[OzzModz] Hide Users IP In Public

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[OzzModz] Hide Users IP In Public – Hode selected users IP

Simple addon that hides users you define in the addons options. The IP’s will be hidden in the in the front end. This does not hide it in the ACP.

hideip options.png

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[MMO] Hide Bb-Code Content System | NullScripts

When the user clicks the reaction and the message contains a tag code or something, the tag stopped being processed.
Added event mh_hide_auth_tag_codes if you need to display information that the guest needs to log in or register to view hidden content
Can select all reactions in dialog
Added a style property that allows you to hide the title from hidden content which is able to view
Change phrases
Minor changes in tags


dnd 5e – Hide an artifact

In my D&D 5e campaign my players have found an artifact, to be specific a Necronomicon (which is more or less a spellbook) and now they carried it around.

Most of the abilities of the book are already known to the players:

  1. The main purpose of the book is to be found (and read) – this is its
    primary goal, everything else is secondary.
  2. Because of that (point 1) its magic trace always can be detected – for now they keep it in a lead box within a bag of holding – even then people
    in a radius of approximately 50 feet can detect or react to the books
  3. Once completely read it basically starts the event chain for Ragnarök
    • the destruction of the current era to move on to the next one
  4. It also contains all 7 great evils – they already “destroyed”
  5. In order to destroy it they would have to destroy the Far Realms, so
    basically a whole plane – not really an option yet for them since
    they are lvl 10.

Since the book bugs them more and more, they are trying to hide it now – the bag of holding combination is barely working for them. More and more monsters are chasing them for the book and they are getting pretty much super annoyed by it.

I was thinking of a logical way for how they actually can get rid of the book without “returning”, but I don’t want to “gift” it to them.

A few things I already ruled out:

  1. Just hiding it on another plane

  2. Dumping it in the sea/volcano/forest/whatever

  3. Giving to some strong NPC that knows about the book, since the book
    can corrupt even the strongest and kindest mind

Is there any “smart” way to actually get the book out of their way for at least a few sessions so that they stop going crazy about it? I want to be able to give them a “little hint” in order that they then figure it out themselves.

Main Reason for this, the problem to solve

The game sessions are getting more and more about discussions of how to get rid of the book instead of actually playing – which is very annoying in the long run for both sides of the DM screen.

Hide selected cell indicator from other users

When i shared a spreadsheet, i will see that if other users click on a cell , it will be higlighted in my end. I don’t want to see this because it’s quite annoying.

Is it possible to disable the highlight from other users?

security – How to hide other user’s home directories on Linux

I run several systems with hundreds of home directories (a custom web hosting setup, where third parties can have control of certain accounts).

Currently any user could SSH in (or via a script) do “ls /home” and see all the accounts on the server. They can’t do anything with that information of course, “ls /home/user” would fail, however I’m wondering how “ls /home” could just show the current user’s folder.

I’ve seen a few exploit attempts in the past (clients with insecure code/bad passwords – another topic) where the attacker makes a folder in one account, and then makes an array of symlinks looking at other home folders and trying to guess for sensitive file locations and hoping permissions are weak somewhere. By hiding “ls /home” this would frustrate them and I don’t think they usually try too many other techniques.

Just an additional safety net, ideally without going down the path of chroot or jails. It’s mostly just to break automated scripts if someone did gain access.
The permissions are secure so users only have read/write access inside their own home folder.

8 – Can’t hide website html on the /user/login path

I’m a newbie with Drupal. I’ve created a simple theme with html.html.twig, page.html.twig and page--user.html.twig files in the /templates folder of the theme.

Now I’m trying to display login form and hide html code of the website when I’m on the /user/login path in the html.html.twig file like:

{% if '/user/' in url('<current>') %}
{{ page }} # display login form
{% else %}
<!DOCTYPE html>
... # website (frontend) html code
{% endif %}

But the website html is still displayed at the /user/login path.

How to hide it there correctly?

ps. Drupal 8.9.16

wp query – Hide Posts / Pages / Products with ACF-field still visible for the REST API

I have a function that determens if the current user is NOT a reseller and if so, adds a meta_query to the pre_get_posts action to check if an ACF-field is true or false. This is how the function looks like:

add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'hide_product_when_not_reseller', 10, 1 );
function hide_product_when_not_reseller( $query ) {
    if ( ! current_user_is_reseller() ) {
                'relation' => 'OR',
                    'key'     => 'hide_product',
                    'value'   => '0',
                    'compare' => '=',
                    'key'     => 'hide_product',
                    'compare' => 'NOT EXISTS',

The trouble is that the WordPress REST API still shows the posts that is supposed to be hidden and I guess the pre_get_posts action is not run when the posts are queried by the API. I’ve tried experimenting with rest_page_query and rest_post_dispatch with no luck.

I’d love some help to get me in the right direction here.

How to hide a form element when a datetime widget is filled using #states

The following code is working well to hide a button when a textfield is filled, but it is not working when a datetime widget is encoded:

$form('my_button') = (
  '#type' => 'container',
  'submit' => (
    '#type' => 'submit',
    '#value' => t("Click on me"),
    '#submit' => ('submit_me')),
    '#states' => (
      'visible' => (
        ':input(data-drupal-selector=selector-of-my-text-field)' => ( 
          'filled' => FALSE,

Any hint?

adb – Hide original app badge icon [Pixel Android 11, root allowed]

I wanted to ask if there’s any way (settings, adb, Magisk) to hide the app icon of the original app on a homescreen shortcut.

When I e.g. create a shortcut to a webpage in Firefox, there’s always the Firefox logo on the favicon of the page (image), can you disable it?

Firefox icon is on top of favicon