Hey y'all

I am a web designer from the US. I work for a local government as their web admin, but I also do my own stuff on the side.

Hey Everyone!

Hello there,
I’m brand new to the forum. I’m a business analyst by day and a wannabe writer by night. I’ve recently started a travel blog (bad timing, I know!) I’ve had the domain for two years but I’ve only just got around to actually doing some work on the site. Main focus just now is building up a decent bank of content.

Looking forward to connecting with people.

Serial Jet Setter

Hey dudes, I am new

thought it would be useful to introduce myself to this great community.
I am webmaster from Germany, Munich. My name is Stephan.
Happy to join.


David here from Miami. COVID19's a bitch and I hope you're all doing well.

Hey i know u might not wanna do it, but can u create a slime sprite animation? [closed]

  1. Green slime

  2. purple top hat on his side

  3. just a simple moving animation and idle don’t need to be all that

  4. I know this sounds selfish but I don’t want to pay any money

I tried creating my own but all these sprite sites are garbage so I need a little help.

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Hey! Want a easy 20$ bucks? Get in here!

Hello you all!
I need someone to make 7 small banners for my ''Categories'' Store online that I have.
Here are categories:

  1. Low Price Systems (Point of sale systems that are low price refurbished, used and some new items)
  2. NEW POS Systems (Point of sale systems that are only NEW)
  3. Mobile and Tablets Systems (Point of sale systems that based of tablets)
  4. Accessories (accessories for point of sale systems like scanner, printers etc)

Hey! Want a easy 20$ bucks? Get in here!

Hey Providers and Hosts: Five Awesome Reasons to Post an Offer on LowEndBox

If you’re a provider and this is your first time visiting LowEndBox or you’ve thought about but never quite submitted an offer, you may wonder what the advantages are.  There are many.

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If you’re hunting moose, you don’t go to Costa Rica.  LowEndBox is a concentration of the kind of customers you want: daily users of shared, reseller, VPS, VPN, and dedicated hosting services.   Our readers want to try new hosts.


Every mention of you on LEB leverages LowEndBox’s awesome page rank to boost your SEO and give your site link juice.  We don’t cripple links with “nofollow” or anything like that.  Keywords like “hosting” are some of the most expensive clicks you can buy on the big hosting platforms, so if you want to improve your organic traffic, post an offer and benefit from our juice.

Loving Attention!

LowEndBox is not just a laundry list of hosts.  We check out each host before posting them, adorn their post with colorful art, trying to bring out the company’s personality, and give you a great platform to tell your story.  We’re trying to create interesting content for our readers, so if you’re looking for someone to spend a little time getting to know your company and share it with the world, post an offer on LEB.

Stand Out From the Crowd!

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Posting an offer on LowEndBox is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available to hosts today.  If you’re interested, or just want to learn more, check out our offer submission guidelines or contact us at our help desk.


I’m Andrew, techno polymath and long-time LowEndTalk community Moderator. My technical interests include all things Unix, perl, python, shell scripting, and relational database systems. I enjoy writing technical articles here on LowEndBox to help people get more out of their VPSes.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Hey whites, do you realize that you will become a minority ?

You will become persecuted too

Hey liberals, if trump is such a bad president than why was he elected huh?

The liberals are butt hurt because the people saw though the corruption, lies, and treason of their precious Hillary. Notably, Trump has never deleted his emails, nor has he pulled a benghazi. The people spoke, and the liberals are butthurt because liberals are the source of the majority of child molesting and corruption that goes on in the government.