Twine Harlowe: How to call a variable in a passing link?

However, you can not put orders or money changers in the name of the passage.
((Really, now .-> (print: $ explain))) will cause an error.

I do not know if it's definitive "can not be done" or not? There seem to be workarounds for other languages ​​on a case-by-case basis. What can be done in Harlowe? This seems like a big problem to not being able to call vars in the link text of your passage.

For example, I store the fur color of Clifford the dog under the name $ fur_clifford. This user chose $ fur_clifford = red. Another user might have picked orange or something like that. I wanted a choice like

((Fur of Pet Clifford's $ fur_clifford)) – that is, the red / orange fur / clifford pet

Is there a workaround that people use to get a similar result that I am not aware of? Can I drop the $ fur_clifford variable into a static string or something else and call it in the pass link? There must be something I can call in a passing link, right? tostring () …?

string disabling non-working style characters Harlowe

Boom! == “Boom!

What is ` ? Is it? Because if it is & # 39;Boom!& # 39; & # 39; does not work and does not work "Boom!"in fact" text "seems to be equivalent to ** text ** even though it does not say that on the documentation pages the program binds me.