Magento internal server error 2: 500 on the home page and all other pages

I'm pretty new to Magento development. I have a problem and I would like to ask you.
Not all page setting is as expected b. If I look at the console, it shows 500 internal errors. As you can see.
enter description of image here

enter description of image here

* new * Invitation to a business opportunity – Join my team while you sit at home

Hi guys,

First of all, I am not trying to sell anything here. I do not own this business. I want to progress with like-minded people in the business described below and that is what it is all about.

TLDR – global and very profitable company in a niche of health and beauty. Team spoken only in English for leaders and "want to be leaders", to create a duplicate work system to be shared among our team and reach the highest level, as everyone is capable, while persevering and concentration.

So … I'm a team. A team made up of one or both types of people. One – people looking to make money, who would like to be able to drive a new Mercedes every year as a company car, and two – people who just want to help someone in their loved ones, who have any type of health problem or want to improve their own health.

The company is based in Poland and is enjoying great success. They created a different approach to MLM. I'm sure many of you haven't heard of it. You certainly won't find it when you use a search box on this forum. They put the person in the center. Business, personal growth, health. 3 principles, they represent.

You can build a serious business with them and do very well if you spend some of your time doing things that work. I want my team to do this by helping each other so that all of our team members are real leaders. You can grow at your own pace and become a better version of yourself, while your / your family / friend's health improves. So there is a win-win. Of course, as with all that is worth in life, if you do very little, you will simply fail to live on it and you will not become unemployed.

Like everything is worth something in life, nothing is free, but the products they offer are exceptionally good, so the quality is there. There is nothing like it on the market right now. People I know personally resign from the doctor's medication after a while, as their results improve dramatically in various illnesses, big or small, related to diet or age. This is why the real value is its health aspect and the improvement of people's lives. Personal growth and earning a living is just a very pleasant side effect.

There are ways to make it inexpensive. Details matter. If you don't want to use the products yourself or offer them, there are other ways to make them cheap on your side. I will show you. Learning and educating yourself is the key. There are presentations, interviews, many help tools. I will share this with you too. One of the features that is not very common is that you get a certain% of the income from a business, in addition to the normal payment system – just a great business to work with. The business is growing fast, no wonder… Behind all, there is a reputable doctor and laboratory tests. Everything to give the best health products on the market, no budding placebo scam.

They have created a partnership with renowned Polish federations and clubs: football, skiing, karate, dance, volleyball and handball. This is another proof that they are reliable and that other companies trust them. Physical address, production plant, numerous certificates, leadership seminars. I find their professional approach.

Health awareness and the business itself are starting to become very popular in Poland, and the business is only a few years old now. Italy and Ukraine are two countries, with the exception of Poland, in which this activity is currently experiencing the fastest growth. It is starting to get more popular everywhere now. Are you starting to see a pattern? You have the option of setting up a solid online “branch” in your country. Products are sent worldwide by courier, product labels are country specific and the company offers quick support for all questions in different languages. Again, a very professional approach.

I am very skeptical about questionable products and companies, especially those that allow you to earn from home, so I have been monitoring this business for two years before joining me. Now, I'm sure that's it. Everything is logical here. It's different, something people are looking for, but they don't know it exists. It also hits the most popular niches. Health and recently also beauty. Everyone here cares about others, improves life, business, health – it's not just about making money! This is why it works. Brilliant idea. When I send you more data, you'll see. And the money you can get out of it is absolutely amazing, don't forget that you have to be smart and do something online or face to face.

I am happy to grow my team so that we can work together. I want to help you understand and master it. When you register, I put you in my structure. No need to do it now, just when you're ready. Some prefer to test the products right away, others prefer to learn a little first. The important thing about the structure is how to build it so that the people who sign your invitation receive incentives – money for their products. If someone who invited you (you sign up under their name) knows what they are doing, they will generate a portion of your income, intelligently placing others in the structure. This therefore benefits you more as a member of a team. If someone is greedy, they can benefit you, but the structure and the team will suffer. Don't be greedy or follow greedy leaders.

I left my email below; I don't want to be accused of spam because I have my website link here. Also, I will not be sharing the name of a company at this time, as I want you to make the effort to contact me. This keeps all the negativity, at least I hope, from this post. Although there will always be someone who finds a conspiracy theory behind everything.

I have been living in the UK for a few years now. I am Polish, that's why I know this business (my friend told me about it for 2 years until I decided for myself, that I want to join. My nature is anti BS because I’ve seen many online scams before). Guys, it's worth spending a lot of time on trial, that's how I started. What's the worst that could happen? And for the majority of you, it will be so good that you will never look back. Time to change. Something new in your life, especially during a pandemic, when typical businesses are no longer reliable and health is so important. People around the world must protect them from the inside. Their conscience is now there, and everyone takes care of their health.

Remember that it is not about selling products to people. It’s about showing how this business can make them grow in 3 important aspects of their life, which I’ve already mentioned above, and if they’re interested, we will let's give tools to get there.

I am looking for valuable people who want to be part of this and get an education too. My site is updated with new entries every two days, I will also be active on YouTube with the first presentations to follow in a few days. I have not found a single presentation in English that is worth it. Also, the English-speaking community in this business is quite poor so far, so I'm going to build it. The company has material in English, marketing outside of Poland has the potential to grow like crazy. It's time to do it big. My team will really do it all over the world, are you?

This message is already too long, so send me an email and I will invite you personally and explain everything to you in detail. He is free to check and see the potential. Sorry, but I do not read forum inbox messages. Ask me any questions you have here:

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seo – Home page indexed by Google crawler, but not internal links

Google Search Console tells me that my home page has been successfully indexed, but this is the only one. The home page has about 25 internal links, all of them work fine, and none of these appear on the "Cover" tab.

The HTML of the analyzed page (indexed HTML) displays all the links correctly.

Why has it not indexed internal links, if the home page seems to be correctly rendered and indexed by the robot?

I am using javascript to retrieve content via ajax for each link, but that shouldn't be a problem as Google Bot has been able to run js for quite some time now. (right?)

The URL is, if that helps.

I know I could use sitemaps, but I would like to go "clean" and let the robot do its job.

Thanks in advance.

Why don't people take home stay order seriously?

I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood. I live in Keller, TX which is in Tarrant County which currently has a home stay order.

As I walked around, I noticed a house that had party balloons in the front with a bunch of cars parked outside. It seemed like they were celebrating the birthday of a child. I could see a bounce house in their backyard and hear children playing. As I continued my walk, I noticed a group of children riding bikes together. It looked like a group of friends playing outside.

I am very surprised to see that there are groups of people hanging out together. They shouldn't be doing this. When I got home, I told my wife what I had seen and she was surprised. The other day, one of my son's friends rang the doorbell asking to play with my 6 year old son.

Why don't people take home stay order seriously?

node.js – cannot forward port to 443 on my router (BGW210-700) for hosting home server websites

trying to transmit on port 443 on my ARRIS BGW210-700. but I get an error: "The port range 443-443 of the service is in conflict with the port managed by the device 443-443" not allowing me to transfer the firewall port under NAT / Gaming to host a web server from my local machine to the Internet. But for port 80, it is, but I need my site to be https. What ideal how to advance my 443 router?

for other information:
my server is a nodejs
Native https nodejs module that I use
domain name brought from godaddy

bash – How to organize overlapping configuration files and folders in the home directory and beyond!

These tools await their .foorc file where to reside ~ so there is no easy way to "better" organize this (besides not using the -a of ls so you don't always see them :-)) unless you want to compile everything from a modified source (appropriately).

Some tools use an environment variable to read their configuration from a custom location. This is tool specific however, you should check the man page to see if this is an option.

Some people use git or similar tools for easily sharing configurations between systems (and also as a way to access older versions), see (among a ton of other sources) these links.

PS: This is a fairly broad answer to a broad question. If you want specific advice for a specific tool, please ask a new question with the relevant details

Europe – Impossible to return home to China with my Chinese spouse

Our residence is in China. My spouse is a Chinese national, but I am not (I am a dual British / American national). We visited relatives in Europe, which is just a temporary residence for all the parties involved. Our loved ones are leaving Europe for a new destination. We really can't afford to stay longer.

My spouse is allowed to return to our country of origin (China) but I am currently excluded. My spouse does not have a travel permit for the United Kingdom or the United States; previous requests for the two territories have also been denied previously. What options do we have? We are looking for an option that does not involve separation.

schengen – stranded abroad unable to return home

Our residence is in China. My spouse is a Chinese national, but I am not (I am a dual British / American national). We visited relatives in Europe, which is just a temporary residence for all the parties involved. Our loved ones are leaving Europe for a new destination. We really can't afford to stay longer. My spouse is allowed to return to our country of origin but I am currently excluded.

What options do we have?