Hetzner Fires for nothing!

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Selling – Newsflash: cPanel Extended For WHMCS v3.10.0 + SMS Center v3.7.0 + Hetzner VPS v1.4.0 | NewProxyLists

1. cPanel Extended For WHMCS V3.10.0

The grand new update of cPanel Extended For WHMCS has arrived embracing a string of new possibilities raised by the freshly implemented User Manager section! With it, your customers are empowered to create additional users along with their email, FTP, and web disk sub-accounts.

What is more, we have established support for Remote MySQL and ModSecurity. The first one permits customers to add remote host addresses that will allow visitors to connect to the MySQL databases. The second feature is responsible for protection of your clients’ domains – they are free to decide whether it should be enabled or not.

Learn more about cPanel Extended For WHMCS 3.10.0!

2. SMS Center For WHMCS V3.7.0

It’s common knowledge that untroubled flow of information both internal and external-wise is essential for smooth business operation. However, it is the skill of effective communication with both your teams and customers no matter the time and place that makes it truly stand out.

Our newly released SMS Center For WHMCS 3.7.0 will offer you the choice of 7 more SMS gateways! With this prominent update, you can also bound customers to re-validate their phone numbers, access the archive of SMS messages, serve new events such as “Invoice Activation” and “Order Paid Activation”, as well as make bulk status updates of the approval messages.

Look into a more extensive account of the newly implemented changes!

3. Hetzner VPS For WHMCS V1.4.0

Our Hetzner VPS For WHMCS is already known to many, but after today it is very likely to win the hearts of the entire WHMCS community! This well-thought-out solution responsible for bringing automation into provisioning and management of Hetzner servers has just been bolstered up with some further optimizations.

The 1.4.0 version introduces widely requested support for user data and floating IP addresses, as well as dynamic generation of hostname. Moreover, your clients are about to enjoy the freedom of ordering backups as an addition to the virtual machines. The richer the offer, the better!

Eager to learn more? Look into the remaining benefits listed neatly in the module′s changelog!

4. Over the last weeks we have also released a greal deal of WHMCS V8.0 compatibility updates:

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A website claims DMCA violation for mentioning their url, hetzner says they'll suspend my server

Anyone can share your thoughts on this ? If someone from Hetzner can clarify, it would be great.

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Hetzner Block me after 10 mins singup

Hello Firends,

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Buckle up for the Hetzner VPS For WHMCS 1.3.0 arrival! | NewProxyLists

1. Hetzner VPS For WHMCS 1.3.0

Have you been searching for an all-in-one tool for the provisioning of Hetzner servers from the familiar confines of your WHMCS? You have just found it!

Our Hetzner VPS For WHMCS has just arrived on our website in the freshly-minted 1.3.0 versionwith a bunch of new tools that you will surely appreciate. Especially the keenly awaited possibility to:

  • Determine the hostname that will be associated with a given IP address owing to the module’s integration with the Reverse DNS feature.
  • Charge your clients retrospectively for the actual amount of resources used in a given period of time with Metric Billing.
  • Use Server Sync Tool to import as well as synchronize the list of your Hetzner accounts with the records stored in your WHMCS.
  • Derive benefits from the newly added support for the inbuilt WHMCS bandwidth usage calculation on which basis usage statistics are generated in both admin and client area.

To ensure the tool’s smooth working, we have also tuned up a few more issues that you are welcome to browse through directly on the module’s page.

Learn more about Hetzner VPS For WHMCS 1.3.0!

2. Do not forget to check out also the list of our other module updates rolled out in the last couple of days:

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Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!



Hello my dear friends, I’ll sell cloud accounts with bonus balance.

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how can fix this subnet IP Pack issue on Hetzner Dedicated servers ?


I using Subnet IP Pack on Hetzner Dedicated Server and on my Dedicated server installed Virtualizor (KVM) Virtualization system,

after order this subnets I requested help from Virtualizor team for how can add this subnet IP’s on the system that can create VPS by my ordered IP’s,

Response from Virtualizor is :



Hetzner provides MAC address only for single Ip’s, for subnet IP’s there is no requirement of MAC.

Kindly check the provided guide and setup IP pool subnet IP’s as shown.

>> https://www.virtualizor.com/docs/admin/nat/

Let us know if you need any further info.


And I added IP’s by this link help: https://www.virtualizor.com/docs/admin/nat/

and now I have a big problem that all of our system on this IP’s have an issue !

All VPS that created on this Subnet IP’s, Return Dedicated IP Address!

when I order for example Directadmin Licesne or Cpanel or … for my VPS IP (example : ) :

when installing I faced by this error :

You are not authorized to download the update package with that client id and license id for this IP address.

when I report this to DirectAdmin, I receive an answer that your VPS IP is not and IP for VPS is ( this IP is for Dedicated server ! ), and when running this Command :

curl http://ipinfo.io/ip

Return IP while this VPS IP is!

Please help with this, I can’t install any Cpanel, DirectAdmin and … Panels or Service on this VPS that have Subnet IP’s!


Hetzner dedicated server how to do backup


I had cloud with hetzner it was so easy to take backup and one day I made a mess with my server with one click restored the whole server.

WOW so nice and convenient but now I got a dedicated server with them however they have a storebox ( not sure what is the exact name) or some thing for backup

Any body knows about it? It seems it is just a space and not exactly like restoring the whole server with cloud right?

OK if that is so any body can tell me how to have a reliable snapshot or what ever you call it tools so I can just go back like time machine?

I mess up with servers a lot so want to make sure I can save myself from trouble