google sheets – Link chart heading to cell

I would like the main heading of a Google Sheets chart to change dynamically by linking it to the value of a cell. The header input field does however not seem to handle formulas like =I4, it just displays the formula.

Is there a way to link a chart heading to a cell value?

How to force Google Docs “Replace URL with its title” on heading links to instead replace the URL with heading text

I need to be able to more efficiently change a link to the heading text the link points to, without having to do cumbersome steps.

This a workaround for the more ideal feature that, as of 2020-05-22, has yet to be implemented by Google: How to insert links to headings in Google Docs without brute force (incremental completion and narrowing)

See the image below which explains the problem. Below that image, see the steps to reproduce this problem:

enter image description here


  1. Open an existing Google Doc, or create new one.
  2. Add a heading.
  3. Click on the link of that heading inside the Outline view to the left.
  4. Move the mouse into the browsers address bar, select the URL, and type CTRL+c to copy it into the clipboard.
  5. Move the mouse into the document, and type CTRL+v to paste the URL.
  6. Left mouse click into the URL just pasted.
  7. See the popup (see image below).
  8. Notice that it has the text of the whole document, which is not what I want. Instead, I want that to be the heading text of that section.

I do not want to workaround this by having to edit the URL text, or have to use method of adding links to headings using CTRL+k, as that is taking up too much time when this operation is done many, many times during an editing session: It is cumbersome because it forces you to scroll down a list of all headings in the document, versus driving to it directly, and that list of headings can be quite large. As the number of headings increases, it becomes impractical to scroll down that list every single time to find the heading.

heading – is the position of h1-h6 tags important in SEO?

instead of the usual form




paragraph containing header1 and header2 and header3

would it matter if I used this form instead?

paragraph containing






rotation – Why is the projectile not heading towards the target?

I have a project where I can shoot (with a simple projectile).

Blueprint character (generate projectile):

enter the description of the image here

However, I would like to be able to have the projectile go to a specific target.

Shot diagram (target definition):

enter the description of the image here

And I think that with the code below, I would get the desired effect.

Scheme of the projectile (change of rotation of the projectile):

enter the description of the image here

Some links that helped me get here (I may have left something to pass):

I do not know what I'm doing wrong (according to the links above).

The projectile goes straight and visibly I see no change in its trajectory.

javascript – HEADING should have 2 SPAN elements

1: Create a DIV and give it a data-cart-info attribute. In the DIV, create a HEADING with mdc-typography – headline4 "as CSS class

2: The HEADING must have 2 SPAN elements. The first one displays a basket by setting its class on material icons and setting its content on shopping_cart. The second SPAN has a data-invoice attribute and will be used to display the total amount that the user is trying to pay with the application.

Your SPAN elements in the "mdc-typography – headline4" typography are not as specified


Heading not on the Magento 1.9 site

I am currently running a Magento 1.9 website that has not been used for a long time. The site owner recently started using the site again and we found that the header section of the site had now disappeared. When I created the site for the first time, the site logo, the language selector, and so on. were shown on the header of the site, but this header is now completely gone …

Initially, I thought it was a problem with the language selector, so I went to the admin panel and reconfigured the languages, but no dice. I've also looked at all the options in the configuration section, but I can not understand why the site's header has suddenly disappeared.

If someone could even tell me the right Magento admin area to look at this, or even how to debug, etc., that would be very appreciated. The rest of the site works fine – it's just the header (with the site's logo, language selector, login links, etc.) that does not appear.

The login links are always present at the bottom of the homepage – and seem to work. So I'm not sure why the header itself is not displayed.

Here's what I see in terms of "home page inspection" – –

(index): 1 [DOM] 2 items found with non-unique ID # youama-email: (More info :) The largest shopping center The largest shopping center
(index): 1 [DOM] 2 items found with non-unique identifier # youama-password: (More info) The largest shopping center The largest shopping center Failed to load the resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
(index): 1 Access to XMLHttpRequest at the address https: // v = 2 & alt = jsonc & # 39; from the beginning & # 39; http: //' was blocked by CORS policy: No Header Access-Control-Allow-Origin & # 39; n is present on the requested resource.
2www-widgetapi.js: 100 Failed to Execute "postMessage & # 39; on & # 39; DOMWindow & # 39 ;: The target target provided (& # 39; https: //') does not match the origin of the recipient window ( & # 39; http: // & # 39;).

What's even more annoying is that the code seems to be all I want when I look at the source code …

Thank you!

I become & nbsp; undefined & # 39; between the title of my page and the heading of the article

Highlights from National Events Manager Megan Peters of International Productions

In Google Docs, how to make each paragraph have its own #heading tag in its URL without using a style?

I have documents in which each paragraph has its own #heading URL tag, even if it's normal text (no style applied), and it's much more useful to refer to a specific part of the document, but I never knew it. how did I get there? These documents were not imported from other formats; they were originally created in Google Docs.

Would anybody know how to make sure that each paragraph has its own #heading URL tag? This avoids having to add a new bookmark each time on each paragraph and prevents individual paragraphs from appearing in a table of contents.

Please, no bookmark solutions, no solutions "use a style to look like normal text".

Are the server and domain names heading to each other going badly?

Hi guys,

I just bought a new server and transferred all my websites, and transferred some domains to a new registrar. However, when I encounter Google DNS that does not solve my domain but others that are able to solve it, so I decided to change my name servers in the Vesta panel and the DNS panel of the recorder. However, when I tried to add the glue registration name server to the vesta panel but that does not allow me, it is said not found. and I went to check this intodns, and it shows a red sign, however the ip / name servers resolve everything to google dns now. but on intodns, he says:

FAIL: The following name servers are listed on your name servers as name servers for your domain, but are not listed on parent name servers (see RFC2181 5.4.1). You must make sure that these name servers work. If they do not work properly, you may have problems!

ERROR: One or more of the name servers listed on parent servers are not listed as NS records on your name servers. Problematic NS records are:
This is listed as ERROR because there are sometimes serious problems (if the lifetimes differ from the NS records on the root servers and the NS records point to your own domain, for example).

do I ignore these red signals? it's good? I do not know how to use this DNS registrar feature of Njalla. tried for about 2 hours and I managed to get the resolution of google dns.

No idea if someone knows what I am talking about. So basically

1) User name server Vesta Panel Server, I pointed to Name Server Njalla Glue
2) Change the Njalla Custom Name Server to Njalla Glue Name Server
3) Next, I tried to change the name of the previous name server shown in the DNS record of the vesta dns record to the Njalla name server name, but that does not work. But it works when I replace the vesta server server's username server with the Njalla name server. except for the DNS folder.

I hope someone understands it lol. Due to the nature of the site, his adult, I censored all the names. But if anyone wants to know the domain name, thank you for contacting me so that you can see what is wrong and enlighten me. Thanks in advance guys.

L & # 39; s image;

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