What would Hillary have said about Iran?

The Obama administration, with the active participation of Hillary Clinton, spent eight years trying to repair the barriers with Iran. They understood that we needed Iran to counter the evil influence of the Saudis in this region, and made a very real effort to put this in place until Trump completely destroyed it.

It is therefore reasonable to assume that as President, Hillary Clinton would not have repealed our treaty agreements with Iran and that we would simply not be in this useless position.


Why nearly 1000 days after the end of his political career, is Trump still campaigning against Hillary?

The only thing you need to know about Donald Trump to understand the motivation behind each of his words, deeds and deeds:

It's a pathological narcissist, and pathological narcissists need constant attention to survive.

His campaign has never stopped because he needs to be in front of an audience, absorbing their admiration (if disparaged) and their worship (as misplaced). He's not going to sit behind closed doors at the White House, that's why he's constantly holding rallies, cheerfully preaching the same hatred pleasing to the crowd at the same cheerfully hateful crowd for two and a half years.

Just look at it: when he loses the next election – and he will actually lose – his first thing to do is to accuse Dems of rigging the election. Then he can go on Fox News and preach in front of the top how he got a gross contract. Because he's narcissistic, he can not understand the concept of the great Donald Trump losing in any other way than someone having cheated. And with the language firmly anchored in the back of Fox News, he knows at least he will always have the opportunity to appear on TV every day.


Why does Joe Biden's campaign fail long before Hillary Clinton becomes a viable candidate?

Second term of Tough Women For Trump – the main candidate for the White House press

Stephanie Grisham, director of communications at the White House for the first lady, Melania Trump, has been a loyal soldier who has been fighting to advance Trump's agenda since her first month of election campaign in 2015, when she was in the midst of an election campaign. she was press attaché.
In December, the Washington Post noted that Grisham had become "one of the most powerful figures of the ever-changing Trump White House" and had named "the head of Melania Trump".



Why did the Conservatives not attack Colin Powell for using a private messaging server like Hillary Clinton?

I still hope that Hillary Clinton, an innocent mischievous person, will come to talk to us, perhaps at C-SPAN1 or at "The Rachel Maddow Show" in order to avenge her reputation and her name.

Those of you who rely solely on propaganda generated for years by criminals hating democracy named in Jane Mayer's 2017 book, "DARK MONEY: The Hidden History of Billionaires Behind the rise of the radical right "(the government overthrows the oligarchs in the Donors Network Koch), and by the Russian propaganda network MAFIA set up by Vladimir Putin, who spent more than $ 1,000,000 a month in 2015 and 2016 to interfere in our democratic processes – anti-Hillary, kompromat pro-puppet Trump ("The plot to destroy democracy: how Putin and his spies undermine America and dismantle the United States. "West" by Malcolm Nance, CIA Counterintelligence Expert, 2017).

That said, I can deepen your question even further by reminding your readers that between 2001 and 2008, while Republicans controlled the three branches of our government (White House, House and Senate, the judiciary), 13 attacks killers were perpetrated. On US diplomatic sites, two of those 13 deadly attacks on SAME CONSULATE in Karachi, Pakistan. During the period 2001-2008, the two members appointed by GW at the head of the state department (General Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice) used … private servers. Colin Powell went to CNN with Wolf Blitzer, then to "Meet The Press" on NBC with Chuck Todd to publicly acknowledge that he had used a private server, and then continued: "I've erased all my emails ", which broke the only rule in effect for the state: the Foreign Information Act of 1955 – a law that allowed the use of private servers, but which also required that "work-related communications" make copies. Colin Powell told Blitzer: "I've erased all my emails." How is it that none of these THIRTEEN ATTACKS are being held in front of the Congress on real diplomatic sites while the GOP controlled the Congress?

Let's move on to September 11, 2012 – night attack on a newly liberated building in the Libyan village of Benghazi. Guess what, guys? This building which was the subject of a vicious attack of 11/09/2012 (year of the election) was not a state department facility – this year 39; was a CIA outing, something Republican MP Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) let slip a month later during a rowdy press. conference where Chaffetz happily boasted: "Of course, we [the Republicans] cut [$435 million in 2011 and 2011] Department of State budget requests for security – we had to start somewhere. "Chaffetz has suggested that this building was a CIA outpost, but the then CIA general manager, David Petraeus (also a Republican), rushed Broadwell, biographer of his history extramarital, confessed that he had provided the "talking points" to the UN ambassador at the time, Susan Rice, for the shows that he had The three Navy SEALs who died in Benghazi on 9/11/2012 were CIA OPERATIVES, not State Department employees, but this simple fact did not prevent the enemies of the right. control of the GOP or the Russian trolls and propaganda robots to lie on Hillary in order to "reduce the number of its polls" in time for the elections – an admission made by the majority whip to the House, Kevin McCarthy ( R-CA), who was competing for retiring President John Boehner.
This shift in truth cost McCarthy the presidency.

Hillary Clinton complied with the Foreign Information Act (1955) for the State Department and kept copies of work-related communications, but Powell did not did … and yet no hearing for Bush appointees? Another exculpatory detail omitted by the GoP: Henry Kissinger won a Supreme Court case ignoring Democrats' demand for a Democrat-controlled Congress that the then-secretary, Kissinger, was to hand over his records and documents. communications and hand them over to the Library of Congress. He was sued by the Democrats and SCOTUS finally decided that it is up to the Secretary of State to decide which communications are work related and which are not! How is it that Congressional Republicans have never bothered to honor this Supreme Court decision which is the law of the land with respect to Secretary Clinton?

The people have abused their power and we (the people) should bring a class action against them for diverting taxpayers' money in order to target a political rival – an abuse of power on their part.


The murder of Linda Collins Smith to prevent him from testifying against Hillary Clinton, will he be reported as another suicide like the other 32?

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