Is my iPod Touch 2G supposed to be outputting audio over headphones and internal speaker simultaneously?

I know this is an old device but I hope it’s still okay to ask about it.

I got a 2nd gen (I think) 8GB iPod Touch from my partner last week. She forgot the pin so I just restored it in iTunes.

I loaded some of my music onto it and noticed today that the music was also playing from the internal speaker, as well as my headphones. Is this normal, or expected, behaviour for this device? It looks to be in great shape hardware wise (no external damage apart from the standard scratching of the back) and I haven’t jailbroken it.

audio – How to use a 5.1/7.1/Atmos video with headphones on VLC (macOS)?

So my question is about the use of 5.1 (mostly) /7.1 audio video with VLC and headphones. When I was a Windows user, I used to activate the Windows Sonic free option to apply some kind of binauralization. On MacOS there isn’t such an option but through my researches I’ve come to understand that VLC can do the same thing but I’m confused since multiple options are provided.

In audio preferences, multiple filters are available and I don’t understand the difference between “Ambisonics renderer and binauralization” and “Headphone virtual spatilization effect”. They both modify sound, but I’m not sure which one does what.

What confuse me even more is that there is a Headphone mode available from the top bar (see the images linked below). So what is the right option to achieve what I want and what does each one of them actually do ? Thank you.

Audio filters in advanced audio options

Headphones option from top bar

notifications – Block vocal assistant when headphones are plugged in

I have a pair of headphones that happen to have a bit a misfit with the audio jack, so that often it stops contact and needs to be jerked in a bit.

When this happens the vocal assistant launches an audio message reading the time of the day and asking for permissions to use vocal commands with the headphones plugged in. This also produces a visual notification that asks for the permission with a dialog box. I always set “don’t allow”, but this keeps repeating over and over.

The OS is MIUI 12 with Android 10, the assistant and all related notifications are supposedly turned off.

How can I silence those vocal messages?

Google assistant activate after pressing button on headphones

I’m using Redmi Note 8 Pro (Android 10, MIUI 12.0.2) and headphones with one button.
I have turn off Google assistant, however when I press button it activate Google assistant (or some other assistant).
When I listen music and want pause player, I press button on headphones, and instead of pause music, it activates some assistant. This assistant after few seconds say, that didn’t understand and music play again.
How to turn off activating this assistant after press button on headphones?

ios – How to stop iPhone auto reducing volume when it is connected via BT to things that are NOT headphones?

I understand apple has my wellbeing at heart by trying to lower the volume when listening to music (with the volume set to full), but this makes no sense why I am connected to a bluetooth speaker.

It doesn’t even ask me ‘are these headphones?’ like it does when you connect something to the lightning port.

How can I make it realise these are not headphones that are being connected?

I have an iphone xs max, can I use two bluetooth headphones

my little brother and I want to watch youtube without disturbing everyone. Is it possible to use two Bluetooth headphones at once?

headphones – joe rogan cbdmd

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audio – How to record the sound coming out headphones from iPad pro?

I would like to know If I will be able to record using quick time player or other application you may suggest, both audio and video on my iPad pro with head phones connected !!

When headphones are not connected, there is no problem, i go to setting on the recording screen and i choose built-in microphone and it records all sounds around me

But what i want is while I’m using my headphones, when i want to record a video or any conference call, i want it to capture the audio from that call or video rolling on my iPad pro..

audio – freeze in 30-60 seconds on a macOS Catalina when connecting bluetooth headphones

I use a MacBook Pro 2018 (Catalina 10.15.7), the lags started a month ago and to this day they enrage me.

The problem itself is that when you connect any bluetooth headphones (JBL Live650BTNC or AirPods with wireless charging case), a freeze occurs (not every time, but very often), I can not play any audio, video or reload a web page, the whole browser freezes, and the system starts to strain, after 30-60 seconds Safari starts working and everything goes back to normal. ALSO, there were some random headphone disconnections in the middle of work.

I tried all the methods: I completely rebooted the bluetooth, deleted the .plist, rebooted NVRAM or PRAM and SMC, downloaded Hardware_IO_Tools_for_Xcode and, using the Bluetooth Explorer utility, made a force restore, switched to another profile, it had the same situation. I noticed that this problem manifests itself in the second half of the working day when the Mac is more loaded, perhaps this affects.
Sometimes when cleaning junk with Clean My Mac, everything returns to normal.

Here are some logs from the console at the moment of unsuccessful connection of headphones:

 - error    18:00:02.662935+0200 0 is not a valid connection ID.
 - CoreBluetooth isn't advertising for client type 9
 - AudioObjectAddPropertyListener: no object with given ID 0
 - AudioObjectHasProperty: no object with given ID 0
 - fault    17:33:46.413083+0200    Google Chrome Helper (GPU)  Couldn't read values in CFPrefsPlistSource<0x7fab1ee07570> (Domain: kCFPreferencesAnyApplication, User: kCFPreferencesCurrentUser, ByHost: No, Container: (null), Contents Need Refresh: Yes): accessing preferences outside an application's container requires user-preference-read or file-read-data sandbox access
 - error    17:34:18.737067+0200    kernel  Sandbox: bluetoothd(170) deny(1) mach-lookup

Software installed on my laptop(maybe this will help): VS code, Skype, Telegram, ZXP Installer, AppCleaner, Backup and sync from Google, CleanMyMac X, Figma, Macs Fan Control, coconutbattery, Nicepage, Discord, MongoDB Compass, uTorrent Web, VLC, Postman, Spotify, Keka, Trello,, Adobe Package, steam, Upwork, NTFS for Mac, Bluestacks, Chrome, Opera, MAMP, Viber, Turbo boost switcher, Final Cut Pro, Disk Inventory X, Cinebench, Flume, Color Note, and the rest of standard programs…

Maybe someone has encountered this problem? The only way out that I see is reinstalling macOS, but maybe there is another solution?

Bluetooth headphones unable to hear audio from both Discord and a game

My headphones, the Skullcandy Crusher Wirelesses, aren’t playing audio from both my Discord call and the game I’m playing. This is pretty annoying since I want to be in a call with some people, but the game itself relies on sound. I got these headphones to avoid all the cables – I don’t have a sound-card in my PC.
Help is appreciated. I couldn’t find many posts regarding this topic.