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Hi guys,

I have been working on porntube for 3 years, since I started my journey, slowly but surely, I have managed to double the annual salary of my normal job, which will soon be tripled. I have documented every step of the process on the IM forum and along the way I have created a blog where I share what I have learned and what I know. The goal was to make guides simple and easy to follow, for everyone to understand.

The blog was recently presented by the WP-Script team. There are many good tips that work, supported by examples and me. If you are in the Porn Tube business and want to learn a thing or two, I recently published a monetization guide on maximizing porn site revenue and I hope this will help a lot of webmasters to "get it" and earn more money.

If you are interested, you can find the blog on

style guide – Styleguides: In which category do the menus of the Ariane thread fall?

I'll put breadcrumbs as part of interactive user interface design in the category interaction, or even more deeply navigation. See rational explanation and overview of the example below:

Taxonomy of elements

All the elements contained in the style guide have their characteristics and their function. Some are characterized by static properties such as font and color. They serve a broad common purpose like corporate identity. Others are dynamic in nature and serve a dedicated use case like menu navigation or data entry via forms.

They have a scope ranging from common applicability to specific use cases. Size and typography can be commonly used in specific items such as buttons and titles.

Thus, a taxonomy or a schematic separation into categories depends on important characteristics or on a scope of use unique to your context.

An example of a plan

  • Visual styles: colors, fonts, sizes, spacing, logos, icons
  • Content items:
    • media (image, video, sound)
    • text (headers, body, footnotes)
  • Elements of interaction:
    • Navigation elements: menus, breadcrumb trail, links
    • Input elements: forms, fields, buttons

This taxonomy can be nested, because content items can use a defined visual style (font, spacing), or buttons or links (to unfold, jump).
On the other hand, different styles can apply to the interaction elements. For example, an Ariadne thread that has less spacing or a border of a different shape than that defined in the general visual style.

Important to note: interactive elements are not only characterized by their visual style, but also by a coherent and visually changing behavior depending on their state (for example, hover, click). This dynamic should also be covered by a style guide.

The structure depends on the use

There is no golden rule for describing or organizing user interface elements in a style guide. Rather, the structure depends on the target readers and their needs to use it:

As stated in the post from Toptal:

it is important to understand that there is no single approach

These tips suggest asking your style guide users about their tasks and needs. What are they looking for? How do they hope to be guided? What questions do they ask about user interface style and design?

The references

[GUIDE] Simple Method to Market Webcam Affiliate Programs

I have provided a link for the necessary software and resources at the bottom of the thread

– Have an affiliate account for an adult Cam site (aka webcam model sites)
– Video editing program


1. Register a domain. *** Example ***: <- name your site something catchy I don't own this domain just using it as an example.

2. Transfer and hide your affiliate …

(GUIDE) Simple method to market webcam affiliate programs

dnd 5th – If you're using "Monstrous Adventurers" from "Volo & # 39; s Guide to Monsters" for PC, are you using a background?

I was looking at "Volo & # 39; s Guide to Monsters", the section "Monstrous Adventurers", and I was wondering if you include a background when you use it to create a character from one of the species listed here. That doesn't say in the section, and there are no example characters. I think many of the antecedents listed in the PHB would not be applicable to certain species.

Integration ux – How to collaborate and define a new style guide for an existing business design?

As a naïve designer, I have a hard time defining a style guide. There is a style guide created with Adobe XD. As a team effort, we would like to improve and manage the style guide. A reasonable and productive solution is to use Frontify. Unfortunately, the company is running out of budget and we have to look for an alternative that can provide the same functionality as Frontify.

Anyone facing the same problem?

RuneScape Zodi-yak Tracking Guide with Level 1-10 Zodiyak Tracking Tasks – Forex Training

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We are a leading authority and forum destination for professional investors, forex traders, affiliates and individuals who want to make a living online or make more money.

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dnd 5th – How does the Object Immobile spell (from the Explorer's Guide to Mont Sauvage) work?

Wildemount Explorer's Guide object p187 says:

You touch an object that weighs no more than 10 pounds and have it magically secure in place.
You and the creatures you designate when casting the spell can move the object normally …
… If the object is fixed in the air, it can support up to 4000 pounds of weight.

So does this mean that for the caster, he can move the object at will and wherever he leaves it, the object is right there (in 3-dimensional space)?


Can the caster place the object in the air and swing or climb it using the "irremovable" aspect itself? If this is the case, it is a free action to activate, because no action is listed here.

The ultimate guide to digital marketing

Thanks to digital marketing, the audience you want to reach has no boundaries. You have access to an audience from all over the world and you choose the platform you want to use to promote your business.

In addition, with the means of communication that are at your service on the Internet, you have the possibility of targeting your clientele according to their gender, geographic location, interests and many other criteria.

So you have access to a multitude of people around the world to target a very specific population.


A Little Guide to Optimizing the App Store – Checklist Checklist Tips and Shortcuts – The Simple Way

Optimization of the App Store is an essential part of promoting your app. The ranking of an app in the App Store has a huge impact on its success. This little guide to ASO (App Store Optimization) will give you some interesting tips and a checklist.


This is the first step. Know your customers! Collect information on behavior, preferences, etc. consumers, analyze how your app can solve or benefit their problems.

Market research

It is important to know the competition in the industry. Do enough market research and stay informed about what's going on in the market.

Key elements of ASO

Try to focus on the key elements of ASO, such as keywords, logos, icons, description, etc.

Feedback system

In order for your app to get a good ranking, it must have good reviews. So check the reviews regularly and take action accordingly.

Application localization

This will significantly improve the customer experience, thereby improving the application performance and conversion rate.

Statistical analyzes

Keep the numbers on track! You may be able to rely on Google Analytics or any other such tool to get detailed statistical reports.


Keep in mind the aforementioned pointers to effortlessly top the charts and get into your customers' good books! For professional advice, contact INORU. They provide unrivaled mobile application marketing services at affordable prices.

. (tagsToTranslate) application marketing

Pathfinder psionics guide – Role-playing games Stack Exchange

I want to buy the most complete book for using psionics in my Pathfinder game. The three books that concern me are Psionics Unleashed, Psionics Augmented and Ultimate Psionics. I heard there is overlapping content; which are considered final and up to date and which are obsolete?