat ride on Lake Periyar.

6.The serene waters of Alleppey

The famous Alleppey Cruise in the remote areas takes you on a scenic boat ride on the sparkling backwaters of Kerala, aboard which you can savor authentic southern Indian cuisine. What more can you ask for!

7. I can not say no to Cochin

From fascinating forts and palaces to the attractive performances of Kathakali dance by classically trained dancers, your visit to Cochin will be a memorable part of this beautiful tour in southern India.


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dnd 5e – How does the guide bolt work on an invisible target?

When you make a ranged attack, you follow the usual rules for an attack, as you would if you were attempting to stab or shoot at the target with a weapon.

It also means that you apply the normal rules to try to target an invisible creature.

More precisely; if the target is completely hidden, you must guess where it is and then throw with a disadvantage if you have guessed or miss automatically if you have not done so yet. If the target is simply not visible, but you know where it is, you do not have to guess, but still launch with Disadvantage.

A simple guide to cleaning different types of carpets – Advertising, Offers

When decorating your home, you may want to select different types of rugs and carpets to add variety to your home. Although your room may have a smaller oriental rug, your living room may have a Persian rug. Although different rugs definitely add different cultural flavors to your place, be aware that not all rugs can be cleaned in the same way. When you talk about cleaning, you need to make sure to clean the carpets in the East and Persia differently, in a way that suits them. That's some carpet cleaning tips for different types of carpets:

1. Oriental carpets: For these ancient beauties, you must use a nylon screen when you vacuum to keep all their glory. Professional cleaning is also recommended every 12 months.

2 Sheepskin rug: For these types of mats, you must sprinkle talcum powder on the carpet and let it work all night. The next day, remove the talcum and repeat the operation several times.

3 Berber carpets: With their relatively open weaving, there is not much to do here. A simple vacuum cleaner every week and a professional cleaning every 9 to 12 months will be a good thing.

4 Wool rug: Wool carpets hold up a lot of dust. Vacuuming twice a month and leaving it outside for a few hours is a must. Plus, if you think that vacuuming does not bring back the lost luster, opt for a professional carpet cleaner in New Orleans.

Now that you know that different rugs need to be cleaned differently, you should also know that all professional cleaners will not be able to offer you the best results. For maximum cleaning and minimal expense, contact WoolPro Rug Cleaning.

WoolPro Rug Cleaning is a family-owned carpet cleaning company serving New Orleans and surrounding areas. They have built a favorable reputation for maintaining long-term relationships with their customers. They provide high quality cleaning services and know that each carpet is a special work of art and deserves a complete care. They make sure that each carpet is treated with love and made as clean as new!

About WoolPro carpet cleaning:

WoolPro Rug Cleaning is your unique solution for cleaning all your carpets and rugs. If you have a Persian rug or if you want to get your oriental carpet cleaning.

To learn more, visit https://woolpro-rugcleaning.com/

Network – UDP Punch Guide

I'm trying to experiment with UDP punching to try to connect two computers. The 2 computers I am trying to connect are on 2 different WiFi networks created by the same router. Let me call these computers C1 and C2. I want to create a connection between C1 and C2.
I have 2 public server IP addresses available where I run a UDP listening server. These servers are S1 and S2.

Experience 1:

  1. Send a UDP packet from C1 to S1 and print the IP address and port of the incoming packet. I get IP_C1 and PORT_C1.
  2. Send a message from S1 to C1 using IP_C1 and PORT_C1. It works well as expected and it stays connected. So, in a way, I've already made a hole for S1 to communicate directly with C1.

Experience 2:

  1. Send a UDP packet from C1 to S1 and get IP_C1 and PORT_C1.
  2. Send a UDP packet from C2 to S1 and get IP_C2 and PORT_C2.
  3. Use S1 to return a message to C1 using IP_C1 and PORT_C1. It works as before.
  4. Use S1 to return a message to C2 using IP_C2 and PORT_C2. It also works very well.

So now, C1 and C2 are accessible from S1.
NOTE: What I see is that IP_C1 and IP_C2 are identical, so let's call them IP_C. The ports are however different.

Continuing this, I tried to send a message from C1 to C2 using IP_C and PORT_C2 as the destination. C2 did not receive the message as expected
I then send a message from C2 to C1 using IP_C and PORT_C1.
It's there that I start to get stuck:
I was waiting now for C2's message to reach C1 since C1 has already drilled a hole in the NAT going to C2. But C1 does not get the message.
Let's continue if I now send another message of C1 and C2. C2 does not understand.
But even now, if I send a message from S1 to C1 or C2, it works.

Experience 3:

To check if the IP address and port are kept when the client sends another UDP packet, I proceeded as follows:

  1. Send a UDP packet from C1 to S1 and get IP_C1 and PORT_C1.
  2. Send a UDP packet from C2 to S1 and get IP_C2 and PORT_C2.
  3. Send a UDP packet from C1 to S2 and get IP_C1_S2 and PORT_C1_S2.
  4. Send a UDP packet from C2 to S2 and get IP_C2_S2 and PORT_C2_S2.

As S1, S2 connects easily and I see IP_C1 = IP_C1_S2 = IP_C2 = IP_C2_S2 = IP_C and PORT_C1 = PORT_C1_S1 and PORT_C2 = PORT_C2_S2.

The ports are therefore maintained.

Even with this scenario, I can not establish communication between C1 and C2.
If someone could help guide me to the other experiences I could do to succeed, that would be very appreciated.

Thank you

SEO 2019 Starter Guide – What to Work On

Here are some SEO tasks to get you started.

Approximate guide of the show – Salon Newbies


For your edification, your education and probably your exasperation, I present here the beginnings of a guide. I encourage beginners to ask questions and elders to fill in gaps. If we get a decent amount of information in the thread, I'll try to summarize it in the OP. Some of them apply to all speakers, not just the living room.

Original / Opening Post, the one who started a thread. Sometimes used to refer to the original poster rather than the specific message itself.

In the mists of the past Lounge, there was a poster named Wandering Wastrel. No need to talk about him, if it is that he was a strong man. There came a day when he looked at the living room and realized that he was plunged into anger, insults and ignominy. He knew that it did not have to be like that, that the Lounge could aspire to be more. He presented this call to the show and

For more details:-
Graphic agency

Thank you!

4.Wow Classic Power Leveling Guide Service Best Coupon – Other Opportunities to Earn Money

Blizzard uses the classic World of Warcraft launched this year to bring players back to their favorite MMO subscription model. If you already play World of Warcraft, you're covered. We offer the best discounts on the cheapest wow classic gold and WoW Classic Power Leveling services. You can place your order once wow classic releases.

The World of Warcraft classics will be released July 16, 2019. This is actually an important topic for BlizzCon. Since the announcement, too many Vanilla WoW fans have been waiting for this release for two years. He hopes to bring back the essence of nostalgic charm, and even copy some vanilla WoWworms to prove it. But we still do not know when Blizzard will release patch 8.2 on the World of Warcraft field server.

There is a version of Vanilla World of Warcraft that has been on debris or free debris for a long time because we like to call it. He welcomes a large community and is doing very well. However, Blizzard executives closed it and then launched theirs. The rumor about about 50,000 people interested would be the number of Blizzard and the revenues are not very high, they will return to the classic fans of World of Warcraft.

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The return to this world has wide appeal for WoW fans. For many of us, it is the WoW that we remember. The numbers will tell the whole story. If Blizzard can show that Classic WoW comes with a lot of numbers, you might see a sudden return to old school style. More WoW Classic Power Leveling on sale on wowclassicgp.

Please guide me about the VPS hosting reseller.

I want to be a reseller of VPS hosting and I appreciate that someone can recommend a good company.

I am a beginner on the reseller hosting, help me please.

I appreciate that anyone can share tips like:
– which aspects should be cautious
– Should I offer support to my clients or should my hosting company offer this support?
– WHCMS complete solution for your web hosting company / domain registration or can you recommend another application?

I will aprécier any help, thank you in advance !!

– Can any one recommend me a VPS hosting with an Internet speed of 1000 Mbps, unmanaged?

Best regards,

Guide, checklist, or tools for auditing a website's security

Is there a guide or checklist for the security audit of a website in the following areas, without however limiting it?

  1. HTTP / HTTP2 / HTTP3
  2. Web Sockets
  3. XSS
  4. Access control headers
  5. Server / Database
  6. DDOS Attack
  7. SSL