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Menu Category Missing Home Page Update

I upgraded Magento from to via Megento Connect Manager.
The upgrade process has been successfully completed and everything is well loaded, except for the Category menu of the home page of the Homepage. The menu of the homepage Home is missing. I have a Mega Menu module and have tried to disable it, but no luck. How can I retrieve the menu?
Connect Manager can also connect after the upgrade. The login page simply refresh after login and returns the URL address below.
https: //magento-url/downloader/index.php? A =
before I could connect from https to http, but it did not work after the upgrade


My homepage (home page) does not get the image shown as thumbnail when sharing on Facebook.

My homepage (home page) does not get the image shown as thumbnail when sharing on Facebook. I've also put the image on Facebook in the Social setting of the page.
My home page is also my shop page. And if I share the link from my shop page, I have what I want. Help me, please.
Thanks in advance
my website is https://shopgiayhd.com
link to the shop page https://shopgiayhd.com/shop

Importing the last post on the blog home page that is in a subfolder


My website is on WordPress CMS.

I want to know if it is possible to view the latest post on the home page of the blog that runs on a subfolder.

How to increase the limit of the home directories in the cpanel?

The site has reached the base directory limit and loading is slow.
How can I increase the limit?

See attachment 243614

[GET] Work at home and digital marketing for seniors [PLR] FE + UPSELL







Module01: Training Guide
Module02: CheatSheet
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[GET] Work at home and digital marketing for seniors [PLR] FE + UPSELL

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[GET] – Russell Brunson – Two Comma Club Coaches – Home Study


If you are new and you do not know what a sales funnel is, I highly recommend you to participate in this Russell Brunson webinar.

Once you have watched the webinar above, you will fully understand what a sales funnel is and how it works.

What do you need to become a member of COMMA CLUB?

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What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is a Russell Brunson software. You only need this software to market, sell and deliver your products online.

But the question is how to generate $ 1,000,000 via ClickFunnels and join the club 2 comma?

Look carefully at the picture above, imagine that you are alone, as shown in the picture above, and that you still do not know much about internet marketing, how to make money online (selling physical or digital products, online services), affiliate marketing (selling other people's products), etc., and on the other hand, a group of people who have made more than $ 1,000,000 online. They are two members of the comma club, they understand how to make money online.

Here is the answer:
â € "Two coaches from Comma Club by Russell Brunson"

Russell Brunson will teach you how to become a member of the 2 Comma Club, which is how to earn over $ 1,000,000 online, even if you are a complete novice.

What's Inside Inside Two Comma Club Coaching?

2 Comma Club Coaching – The version of the home study course includes:

Secret Master Class (8 core modules) ($ 4997 value)
Spy For Funnel (Funnel Hacking 201) (value of $ 2997)
Weekly Coaching Accountability Calls ($ 1497 value)
Private Discussion Group (6 months) ($ 997 value)
Members of 2 Comma Club behind the scenes ($ 1997 value)


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How to create a tour on the home page?

I have created a visit with the user interface module of the visit and I have not been able to activate it on the home page.

The homepage of my site is the default view of drupal 8 with the name of the frontpage machine

How to activate the tour on the home page?

enter the description of the image here

wordpress – How to disable a code in GTM trigger on the home page

The easiest way to not display Google Tag Manager on the home page is to check with php.

You can insert GTM into the header.php folder of your child theme like that:

GTM displays everywhere except on the homepage (home page of blog posts), nor on the homepage (the static page that you may have defined as being the home of your wordpress).

Then, if you want it on the product pages, the possibilities are many because there are many types of product pages (category page, single product page …).

But if you want to display it only on a few types of product pages, you can choose to display it only if it is the correct type of page.

You'll find the woocommerce conditional tags here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/conditional-tags/ where you can choose what condition you want your GTM to display or not.

HOME Rent for 3 days

My husband and I are Australians who wish to buy a car in the UK and drive it to Iran via Europe (including Eastern Europe), Turkey, Armenia , Azerbaijan, etc. We want to leave as soon as we have settled the practical details.

Our plan is to get back to the UK before Christmas and sell the car there (so, we will not have to pay for the export, etc.).

It was much more difficult than expected to find insurance for this, and I hoped that someone could help us. More importantly, we want to have liability insurance for the entire trip.

So, our questions are:

Has anyone else made this trip?

Did you buy an international insurance? Some insurance companies (including Clements of whom I spoke on a Horizons Unlimited thread) said they would cover us for Europe and Turkey, but not for Europe. Iran (or the Stans region).

If you managed to buy an international insurance covering Iran, etc., with whom did you spend and how much did it cost you (approximately)?

The other option we are considering is to buy insurance for Europe and Turkey, and then buy insurance at the border for those other countries (for example, Iran). Does anyone know if this is possible or did you do it? Is it easy enough to do?

All other tips on sorting out the practicalities of such a trip, especially with regard to insurance, would be highly appreciated.

We buy the car in the UK instead of continental Europe, because as Australians holding a tourist visa, we can not buy a car in Europe without a residence. We know they're driving on the other side of the UK, so we're looking for a left-hand vehicle (and if that's not possible, we'll have to work it out!)