17 hrs layover at Haneda Airport. Do I need a visa to go to the city. Arrives at 4:45 pm and leaves at 9:35 am? [closed]

I have 17 hrs of layover in Haneda Airport. Do I need a visa to go around the city – Arriving at 4:45 pm and leaves at 9:35 am. Thank you!

japan – Can French citizens flying from Bangkok (BKK) do an international transit in Haneda Airport (HND) with the ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions?

As TIMATIC states, you’re not allowed to enter, nothing more nothing less.

Unlike Narita, Haneda’s transit zone is open overnight, hence TIMATIC saying transit for up to 72 hours is possible there.

As such, provided your trip is on a single ticket, you can transit.

Transfer from Haneda to Narita with ski bags

If I arrive in Haneda and take the bus to Narita – is there plenty of room for luggage on the bus, since I will be traveling with 2 ski bags and an ordinary bag?

visas – Japan-Narita Airport to Haneda International Airport

We are going to the Philippines on the 13th of December with stopover in Japan and change of airport from Narita to Haneda. Do we need a visa? Can we get a visa at Japan airport, will we be able to board the aircraft without a Japanese visa in advance? We are permanent residents of Canada with a Filipino passport. Westjet from Winnipeg to Vancouver, Japan Airline from Vancouver to Narita, Haneda to Manila.

Customs and Immigration – transit visa from narita to haneda

In two weeks, I will land at Narita Airport on October 22nd at 3pm, and then go directly to Haneda Airport to catch a flight to Manila on October 23rd at 9am with a stop of 9 hours. I've noticed that the information here may be out of date? The Embassy has said to obtain a transit visa, but is this applicable in my situation? or is there an exemption? I am a Filipino citizen.

Japan – Do I need a Japanese transit visa to get to Narita and leave Haneda?

Old post, but for posterity:

You do do not need a transit visa if there is no match possible for your itinerary the same day and you arrive and leave from an airport of the same region.

In this case, by presenting your passport and your boarding pass or your electronic ticket, you get an entry stamp upon your arrival allowing you to stay in Japan for 72 hours.

From Timatic, the database used by airlines:

Holders of transit tickets passing through a third country may
get a Shore Pass on arrival for a max. 72 hours stay
only if there is no match on the same calendar

Narita and Haneda are located in the same area (called "group" in Timatic)

Group A:
airports: Narita (NRT), Haneda (HND), Nagoya (NGO), Niigata
(KIJ), Komatsu (KMQ) and Yokota.

Again, you make do not need a visa

Can I stay during the night [15-hour layover] at Haneda airport without a Japanese visa?

I will arrive so at 6 pm at Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport, then I will have a connecting flight to Hnd Airport also at 9 am the next day Do I still need of a visa? Because I do not plan to leave the airport.

I hope someone can answer me as soon as possible. Thank you!