WordPress shortcode does not work on HomePage

What I want to do is create my home page. I can do it this way:

  1. Create a page and insert my gallery from the plugin with this code [wonderplugin_gridgallery id=1]

  2. Set this page as the home page.

BUT IT DOES NOT WORK. When I add this code [wonderplugin_gridgallery id=1] on my page, I only see code … The same thing does not work (hidden).

How to fix it? I do not know how to find the file to fix in FTP. Virtue Themes.

I hope you understand what I write on. Thanks in advance.

homepage – I have installed a Magento theme but I could not see the homepage block for this theme

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php – Ajax Load More products on the homepage

Currently, I display products of different categories on the homepage with several short codes like this one:

[recent_products category=”cat1″ limit=”6″ columns=”6″]

[recent_products category=”cat2″ limit=”6″ columns=”6″]

I would like to have a "Load More" button below each product group, which would load another row of products with ajax at each click.

I've found plugins with more Load features for archive and category pages, but none works for the home page.

How to implement this feature?

My homepage is not indexed by Google due to redirection issues

I do not have any messages on my site and I have a very limited number of pages.

The problem starts with my home page. Google is not able to index this page due to redirection issues. My website has only 5 pages and only one page has been defined as homepage in WordPress.

please give your opinion?

WordPress Homepage has been doubled and can not be adjusted in Elements

Could someone help us with a problem with the WordPress website?
We encountered a problem: the home page had been doubled and we could not adjust it in Elements. We can create new elements in Elements and it works well, but once we got back to the website, the article page was dubbed.
Are there any other ways to adjust the webpage or consult the HTML code of the site?

Thank you so much!

google chrome – How to remove Microsoft forced homepage on all browsers?

I do not know what is the real cause of the problem, but I have recently installed Microsoft OneDrive on my computer Win 10. Since then, whenever I open a new browser (whether in chrome, firefox and IE), they are all redirected first for a split second http://go.microsoft.com/?69157, and then quickly redirected to https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/. I have tried to reset the default home page on these browsers, but in one way or another, the Microsoft page seems to overwrite them all. In addition, my Avast antivirus continued to identify this problem: SVC: eCrrrA> C: ProgramData eCrrrA (as Win64: Trojan-gen), it is restored even if I continue to remove it or move it in the chest of the virus.

Do I receive viruses or malware? And how can I delete the forced home page?

Lost access to all URL pages except the Magento Home Index 2.2.6 homepage

I do not have access to any of my pages, except for the home page or the index page. I can not access the backend either. I'm using 2.2.6 with PHP 7.0.32. Everything worked fine so I lost the site. No suggestion?

It's the ERROR

Not found

The requested URL /dmm-revolver-locksafe.html was not found on this server.

In addition, a 404 Not Found error occurred while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache server on www.candcrescue.com Port 443

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Text of the WordPress homepage between the first two messages

How to implement text between the first two articles on the home page of a WordPress site?

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