ads – Using AdSense on a website without homepage

Suppose I manage multiple Twitter-based communities and want to set up a series of blogging projects written for each community.

I also own a company website and wish to host the projects as an extension of this domain.

So if I have, I would like to create his projects on id ).

As you can imagine, the extra and projects-for-community-one the directories are completely empty because my visitors simply connect to project-() directly from Twitter.

So if the extra The directory is (and will always be an empty operating page). How can I make AdSense work with everything that is an extension?

I do not want to create a new ad for each project, or have each project checked, because some only last a few months.

Any ideas on how to check this type of site and without risk of being reported?

Can I file with 2 rss feeds on my homepage

The advertisement

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errors – Drop-down menu problem on the homepage only?

Gday gentlemen,

I am new to the web and have been managing a site for a friend for a while. The latest version based on WordPress has been in place for over 2 years without any major problems.

However, I am not sure that this is due to any of the various updates over time. Recently, I noticed that the site's menu was not working properly. The items in the drop-down menu do not appear. This problem only affects the home page and none of the other pages.

Initially, the menu was (incorrectly) aligned at the bottom of the page, which was very wrong. I've used these instructions to put it back up:

This managed to put the menu back in the foreground, but the current problem has arisen.

Can someone take a look and advise you please? Your help is very much appreciated.
WordPress 5.2.4 (self-hosted)
Impreza latest version Oct 30 19

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wordpress – RSS feed podcast on the homepage of the blog?

I've had a self-hosted WordPress blog for three years, with two feeds coming from the home page, RSS content, and RSS comments. Last month, I launched a podcast, hosted by Pippa, which provides a website under the Pippa domain.

I want to move the podcast feed to my blog site for branding and traffic. However, I do not know where to put the thread. According to Google, a podcast feed should appear on the homepage of the website and there should be only one other bea tag on the podcast feed page.
Can another page of my WordPress blog work as a podcast homepage? Or should I put the podcast feed on the homepage and move the content of the blog to another page?

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homepage – I want to change the latest article titles in my current wordpress theme

enter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image here
I'm currently using the "Elixer" theme in my wordpress website
I've designed the home page builder theme by page. But after adding the latest blog post option, the situation is so bad. I want to design and give it a box shape in the title – "Latest BlogLeet news" and kindly tell me: how can I avoid the shape of the border and these spaces.I want all options in full width.
Thank you.

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