cokin Z holder and varible screw on ND filter?

I have a K&F Variable screw on filter.

I want to buy the Cokin Z series holder for GND.

It is not possible to use the Cokin Z holder with GNDs with the variable ND screw in filter?

I have added pics.K@F screw on filter

Cokin Z holder

lens – is using a screw on ND filter along with GND filers which require a holder possible?

I have a screw on 3 – 7 stop variable ND filter which screws on to the lens.

I want to buy some GND soft grads which require a filter holder (This holder needs to screw on to the lens).

Am I right in saying that these two cannot be used at the same time as they both need to be screwed onto the lens?

I was hoping maybe the varible filter would have a thread on the outside as well as the inside so I could screw the holder onto that but I dont think that’s the case.

Is the only way to use ND and GNDs together is by slotting them into a holder?

Thank you!

visas – Applying for ESTA, or any travel document (vacation) as an ex US Permanent Resident Card holder

From what you have stated on here, you no longer have permanent residency. Your parents abandoned their permanent residency and carried you along. Parents abandonment are reasonably imputed to minor children.

Matter of Zamora


If an LPR parent is found to have abandoned his or her residence, and
has taken his or her child out of the US, the parent’s abandonment
will be imputed to the child. The child’s intentions are irrelevant –
only the parent’s are, according to the BIA. Matter of Zamora, 17 I&N
Dec. 395 (BIA 1980)

This is what will happen if you attempt to travel on your permanent residence card. First of all the airline in your country will likely prevent you from boarding because your physical card has expired. Even if you’re able to clear that hurdle, immigration at the airport in the USA have no choice but to admit you because abandonment is only determined by an immigration judge. At the airport immigration would charge an LPR it believed had abandoned his or her status under INA § 237(a)(1)(A) for being inadmissible at the time of admission.

You will receive a Notice To Appear before an immigration judge who will make the final determination. From what you have provided it will be a formality, your permanent residence will almost certainly be deemed abandoned. At that point you will start accruing illegal presence which you will have to declare whenever you’re applying for a visa to any country whose forms ask if you’ve ever been deported or refused entry into a country.

To save you this trouble and out of an abundance of caution, the embassy asked you to formally abandon your permanent residency so that you don’t face the issues outlined above. They’re not telling you this because they think you’re still a permanent resident. It’s just to make your travels stress free.

Save yourself the trouble, or alternatively if you have an appetite for risk taking, time to waste in immigration court, and spare money for an immigration attorney, attempt to travel with the card in your possession.

photography basics – Do I need more than one filter holder for different brands?

I am currently looking for ND and Grad ND filters for my camera for long exposures. Im a newbie and new to it all and am a little confused. The question is

Let's say I bought a Cokin P-series filter pack with a holder, can I use this holder to use other branded filters that are not Cokin?

Or must the support and the filter be of the same brand?

Thank you!

India – Renewal of the Indian passport and extension of I-94 for the holder of an H1B visa in a special situation COVID-19

Your passport simply needs to be valid at the time you file a request for status extension (your company files I-129 for your H1b status extension as well as you file I-539 for your son's H4 status extension) . There is no requirement as to the validity period of your passport at the time of the request for extension of status, so you should be able to file an extension request with your current passport before its expiration (since you have to make a request before your status). expires in June anyway).

See chapter 30.2 (c) (3) (B) of the USCIS adjudicator's field manual for the validity of the passport for I-539:

An applicant is not required to present a valid passport with his
the application since part 4 of the application contains passport validity
information. The applicant must hold a valid passport at the time of
request and is necessary to maintain validity throughout the
period of his stay in the United States. (See 8 CFR 214.1.)
This does not prevent the referee from requiring
presentation of proof of validity of passport, if the agent
has reason to believe that the foreigner has falsely claimed that he is

And AFM chapter 30.2 (d) (3) (D) for the validity of the passport for I-129:

An alien does not need to present a valid passport with his application,
since part 4 of the request contains a verification block requiring the
Applicant to indicate that he has a valid travel document. The alien
must hold a valid passport at the time of filing and must agree to
maintain its validity for the duration of its stay.

These two places (along with instructions I-539 and I-129) say that you must "agree" to keep a valid passport for the duration of your stay, so you should try to renew your passport before it expires or is the earliest possible, but at least you would not need to wait for it to be done before requesting an extension of status.

cheap metal CD holder

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Is there a common light holder and light box – which would work with both strobe lights AND continuous LED light

In the near future, I would need a continuous LED light for videography (on stage, like the platform of the bride and groom in Indian marriage).
Also, I would need studio flashes when I plan to shoot models in the studio.
So I plan to buy both studio flashes (like Godox SK 400 II) and also a continuous LED light (like Simpex Pro HD LED).

Now my question is: Is there a common lighting stand and common lighting modifiers (like a light box – rectangular or octagonal, etc.) that can be used to configure both strobe light and continuous light
Probably, the light supports in the support would be different and can be adjusted on a case by case basis (strobe or continuous) ??

Transit via Mexico for the holder of an Salvadoran passport

I have to travel to El Salvador (SLV) from my country of residence (Austria). I live in Austria with a Niederlassungsbewilligung (Forscher) aka a researcher establishment permit. The flight is no problem but the return flight connects to Mexico City for 7 hours. I will have a ticket to continue and no checked baggage. Will i need a visa? I tried to call the Embassy of Mexico here but they do not answer their phone and it is rather urgent.

usa – Situation: holder of a f1 visa from university X, applies for a visa from university Y

This is a situation that one would like to know what would happen. I am an international student planning MS studies in the United States.

Let's say I got the student visa (F1 visa) from a particular university. Now, I want to differ from this university and go to another university while I am in India itself. Therefore, I will reapply the F1 visa But I fail at the 2nd interview. So now can I go to the 1st university or will the 1st visa be revoked?

Can Nigerian passport holder transit Brazil from southern Africa without visa

You do not need a transit visa for Brazil as long as you have a connecting ticket and you remain in the designated transit area (for up to 7 hours). However, if you want to leave the airport, you need a visa unless you come from a visa free country.

Nigeria is not an exempt country and therefore if you want to visit the country you will need a visa.