Does, enabling ioncube loader extension will make my host prone to get hacked

I purchased theme, for my WordPress website. And the theme, need the ioncube… | Read the rest of

php – My website was hacked and now wp-admin redirects me to unsafe site

My website was hacked and although I seem to have cleared up the hack, the website loads up ( takes a lot longer now) and all seems well but when I try to access the dashboard via, it redirects me to an unsafe site. I am not a wp developer and have only beginner knowledge of how wps code works but I imagine that there’s a file that is used to direct you to the dashboard and said file can be replaced or edited to take you to where you supposed to go. I have no idea where such a file would sit in the directory or even if my method is valid. I would appreciate any help or guidance.

privacy – Can the primary operating system be hacked when using another one on an external drive?

I have Kali Linux on an external flash drive that is 128GB. I would like to build a PC with my friend but I don’t know which operating system to put on it. I want to be able to play games and I know that the parts I’ve searched for are pretty fast and I also know that Windows is the best for it. But I am also aware that Windows is the most vulnerable OS compared to Linux and MacOS. I know that MacOS is secure because things like SIP (System Integrity Protection) and other features that I’m unaware of exist. My question is, is it possible to get your other operating system hacked even while Kali Linux is plugged in and the primary OS is “Sleeping”? If so, then I’d rather have security over games with MacOS. But if not, then I’m going to stick with Windows for the entertainment.

network – My neighbor hacked all my devices (phones and wifi) and I need to know how to stop this & what all she is capable of accessing

I wanted to ask some experts what to do in this situation..

I moved into a duplex house 3 months ago. My neighbor connected to my house seemed to be innocent and nice. I live in Memphis, Tennessee and she is a data analysist for FedEx.

A couple days ago, I overheard through the wall that she had videos of me doing sexual acts. I realized that the only way she can get this is through a camera in my side of the house. Our sides are not connected with any entrances just a wall, so I assumed she broke in to place these spy cameras.

Right after I heard that, I went to buy new door knobs (I know I need added safety). When I came home, she had been inside my house. My front door did not have my chain lock done and my glass door in front of my main front door is always locked as well. My door I entered from is my side door, which is next to my long driveway. She had to see I pulled up and panicked and went out the front door to not get caught. I live in Memphis, I always triple check my locks before I leave.

I did a random code to see if anyone was in my phone and there was someone, but not her number. I am assuming this can be for a cloning device she had made or her work number. I went into my xfinity account and it did not log in with my email, so I logged in with my phone number. I did reset password and it resent to a account. Right after it was changed back to my email. This is the college she went to in Macon, Georgia.

I keep hearing her talk about it, but not able to record it. I went to the police…but no evidence to file anything. I got a new modem from xfinity but I am scared to set it up. I will go by AT&T today to see if they can see anything.

I believe she is in my wifi and all my devices ever connected, as well as cameras in my house (maybe in outlets).

What is she capable of?

What does it sound like she has done?

Side note – We have never had problems or been close in any way. I set the tone for open communication if there were ever any instances. She has never addressed anything with me. We had plans to hang out one day in the beginning, but I had gone through something traumatic that day (my bf almost getting killed in an attempted robbery at that house) so I canceled and she seemed understanding about it. Everyone is saying she is obsessive, and I am slowly beginning to think this is the case.

Please, please help me.

Magento 2.2 credit card details hacked

For a few days we have detected that in our Magento 2.2 the user is asked for their credit card details when it is something that was not done since the user is directly redirected to pay on the bank page.
Today a client told us that a charge had appeared on her card with which she bought on our casino page and we believe that the store has been hacked. Some help?

penetration test – What advice could you give to me? I think Ive been hacked

My OS is Windows 10 and Android 6, my router is a cheap default one, I turned on MAC filtering, IP filtering (both with whitelist) I closed all ports except the ones My APPs use (but not in my family devices)

Im not using javascript, I turned on HTTPs everywhere, still Im being hacked, all my apps freeze when I try to use them, If I use tor my hacker would make the app freeze and useless

I see some JAR archives on my phone, every time I delete them they reappear, now he doesnt allow me to search files on my phone because the system app freezes

Also I see a lot of weird servers connected to my network, all of them with the first name of this hacker, all of these servers use all my apps and thats not normal.

What would you do in that situation? how would you stop him? Help

network – I need help, Ive been hacked for more than 8 years

Im new in this forum, I came desperately for help. I dont know what more to do, Ive been hacked.

This hacker has been harassing me for too long and now I want to get rid of him.

I secured my network with a guest WIFI, I put MAC filtering to my principal network, I put IP filtering only allowing my devices on the network, I blocked a lot of PORTS (and that is exhausting) I turned on the routers firewall.

I dont know what more to do, on my phone I have a firewall and I blocked the shell but somehow he keeps hacking me, I always see his server connected to my network.

I dont really know how he does this, but Im just tired, I need help.

system compromise – How did SolarWinds get hacked? And was the Orion update put out without human approval?

Obviously there is massive information about the SolarWinds Orion hack itself of the malicious DLL injected into the update:

But how did the SolarWinds company themselves get infiltrated? Are details of that available?

Also, was the update to the Orion software put live on their HTTP source by the hackers, or approved and put live by someone within the company?

How was the code injected into the DLL? In the source code or post-build?

I’m looking for technical details about the source of the compromise, not the chain reaction from it.