DHCP Server stops handing out leases

I currently have a DC running Windows Sever 2008 R2 (yes I know) and for the past two weeks, when employees travel back to the office, they can’t connect to the internet unless I do one of two things.

  1. Reboot the DC
  2. Give them a static IP

The DC also hosts the DHCP and DNS roles. So I’ve checked and checked for errors but can’t find anything and nothing has changed on that DC in that time. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations to what I can do? Thank you.

Happy Halloween!

dnd 5e – Implications of liberally handing out higher quality healing potions

The term healing potions in this context refers to the ensemble of {Potion of Healing; Potion of Greater Healing; Potion of Superior Healing; Potion of Supreme Healing}, not to the item Potion of Healing.

Potion of Healing appears on the table of purchasable goods (PHB p. 150). Furthermore, the descriptions of Potion of Healing and the Herbalism Kit (pp. 153/154) suggest that the latter can be used in the production of the former, which was discussed in this question: How does one craft Potions of Healing?

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (p. 128) provides rules for crafting magic items, involving the acquisition of a formula. Healing potions, however have simpler rules, without the need for a formula (p. 130).
XGtE further has a suggested magic item progression detailing the number of magic items that should be gained on average on different levels.

The fact that Potions of Healing can be purchased at 50 gp a piece, suggests that they are in fact exempt from the progression. Similarly, the fact that magic items can be crafted in downtime questions the magic item progression. For most magic items, I see no problem, since opportunities to acquire formulae can be restricted in the same manner as opportunities to obtain complete magic items. Healing Potions do not require any formulae, however, and are much easier to craft, which bears the question if they are, in fact, generally exempt from the magic item progression.

In know that I can ignore or modify the magic item progression, that magic items are completely optional, and that I could hand out e.g Potions of Greater Healing within the boundaries of the progression.

I liberally hand out potions of healing, through loot and quest givers. I’m wondering, however, what would happen if extended this to other healing potions. For example, the loot in one of the more dangerous dungeons would contain four potions of greater healing instead of four potions of healing, or I replace half of all potions of healing in loot with potions of greater healing, or I increase the quality of the healing potions given out with tier of play.

My question therefore is: Given the crafting rules on XGtE p. 130 (and potentially other rules that I overlooked), are healing potions exempt from magic item progression? If not, what would be the balance implication of changing that?

Why do immigration officers still practice the system of handing over to the water? Why are thousands of illegals released in the country? Why are we

The District Attorney has the right to decide whether or not to prosecute those arrested by the police. In addition, the judges of the criminal courts are very political. Released people are probably considered harmless, may have families to support, may seek asylum because of violence in their country, may be important to influential people in the community because they work for they, etc. Trump honestly opposes illegal immigration further; but those who are already present often remain beyond the reach of officials, judges, politicians and community leaders who have made the arrests.