Homebrew command-line to display a formula’s homepage

I can open the homepage for a Homebrew formula by running the following command-line:

brew home <formula>

and for a Homebrew Cask by running the following command-line:

brew cask home <cask>

However, running the above command-lines immediately open the homepage in the default Web-browser.

Is there a way (preferably via command-line) to only display the homepage for a formula or cask without opening it in a Web-browser?

Additionally, is there a way to configure the command-line such so as to open the link in a specific Web-browser?

seo – Homepage in breadcrumb

Well… there have been many topics about this but I am looking for clear answer regarding placing home page at the beginning of breadcrumb trail.

First of all, I set in the breadcrumb trail – homepage on the first position, with the same @ID as schema markup json script placed on the homepage stating that homepage URL is WebSite type. Actually, in the same way that Apple do this on their home page including WebSite type json script. To clear it, I used later on thisat @ID in breadcrumb trail on multiple sites.

So, I do not know why but I noticed that on some of my webpages, showing in Google the path for breadcrumbs including home page two times:

HomePageURL > Home page > WebPage

Is there any way I can manage this and avoid showing doubled HomePage site in the breadcrumb trail?

Google says we should not include HomePage if we refer to their article. Is it right? Or else, I am doing something wrong?

Apple i.e. do not add Home page to their breadcrumb sticking to what Google says.

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themes – Woocommerce Ajax add to cart redirect to homepage

I am using Woocommerce 3.9.2, WordPress 5.3.2 and the theme of the Phlox shop (version 2.4.22) and I have a problem with AJAX add to cart.
When I go to the store page and click Add to Cart, the random project redirects to the home page. But when I go to a single product page, then Add to cart, it works as it should.
Where could the problem be?
Site link here enter description of link here