As a South African passport holder, what is the minimum time to expiry required if I wish to fly into the country

In more detail:

I live in the UK. I am a dual national (SA and UK) but according to SA law must enter and leave the country on my SA passport. Because of delays to renewing SA passports from the UK, I am looking to return to SA and renew my passport while I am there. I have two questions

  1. my SA passport has less than a month to expiry – will I be allowed to enter SA with this being the case?
  2. is there anyone here with knowledge of how long it is taking to get SA passports renewed from within SA?

Thanks in advance

visas – Is Puerto Rico considered As USA for green card holder?

Yes, Puerto Rico is part of the USA for immigration purposes, as is every US territory and possession. You can stay there as long as you wish. In fact, many green card holders live in Puerto Rico and other US territories.

From the USCIS document M-618 (rev. 09/15) Welcome to the United States A Guide for New Immigrants:

The United States now consists of 50 states; the District of Columbia (a special area that is the home of the federal government); the territories of Guam, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands; and the Commonwealths of the Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico.

There are a few other minor outlying possessions (such as some protected Pacific islands) which are also part of the USA but traveling to such places requires special permission. They aren’t mentioned because travel to them is extremely rare, and in most cases no one at all lives there, but as they are part of the USA they still count.

Note that many US territories and possessions have different customs and agriculture/biosecurity rules than the mainland US, but this does not affect your immigration status.

Note also that you should bring your green card and passport if you travel to or from Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. While this is a purely domestic flight, and it is not strictly required for you to have your passport, if the flight has an emergency it may need to divert to an airport at an island which is not part of the USA. You will need your travel documents if this happens.

proof provenance of funds – Green card holder applying for the UK visitor visa

I am a full time student in college and I also have a full time job that I have worked for 2 years. I want to visit Jersey The Channel island because my boyfriend lives there. Due to Covid- 19, my school is fully online. Therefore, I can be anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. I have also been planning to quit my job when school starts because it is too difficult to balance full time school and work. But decides to stick for a while until I leave to travel.

I want to apply for the UK visa visitor, and stay in Jersey in my boyfriend’s house for a month. He also lives with his mother. I understand I will be required to quarantine for the first two weeks. I will be able to financially support myself. What are the documents that my boyfriend will need to provide? Will his mom too?. Does he need to show his bank statements and pay slips?

I am planning to quit my job when I travel, so I wont be able to provide them leave of absence letter. Is being a college student enough to convince them that I will not overstay? Should I ask my professors for “leave of absence”?

I applied for US citizenship back in February. Due to Covid, it has been delayed and the website says that I will have to attend the interview and oath ceremony in November. Will that be a good reason to return to the USA and not overstay in the UK?

I have $3000 in savings, is that enough fund for one month?

❓ASK – Been an investor or share holder in a business. | NewProxyLists

What I meant is that why trying to grow a business especially if you need funds for fast expansion, the share holders or Investors may be demanding for higher percentage shares or dividends for a period of time which you may succumb to just to get the finance, if eventually you succeed and the time frame expired if a new deal is to be set you can give them your own convinient terms because at this point you may be numerous intending investors because people love to Invest in already grown and sustained companies or busineses.

europe – Can South Korean passport holder temporarily living in Vietnam enter EU countries?

I am a South Korean passport holder who’s been in Vietnam since early this year. I am in Vietnam on an extended tourist visa, not as a resident.

I would like to leave Vietnam and enter any EU countries that opened their border to Korean citizens (like Greece, Denmark, for example). However, I found the entry requirement of each country to be quite unclear if me being a Korean passport holder is enough to enter the country or I should have stayed in Korea before coming to these EU countries.

Does anybody have a similar situation or an answer for this?

Thank you!

germany – J-1 visa holder applying for German D visa

I am currently in the US as a J-1 visa holder, and I am applying for a researcher visa in Germany soon.

I have noticed that in the visa application form there is a field for “residence
permit number” and the corresponding expiration date, but I am unsure as to what
to write in that field, since the visa and the DS-2019 have different number and
different expiration dates.

Could anyone inform me which of them is expected in the form?

Design contest rules for contest holder

Hello DP members

This is not a contest but I feel there are few rules that are missing in this forum under design contest section
1. First and foremost thing is all contests should have a winner if the number of designs are at least 5. At some instances there can be more than one winner.
2. If the contest holder fails to follow the first rule he/she should be given a warning. If he/she gets more than 3 warnings then he/she should me blocked from design contests section.
3. The contest holder should post his/her requirements clearly in his original post and also he/she should include the deadline (exact date and time including timezone) of the contest and must adhere to it at any cost. Failing which a warning shall be given. By doing so it keeps the integrity of the contest and the forum.
4. At the same time, for the contest holder some kind of points or a badge could be given If he/she successfully complete 5 or 6 contests without any issues. By this way the designer knows if the contest holder is reliable.

The main reason why the above rule is important because a contest holder will start a contest on behalf of his/her client. If he don’t get any reply from his client or if the client doesn’t like any of the designs then the CH will simply abandon the contest. In such cases, the amount of time invested by each designer for that contest will be in vein.

If everyone follow the rules that I posted then I am pretty sure there will be a big difference in the design contest section.

I hope most of the DP member will be my side in supporting all the points that I made above.

BTW, I hope this is the best place to post this message. If not kindly move it to appropriate sections.

thanks and regards


neutral density – Can I use a screw-on variable ND filter together with a square filter holder?

It’s possible to do what you want to do, but it’s a little fiddly to use. Certainly doable, though.

  1. Screw the K&F Concept VND onto the lens.
  2. Screw the correct Cokin Z lens adapter onto the front of the VND filter.
  3. Adjust the VND to the desired light stoppage.
  4. (Optional, but recommended) Tape down the VND so it can’t rotate. You don’t need a lot of tape, just a small tab or two. I highly recommend finding gaffer’s tape for this — it won’t leave a residue, is easy to remove, and is restickable so you can lift the tape, adjust the VND rotation, re-stick, etc.
  5. Attach the Cokin Z holder with whatever square filters you wish to use.
  6. Take the shots.

I’ve done this with my 100 mm square filter system, and various different circular polarizers mounted to the lens. It’s a bit tedious, but it works, and more importantly, doesn’t limit you to just the thin CPL that is made to only fit a particular holder brand.

Other than the fiddle nature of the setup, the other major drawback is that sometimes it’s difficult to remove filters (or adapters, in this case) that were mounted onto the front of a rotating-ring polarizer (which the VND counts as). This is especially true of aluminum filter rings & threads, which the vast majority of screw-on filters are these days (including K&F Concepts’ filters). Be sure to buy a couple inexpensive filter wrenches and keep them with you in the field, incase the Cokin adapter gets a bit stuck onto the K&F VND.

Special note for K&F Concept VND filters

With the K&F Concept VND filters, you have to pay special attention to the fact that the rear (male) threads of the VND are a different diameter than the front (female) threads. In essence, in addition to being a variable ND filter, the K&F VND also acts as a step-up ring.

For instance, say you want to fit the VND onto a lens with a 67 mm filter thread. The K&F VND filter with a 67 mm male thread has a front female thread of 72 mm. That means you would need the Cokin Z 72 mm adapter in order to mount the square filter holder.

But now, you can’t mount the Cokin holder onto the lens without the K&F VND, unless you either also buy the Cokin Z 67 mm adapter, or you buy a 67–72 mm step-up ring in order to use the 72 mm Cokin adapter. The step-up ring is definitely the cheaper option.

The FAQ section at the K&F Concepts’ VND product page states,

What is the lens hood/lens cap size if used on variable ND filters?

For this series, front thread diameter is bigger than the back thread diameter.

Variable ND filter size      other accessories size
37mm                         40.5mm
40.5mm                       43mm
43mm                         46mm
46mm                         49mm
49mm                         52mm
52mm                         55mm
55mm                         58mm
58mm                         62mm
62mm                         67mm
67mm                         72mm
72mm                         77mm
77mm                         82mm
82mm                         86mm

cokin Z holder and varible screw on ND filter?

I have a K&F Variable screw on filter.

I want to buy the Cokin Z series holder for GND.

It is not possible to use the Cokin Z holder with GNDs with the variable ND screw in filter?

I have added pics.K@F screw on filter

Cokin Z holder