Why is it when you ask a question about Trumps errors, the disadvantages evoke Hillary and Obama?

Everything is projection. The idiots can not accept the fact that their orange fuhrer has risen so often, and they think that saying "BUT OBAMA MADE THE SAME THING" changes the fact that Trump made a mistake. True liberals know that Obama and Hillary are snakes. You do not know where they will have the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčloving them. It is a fallacious line of reasoning, but on the other hand we use it all the time.

EDIT: Hey John, what are you talking about buddy? We have EXPRESSLY talked about Obama's failures as president. He deported many immigrants who committed non-violent crimes, he insisted on poor trade agreements (which Trump claimed to be against but implemented after winning his election), bailed out the banks when the recession is over. happened, and so many things I could go on. I do not know where you got the idea that we think Obama is an angel. This is the story that Fox told you, and as you are incapable of thinking for yourself, you now accept everything your lords tell you as a fact. Contrary to your disadvantages, we control our elected officials. We criticize EVERY thing that they do wrong. Perhaps you should stop taking what Trump says literally. Obedience to authority figures leads to sects such as what is happening with the Republican Party and its obsession with the Orange Chief Toddler.

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Hillary was thinking of what in the world when she called Trump's supporters deplorable? How could someone like she do such a misstep?

At the time, I was talking about politics and my description seemed to be the same. I thought HRC was way too nice in choosing such a weak word to describe TrumpSukers on social networks.

Trump Morons then redefined the expletive into something of which one can be proud.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why did Hillary lose the states of oscillation that she had to win?

[Politics] Open question: Why did Hillary lose the states of oscillation that she was supposed to win?

Why do Republicans think centrist and conservative Democrats like Hillary and Joe Biden are "socialist radicals"?

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton do not really have real views. Both have made a career by saying only what people want to hear.

What other countries do or do not do is an argument for nothing. I do not want government in the health sector, one point is everything. I do not care what countries do to their health sector.

The Conservatives would not want the government to force companies to provide services they do not want to provide. They are therefore in favor of repealing the violation of human rights known as Obamacare.

Edit: Good Lord, a nonprofit thing does not make it cheaper. Public education costs more per pupil than private education and yet, public education does not have a profit-making purpose. Have a clue.

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Why did President Trump not arrest Hillary as he promised?

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