hardware – Black screen when using 4 RAM sticks on the brand new 5K iMac

I bought a 5K iKM 4 months ago, with the stock of 8GB of RAM. I bought 2 x 4 GB extra on Amazon (Crucial Ram). But then, it seems that I can not use the 4 RAM slots at the same time. The iMac does not even start, only displays a black screen.
The Crucial ram sticks work 100% because I tried to remove the original ram sticks, using only the new ones, and that the Mac starts and works properly.
Right now, I run the iMac with 3 of the 4 sticks, so at the moment I have 12 GB of RAM.
I've tried using the 3 best sites, it works. Down 3, it works.
2 slots works too.
But as soon as I insert a 4th ram stick, it stops working
I have reinstalled the SMC and NVRAM. Still no luck
Also updated Mojave at 10.14.2 (latest version)

I would like to see if I can try something before setting an appointment with Apple for this, as it is my main work machine and I have to work on some projects now.

Thank you so much!

hardware design – Where can I find themes that allow Angular to become familiar with apps like any other Google app?

Internet is cluttered with many material design themes, but I can not find any of them that looks like a standard Google application.

Every Google app has a very good header, footer, layout, great components, a good connection / logout flow, smartly placed options in headers and a well-designed side menu. Although there are many ready-made templates, I do not find them as simple and beautiful as Google's app designs.

Below are some snapshots of the appearance of a standard google app.

Google Flights:enter the description of the image here
Google Maps:enter the description of the image here
Google Keep:enter the description of the image here
Angular matter:enter the description of the image here
Gmail:enter the description of the image here
Google Plus:enter the description of the image here

Is there a starting template of 2 angular in neighborhoods, where the
the developer can simply start using it where all basic models are ready
and who should feel like the applications above with regard to the design,
components, header, footer, header options, login / logout

hardware – Strange Behavior of a Broken Screen

My phone (OnePlus 6) just fell this morning on its screen, but at first I thought everything would be fine, since I'm paranoid and I have a protective case and a screen protector for it phone. At first glance, everything worked perfectly, except for the screen protector, but when you tried to unlock the phone, all it showed was a black screen.

Whatever it is, I tried to use it, connecting it to my PC and using adb, which worked perfectly. As I wanted to limit the possible causes of the screen inoperative (but apparently correct, since there is absolutely no cracks), I tried some things, such as unlocking the screen. Using the fingerprint reader or the use of cameras, which worked perfectly. Just out of curiosity, I tried to use the touch screen which, for some reason, also worked.

Now let's move on to my question: Has anyone ever experienced a similar experience with similar behavior, or could they think of a possible reason why the screen does not work, but that the seizure touch works?

Thank you in advance for any help I can get.

What is the minimum hardware system specification for the cloud computing client?

I'm trying to buy a laptop (I'm a developer)
For my part, but for economic reasons, I want to move to cloud-based development, while keeping the cloud.
So, what is the minimum configuration required for me?
Thank you

dnd 5th – Can a focus replace a hardware component if it does not specify a value in the component list?

Yes, especially

The rules state that a component package contains all hardware components "except for components with a specific cost":

Component pouch. A component pouch is a small, waterproof leather belt pouch, with compartments to hold all the hardware and other special items you need to cast your spells, with the exception of components with a specific cost (as indicated in the description of the spell).

It should be noted that the cover is an individual thing (it contains objects "you need to throw your "spells" specifically).

Many classes can use either a component pouch or a spellcasting objective. The rules here show a small inconsistency, literally telling us that the wallet can be used "instead of components", instead of containing these same components:

A character can use a component pocket or spellcasting focus (in Chapter 5) instead of the specified components for a spell.

So, according to the rules, your spell casting goal is equal to that of your component wallet, and a component wallet contains all the hardware components. you need "except for components that have a specific cost". If a spell you cast requires a piece of copper, the cover of your component must have a piece of copper, no problem here.

However, there are components without a specified price, which are uniqueand therefore can not be contained in a component pouch prepared for a long time. A good example is "an object of the location you want to find" in the Find the Path spell:

Find the way

components: V, S, M (a set of divinatory tools, such as bones, ivory sticks, cards, teeth or carved runes – worth 100 "and an item from the location you want to find)

Since the focus of spell casting is generally used as a 100% equivalent of a component pocket, I assume that it can not replace a single hardware component.

Now let's talk about the Alchemist's supplies as a material component. Do not forget that it is a UA software, so it is always a game test. As written, the elixir of healing can to be launched with a caster and, presumably, with a pocket of components. This does not exhaust the supplies, so the explanation in the world might be this: the fate needs a particular element of the alchemist's reserve; this thing can also be in your pocket, or a spellcasting focus can be used instead.

dual boot – Can not install 18.04 on new hardware

I'm using a 970 Evo on a relatively new motherboard (Z370P D3)

Although this should not be a problem, I officially suspect something is happening.

I have created an installation program using Rufus and the latest official ISO (18.04.01)

At startup, I use 20G of previously free space that I format in ext4 format, go up to / and carry on.

Depending on whether or not I tried before a full format, some events occur:

  1. Progress is permanently blocked "Failed to retrieve resource ID 7071"
  2. crash

I have tried all possible permutations of the type of installation (minimal, not minimal, download, do not download, since USB or since a system started temporarily) but no dice.

The only thing that strikes me is that the installer complains a lot of a PCI-e error that it calls "corrected" – since the 970 EVO is a PCIe drive, I guess it can to be the culprit.

That being said, I am as lost as frustrated and any help would be welcome.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

hardware – Macbook mid-2010: no power supply after ssd upgrade

I've replaced my hard drive with an SSD drive with the help of the ifixit guide on my MacBook Unibody, model A1342 (mid-2010).

But after reconnecting the battery, the Mac seems to be dead (Magsafe light off, no chime, no fan, nothing). I've tried another charger that works perfectly with another Mac without success.

Any chance that it is "only" a problem of battery? Or the logic board is dead? Or any other solution?

updates – Broken Ant + hardware support in Android 9?

Recently, my Xiaomi Mi A1 received an update of Android 9, and since then I have discovered that Ant + was no longer working (which worked perfectly with Android 8).

The Google Playstore Ant Radio Tester indicates that no integrated ANT system has been found, but that all services are correctly installed.

First, I imagined it was a problem only related to this model Xiaomi, but in the meantime, I am convinced that it should be related to Android 9, because users of other brands (including Nokia and other Xiaomi phones) report the same problem after updating their system. phones to Android 9.

So, the questions are simply:

1.) Has Google interrupted Ant + support in Android 9?

2.) How can this be corrected?

The role of the depth of a circuit in its hardware implementation

The depth of a circuit is the maximum length of a path from an entrance gate to the circuit exit door [Reference]

Question: What is the relationship between the depth of a circuit and its hardware implementation? In fact, I want to ask this question, why does the shallow depth of a circuit have an appropriate hardware implementation?

Thank you for all suggestions

the hardware raid on board 1 is resynchronized at each stop

the embedded hardware raid 1 resynchronizes each time when stopped. I have 2 2.5 inch digital digital western hard drives on a RAID 1 installation that uses the motherboard rain controller. at the stop, it will sync again, but over time, only the LED of a drive indicates the activity. it's a raid hard ware. so is this normal? both drives work well. do you know if there is a windows utility to solve this problem and ensure that the drive remains synchronized continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that no resynchronization is required at the # 39; stop? Another question is also: do you think that an SSD for a boot drive of the server is better than the above configuration or is this configuration correct? should I continue to use the RAID 1 motherboard configuration or use the RAID software with Windows Server? Finally, should I use a RAID controller for OS RAID configuration, as opposed to using the RAID motherboard? I have a PCI RAID card for non-OS drives. they will be 10tb x4 with the raid 10.