Turing machines, robots and general artificial intelligence [on hold]

Are Turing machines the only process and / or process for creating true artificial intelligence?

Which SQL database is good for Angular? [on hold]

I'm trying to create a project with Angular V8 and I'd like to know what SQL database is good for that?

Fractional Order Method Adams Bash-Four Moulton [on hold]

Code for Adams Bash-Four Moulton Method

How are customs fees calculated when shipping United States – Canada goods? [on hold]

Let's say my uncle wants to send me one or two phones of the occasion (about 400 dollars each) from the United States. How are customs fees calculated at the border? Same question for Canada in the United States.

And what about books?

Android authentication oauth2 via zoho [on hold]

Hello, I am currently working on an aundroid project. I am trying to authenticate via oauth2. I had trouble configuring how to map the oauth2 redirection URL which should return the response code to my application. How to register in the Zoho oauth2 application.

What are the game engines for editing the source code at runtime? [on hold]

I want to know the game engines that can edit the source code at runtime. I know that godot could do it but I do not like the language used. and are there any python game engines to do it?

What is the best WordPress Job Board theme? [on hold]

I am looking for a theme for WordPress. Is there a good job theme that is considered the best? Thank you.

Is Grammarly Premium useful? [on hold]

I just want to know what it's worth to have premium grammar like grammar checker? I want to try these apps but I want to know if it's really worth it to have.

Extract the balance of everything utxo [on hold]

Can you explain how the wallet gets the balance of certain BEAM blockchain secret phrases (and other WM-based bases)? How I understand, it's impossible to pkG + sumH = 0. How can the user extract the amount of coins from the downloaded blockchain?