health – Obtaining insulin in Colombia as a foreign tourist

Asking for Information, the Right Way

You ask for a cost-/effort-effective solution to procuring insulin in Colombia. The fact that most authoritative websites on the topic only explain how to pack supplies, and how many to pack (see Diabetes UK for an example) somewhat hints to the fact that you are not guaranteed to be able to always find, and buy, insulin while abroad. Having said this, there are a few contacts you can poll to get a definitive yes/no answer on the matter.

Colombian Associations/Organisations

Here is a pdf document from the Diabetes UK organisation which summarises a lot of interesting information relevant to travelling with diabetes in Colombia. It is in my opinion one of the most complete sources of authoritative information available on the web.

The how to obtain insulin section of this leaflet does indeed suggest to inquire for medicine availability in your destination country, by contacting the manufacturers of your brand of insulin. Moreover it mentions the contacts of two Colombian associations you might want to contact either before or whilst travelling:

Asociación Colombiana de Diabetes, Calle 39A, No. 14-78, Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia

Tel +57-1-2880777 or 2883420 — Fax +57-1-3231582

E-mail — Website


Federación Diabetológica Colombiana (FDC), Calle 94 no. 15-32, Oficina 101, Bogotá D.C., Colombia

Tel +57-1-6359710/11/12 — Fax +57-1-6359711

E-mail — Website

Your Local Colombian Embassy/Consulate

In addition, the Travelling page of the Diabetes UK website advises you to ask your local Colombian authorities – embassies, consulates, etc. – for information on the topic.

First Hand Experiences on the Web

Prescription and Explanation Letter

There are however a number of first-hand experiences from diabetic worldwide travellers recorded on the web (see here for example). Most of which seem to suggest that with a prescription, and an explanation letter, from your “home” doctor, and a visit to a local doctor, you should be able to get a prescription in any country in which insulin is readily available. If you want to go the extra mile, think about translating the letter and prescription in Spanish.

Insulin Over the Counter in Central America

On the other hand, this post from a Lonely Planet thread on insulin and Central America states that it is possible to buy insulin over the counter in Costa Rica, without the need for a prescription:

I live in Costa Rica and there is no need for a prescription to buy insulin and needles.

This is about the only direct source of information I could find on the web. Of course you should not take this for an absolute truth.

Final Notes

I personally would not trust internet opinions alone, and would not gamble on the availability, and ease-of-purchase, of insulin in Colombia. Hence, be prepared and bring some supplies from home along with the necessary documentation from your doctor back home.

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Costa Rican health insurance and tourist visa length

Costa Rica requires all persons entering the country to:

  • have valid health insurance (that covers COVID-19)
  • provide an outbound ticket (either bus or plane)

Tourists visas are given to travellers for up to 90 days (at the discretion of the immigration officer)

I am travelling to Costa Rica with no set plans — could be there for 60 days, could be there for 90.

Health insurance for 90 days is extremely expensive. Suppose I buy my outbound bus ticket for 10 days after I arrive (but don’t intend to use it) — does the health insurance I buy need to cover just those 10 days?

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international travel – Asking whether I can apply for a health insurance with the link below

Allianz is a multi-national insurance company. The page you present solicits enrollment in travel insurance from Allianz in Italy. There’s a bit more to it than just filling out the “card” on the first page.

When one fills out the card, one is taken to another page, where one must choose various kinds of coverage, or decline those coverages. Finally, the customer must actually pay for the policy. Standard practice would be to do so using a credit card.

After the customer fills out all the requested fields on the various web pages, and makes the credit card payment, the insurance will be in force for the calendar term specified and the coverage(s) selected. Allianz may well not even send you an enrollment card, but only provide the possibility of printing out a confirmation page.

Finally, Allianz is far from alone in this field: many, many companies sell travel-related insurance of many types. Make sure you read all the pages to understand what might be covered, and what might be excluded.

Many buy insurance; many travel without it. Whether this is “worry-free” is a matter of opinion for you alone.

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Here is the health zone script.

    public PlayerHealth playerHealth;
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        if (playerHealth.currentHealth < playerHealth.maxHealth)
            playerHealth.currentHealth += (int)healthGain;

        if (playerHealth.currentHealth >= playerHealth.maxHealth)
            playerHealth.currentHealth = playerHealth.maxHealth;