statistics – How many BTC transactions happened in 2019?

I’m interested in a comparison between different blockchains and payment networks.

Bitcoin has a block time of around 10 minutes, so there should be roughly 52,560 blocks in one year. However, the number of transactions per block varies.

Is the number of BTC transactions that happened in 2019 document somewhere?

(Extra question: Is the volume in BTC or even USD at the time of the trade available?)

fungus – What happened to this CPL filter?

What happened to these CPL filter? Fungus? Damaged film? Is this reversible, be cleaned or fixed? My father bought these around 2014. Never use it. I’m a beginner. Thank you.

Here’s a clip of the filter

Edit – Inlined a couple of stills so we have a permanent ref here [two different filters, from what I can gather]
Click for larger

enter image description here

enter image description here

LowEndBoxTV: CentOS…What Happened?!? – Low End Box

CentOS, RIP…long live CentOS Stream?!? What hath IBM wrought? In this video, we break down the CentOS drama.

As you can tell from the thumbnail…it isn’t pretty!  You could answer the question in one word: IBM.  But the roots of what happened pre-date IBM’s involvement.

We also mention Alma Linux and Rocky Linux.

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Hostgator – What Happened?


As with many of you, I’m a long-time member on this site. Tech Support just helped me to unravel an account issue going back to 2… | Read the rest of

How this happened?

I was browsing CMC and found this
But when visited aave on same time no prise changes like aavedown
And my question is why and how aavedown reached that price?

dnd 5e – What happened to magical tattoos when a druid wild shape?

Wild shape states that:

You choose whether your equipment falls to the ground in your space, merges into your new form, or is worn by it.

Since magical tattoos are not ‘equipment’ in normal sense, what happened to attuned tattoos when the druid wild shapes? Do they retain the effects or not?

datacenter – Today the OVH Strasbourg data center partially burnt down. Could the same have happened to a GCE Cloud Region?

Today the SBG2 availability zone in the SBG region burnt down. All other AZ’s (SBG1,2 AND 4) was shut down due to this, and will remain shut down until at least monday.

All SBG zones are apparently located at the same physical site, but in different “buildings”.

Is this a common design for a data center region, or will others such as e.g GCE have AZ’s within a region farther apart from each other in the case of e.g. fire?

What happened to Christopher Maher from BlazingSwitch?

Has anyone heard from BlazingSwitch recently? We have a $14,000 prepay with them and haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone in the past 1… | Read the rest of

A fun situation that happened to me today.

It was raining yesterday, and after rain, the cold weather striked in, so water on the ground became slippery and non-walkable, that's gonna play the main situation in this story today. I was going back from shopping to my house, and the guy was walking back from shop too. It happened like that: We both fell down, and did the same "OUCH!" sound. We couldn't understand what happened. But we definetly found it funny, so we started laughing at each other for good 5 minutes while laying on ice,…

A fun situation that happened to me today.

All of a sudden, it's going to be 100% cpu starting today. What happened? sven

I sent you a bug report. What’s happening all of a sudden?
I run the previous version. But nothing has changed.