How to hide password in the ansible host file

I have some windows hosts are configured with WinRM in order to let Ansible connect them. Not like Linux hosts can do ssh-copy-id to avoid entering the credentials, I have to put my admin password in the /etc/ansible/host in order to connect these windows machines:

cat /etc/ansible/hosts


ansible_user= administrator

Is there any way to avoid having the plain-text password in the hosts file?

I am very new to Ansible, any help is appreciated!

Hide Poll Results | NulledTeam UnderGround

Forum user-group based permissions to allow poll contents to be hidden.

Permissions (per-forum)

  • Hide poll results
  • Bypass hidden poll results by self
  • Bypass hidden poll results by all

The first will give users an additional option when they are creating or editing a poll:


If poll results are hidden, then they will remain completely hidden to everyone until either, the “Hide…

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plugins – Woocommerce – Disable “Add to Cart” button (not hide), and add additional button with features

plugins – Woocommerce – Disable “Add to Cart” button (not hide), and add additional button with features – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

theming – CSS styling breaks field hide mechanism

I have some jquery set up to hide a radio list field when the user clicks on an adjacent field. I’m trying to style the radio list to display horizontally, but it breaks the jquery. I believe this happens because I am declaring the display value for the radio list in CSS, which overrides the hide function in the code.

The jquery looks like this:

      // apply event handler to radio inputs
      $('.main-field input').change(function(){
        // if 1 or more YES selections are found
        if($('.main-field input:checked').length > 0){
          // hide submit button
        // otherwise
          // show submit button

The css portion to style the radio list currently includes this:

.radio-list-item-wrapper {
    display: inline;
    margin: 10px 1em;
    padding: 0;
    list-style: none;
    position: relative;

I have tried using flex instead of inline, but that doesn’t work either. None of the other attributes affect functionality.

Is there a way to display a radio list horizontally without declaring the display: inline/flex attribute, or perhaps a different approach that gets me the display I want without breaking the jquery code?

This is for a Drupal 7 site.

magento2 – How can i hide specific shipping method for specific customer group in magento 2

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forms – Hide field dynamically with click on any radio list option – JQuery

I have two radio list fields in a form. I need to hide field1 when any option in field2 is clicked. There are loads of examples for doing this when toggling on a specific radio option, but I can’t seem to get the syntax right to trigger the hide when clicking on ANY option in the main radio list. This is what I have so far:

 $(function() {
   $("input(name='optionName(und)')").click(function() {
     if ($("#chkYes").is(":checked")) {
     } else {

This isn’t working, and I’ve tried several syntax variations, but most of the solutions I’m finding are javascript, not jquery.

Magento 1 : hide price for guest when price is 0

I want the price of some products on the site to be displayed only to users who have logged in
To do this, I want to say that if the price of the product was 0 and the user did not loged in, write the following text
Log in to view prices

I use the following code which only checks the login and displays the text for all users

echo '<span class="login_for_price"><strong>Login to See Price</strong></span><br>';

sharepoint online – Hide Column Based on Another Column Value Using JSON View Formatting

You could use the below JSON code to format the column A:

  "$schema": "",
  "debugMode": true,
  "elmType": "div",
  "txtContent": "@currentField",
  "style": {
    "display": "=if(($ColumnD)=='Yes','none','')"

Test Result:

enter image description here

magento2 – how to hide the filter in product listing page without modify the code base?

Your question is pretty confusing as you want to hide it without touching code, but you also want to do it by CSS or JS which is code?

Either way, you can hide it with CSS by using this:

.sidebar .filter {
    display: none !important;

Although the better method would be to remove it with layout XML then you don’t even need to load it, there’s no point in loading a block just to always hide it.

conditional – How to hide a SharePoint list column if its own value is empty?

Is there a way with SharePoint online lists, to hide a column if the user did not fill in a value for it? If so, how can I setup this conditional logic for the column to check against itself?

I have 20 non-required fields a user can fill in. But if they only choose to fill in 5 of the 20, I want to hide the other 15 whenever we are not in edit mode.

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