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When one takes a Home Loan, a natural question that comes to mind is how much the EMI would (Equated Monthly Installment) be that one must pay back to the bank every month.
With Home Loan EMI Calculator ( )
you can calculate your home loan in Hyderabad at your fingertips completely for free.

It also details about
 1. Documents required to apply home loan at any bank in India
 2. Eligibility criteria for home loan
 3. Interest rates by various banks
 4. Monthly installation amount ( EMI)

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VPS or Dedicated or Home Server?

VPS or Dedicated Servers are too costly and thus I am planning to get a home server but I am confused between Single CPU vs Dual CPU server

Let’s assume there are two servers: 

  1. Single Intel Xeon E5 CPU Server: 3 GHz, 10 cores, 20 threads
  2. Dual Intel Xeon E5 CPU Server: Each CPU has 1.5 GHz, 5 cores and 10 threads. Thus, with 2 CPUs, I am getting the same power as that of the Single CPU server.

For large volume projects, which server will you recommend, and why? Considering the fact that the:

  1. The cost of both the setup is the same
  2. Intel or AMD?
  3. Will use GSA Captcha Breaker, GSA SEO Indexer, and maybe XEvil simultaneously.

Is there any tools to filter out linkedin home feed post for a normal user other than posts with hashtags?

Is there any tools to filter out linkedin home feed post for a normal user other than posts with hashtags ?

Chrome for Android – Add a specific URL to the home screen

Create shortcuts after changing browser settings


Type in the address bar chrome://flags/#enable-lite-page-server-previews, deactivate in options, restart browser


Type about:config, search redirect and set two redirect options to false and create a shortcut ( network.http.redirection-limit and

Works for me on Android 10 with the same website in question, Chrome 81.0.4044.138 and Firefox 68.8.0

Home screen shortcuts – How do I get a Google Assistant command for a button on the Home screen?

I would like to add a widget / shortcut / anything to the home screen which would allow me to execute a google assistant command as if I had it said.

For example, "Turn off the living room TV".

It would be extremely useful, because it would allow me to devote a page of my launcher to home automation tasks. Sometimes it is not reasonable to use my voice (baby on my knees for example) and although I know I can hold the home button and then click on the icon keyboard, I was hoping there was a faster / easier way.

Custom site provisioning from the SharePoint home page

I tried to find current possibilities for customizing the creation of sites in the SharePoint home page (_layouts / sharepoint.aspx), but without success. Is it possible to remove existing custom panels / add new ones for site creation and somehow save client-side code (best written in Spfx) to manage site provisioning?
I am mainly interested in SP2019. But also curious about the possibilities of SP Online …

This requirement comes from a "client", which is used by end users to use this SharePoint home page in the online environment. So there was an idea, that the end user should have a consistent experience on the newly incoming OnPrem environment with their company's (modern) custom sites for the OnPrem environment.

(The picture briefly shows the requirements)
Feasibility of customizing sharepoint.aspx

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. – The home page does not work after setting the home page

I have been looking for a lot of things but I have not been able to get help.

I am new to WP.

I've been working with the theme ‘DremeTheme – the7’ for 4 weeks. I have defined the first page from the beginning, but today my first page is not displayed.

If I put one of the pages on the first page, it doesn't work.
When I view other pages from the admin dashboard using the View button, it displays the content, but when I want to display my home page, it displays a blank screen, even if I define another page as FrontPage or HomePage, it still displays a blank screen.
I do not understand why.

Ps: – the site is in construction mode (I have used a plugin for this for 2 weeks). Today, I also had an update of the theme, that may be the reason behind this.

Help kindly.
Any help would be appreciated.

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