java – Deal with the main developer who hates the functions

I will slightly simplify this question before answering it.

My main developer (a nice guy) asks me to write in a coding style that I do not agree with. What should I do?

The developers do not agree. Stick two in one room and you will get three opinions …

Is it really important? In this case, I would say that is the case:

  • The big functions make it difficult to follow the principles of DRY
  • The big features are harder to test

However, this main developer (and this is where the job title varies) probably has something in his job description regarding the maintenance of coding standards and technical quality. It's his responsibility, not yours. The company pays you to follow the rules established in your team.

You have to weigh this carefully because it seems that following his advice will make it difficult to write a good code. My suggestion would be to write the code as you would (unless you have given it a hard time for a while, in which case it may seem antagonistic). When you peer review, explain that you did it in an X way so that you could write this test or that someone else could reuse Y. Do not write that would mean that you would not can get that a Z% code coverage.

You say that he's a nice guy and, hopefully, that he'll listen and be open to the conversation. It may be that he is aware of something that you (and we are not). But I repeat … his job is to set the standards and it is not easy.

If after a few attempts (you will have to judge), you are still at a dead end, you must either do what you are asked for or look somewhere for the codes you want (index, no business is perfect). I hope this will not happen at this point, IMHO coding in a bad style for a good boss is always better than the alternative.

Do you think Jordan Peele hates Whitey?

Most movies have mostly white castes. So, I think whites. Have a more than fair representation in Hollywood.

This is what Peele said.

"But there are other types of power, and Peele intends to wield it wisely – one of the ways is to continue to place black faces on the screen in the lead roles." The way I see it, "he explained," I have to blacken people in my films. I feel lucky to be in this position where I can tell Universal: "I want to make a horror movie of $ 20 million with a black family." And they say yes. "

It's a formula that does not interest him.

"I do not see myself entrusting the lead role in my film to a white man.It's not that I do not like white men," he said while nodding to his friend moderator Roberts. "But I saw this movie." The line aroused loud applause and shouts of agreement. "It's really one of the best pieces of this story, we feel like we are right now, a rebirth has come and it's proven that the myths about representation in the industry are wrong." " …


Why does not Trump seem to understand that 70% of the country hates him?

You must count illegal aliens … because the polls I've seen have a rate of approval well over 30%.

– and I really do not think it gives a rat what the illegals think of him as long as they go home.

Trump's approval rating on the economy reaches a new high: Gallup

Ninety-three percent of Republicans approve Trump's treatment of the economy, compared to only 20 percent of Democrats. In addition, only 6% of Democrats approve of Trump's overall performance, while 90% of Republicans approve, according to the survey.

https: // …


How do you get your 12-year-old daughter to lose weight when she hates sports?

Maybe you need to learn to be a parent and buy healthy food! You must stop being a facilitator! You must understand that sport is not the solution … You are an important part of the problem … You let it eat 6 mini bags of Cheetos!

You want it to be something that it is not, and the problem is you! YES YOU! You should not buy junk food for his brother … Obviously, you do not know that junk food is not good for him either! So, you buy it and you say that these treats are not for you (for her it means that it's special and loved and that she's not!). You tell him things like "you have to lose weight and be slim". All she hears, it's "Mom thinks I'm fat and she can not love me because I'm fat, so why worry, she's not me?" will not like it anyway. "

Basically, you are a domineering idiot! Yes, I said it and I think so! You can push a rope! You can force your daughter to have a size of 0 or 1, but you can force her to hate you and herself, and since your last post, you work tirelessly!

I speak as a parent who has raised seven children, so you do not need to think that I am a stupid teenager who does not have a clue! Treat your daughter as your son, love her as she is before it's too late! Treat her with love and respect rather than being the hangman you are! You have offended your daughter and should apologize to her and tell her that you love her.

Have you ever thought that she may not like shrimp? Have you ever thought of taking her to the mall to go for a walk and talk about what she wants to talk about and do not condemn her or say that you would not look cute in there? (Referring to an outfit you know, that's too much for her.) There are many things you can do if you stop trying to force it to be something that it is not currently! It seems like you may have had a weight problem and are trying to revive your childhood through what you want it to be … It does not matter, but your treatment of what you consider to be a problem does.

Let her grow up, she is 12 years old! She's probably older than you because you act like a spoiled two-year-old girl who does not have her own way! Removing your frustrations on it will not help anything! It will do a lot, a lot worse.

GROW and read this at least 4 or 5 times until you understand that it's not the problem you're in!

Best wishes


[ Politics ] Open question: How did Trump win if everyone hates him so much?

[ Politics ] Open question: How did Trump win if everyone hates him so much? .