How to make UML diagrams for internet-blog [on hold]

Help me, please, I'm new to UML. I need to make the following diagrams for my internet blog:

  1. component diagram;
  2. deployment diagram;
  3. use case diagram;
  4. packaging diagram;
  5. static structure diagram.

My internet blog should look like this one:

How has the MacBook graphics card been upgraded over generations? [on hold]

Does Apple upgrade the graphics card to each new generation of MacBook or does the graphics card hardly improve?
I mean we have objective metric GPU performance.

How to extract numbers from a python string? [on hold]

input: userVariable = "someTextWithNumbers432andTextwith331"
output: odd = [331]
        even = [432]

Can someone help me? I have this string and I want to extract the numbers like this.

What is the future of blockchain in 2020? [on hold]

What will be the future of blockchain in 2020

App crash on Android 9, but works well with other versions [on hold]

Hi guys, I made a simple radio player application using the help of this app

It works well other Android, but it hangs on Android 9, when launching the application, it is launched, but when the click list item, it hangs on Android 9, but works very of course
And report says crash from notifications
Please help me iam a beginner for android

How to index my site to TOOL and the search engine Ask? [on hold]

I did some research but I did not have a solution. I want to index my website on AOL and Ask search engines. Please help me index.

How to find the necessary and sufficient conditions? [on hold]

Suppose we know the sufficient condition (not necessary) and the necessary condition (not sufficient). What is the best way to find a necessary and sufficient condition?

How to get started in Game Dev's career with C # and Unity? [on hold]

I am a C # and Angular software developer. I'm trying to learn more about Unity, because I know C #.

I was wondering how to start with game development and how to get a job in one company?

Looney tunes the world of chaos mechanics [on hold]

Has anyone who played the game in question could explain to me how is calculated the power and damage of a character?

I have an idea for an RPG game just like that and I just wanted to use LTWOM as a guide if you want to …

Thank you