javascript – Scroll the horizon in the nav-tabs component (bootstrap 4)

I added one scroll horizontal in the component nav-tabs bootstrap 4.

Now i want scroll work automatically if i click on the last tab visíveland show the next tab which is off the screen.

This link shows exactly what I want to do

Is it possible to do it with javascript?

      Bootstrap initialization template

Boostrap model

This is tab 1

This is tab 2

This is tab 3

This is tab 4

This is tab 5

This is tab 6

This is tab 7

This is tab 8

This is tab 9

This is tab 10

This is tab 11

This is tab 12

This is tab 13

VMWare Horizon and SecurID. Request SecurID passcode and Windows password when logging in

We use a combination of Windows 10 desktops and VMWare Horizon desktop pools.

We recently deployed RSA SecurID tokens with some of our users. On physical desktops, authentication works as it should: on the first login, users create a PIN and enter their Windows password. After that, they only enter their RSA access code (PIN code and code on their token). They never need to enter their Windows password again.

Zero clients, however, are different. Before reaching the Windows virtual machines, Horizon asks them for their secret code, followed by their Windows password. Our users must remember the password PIN and their Windows password.

Is there a setting in Horizon that will allow users to authenticate using only their PIN?

dnd 5th – Can a Ranger Horizon Walker use the Remote Fight feature to teleport out of the Forcecage spell?

Yes, they can try to teleport themselves as part of their Attack action.

The Distant Strike of the Horizon Walker allows them to teleport when they take the attack action. As part of an attack, they may choose to attack a nearby enemy or, if there is none near, they may "attack" an empty location.

Whether you hit with a melee weapon, fire from a distance, or launch an attack as part of a spell, the attack has a simple structure.

  1. Choose a target. Choose a target within range of your attack: a creature,
    an object or a place.

So, they can use the Attack action as a way to try to escape. And unless something prevents them from attacking or taking the Attack action, Horizon Walker can effectively use his action as he pleases to teleport to (at least) 10 feet.

Note that teleportation effects, such as Distant Strike, have a chance of failing when Forcing:

If the creature is attempting to use teleportation or an interplanar trip to get out of the cage, it must first make a saving throw of the Charisma. If successful, the creature can use this magic to get out of the cage. In case of failure, the creature can not get out of the cage and wastes the use of the spell or effect.

So, when the ranger carries out the attack and attempts to teleport, he must make a save throw of Charisma in order to teleport successfully. Otherwise, the teleportation fails and they stay in the Forcing.

godot – How can I create a piece of ocean that blends perfectly into the horizon?

The slogan says it rather, but here is a picture to show the problem:Littoral

The darker blue gradient on the horizon comes from the global Godot environment, while the lighter shade results from a semi-transparent plane that will then be animated by waves.
How can I integrate oceanic aircraft at the horizon?

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1570413710611.png "style ="

I will update the proofs, changes and other announcements, if any!

dnd 5th – Can a Horizon Walker ranger teleport before launching his extra attack with the Remote Strike function?

The ranger class Horizon Walker from Xanathar's guide gains the Remote Strike function at level 11 (page 43):

At level 11, you have the option of switching from one plan to the other. When you perform the attack action, you can teleport up to 10 feet before each attack in a visible unoccupied space. If you attack at least two different creatures with the action, you can make an extra attack with it.
against a third creature.

If you attack two different creatures and gain an additional attack against a third creature, could you also teleport before that third attack?

dnd 5th – does the planar warrior of the ranger Horizon Walker have a superior resistance to non-magical attacks?

Creatures that say this only resists B-P-S damage types

Damage resistances bludgeoning, piercing, notch of non-magical attacks

When a notebook indicates it, it means that only the creature is resistant to blunt, piercing, and non-magical attack reducing types. Since strength damage is his own type of damage, he completely ignores this assertion and affects the creature normally (no resistance).

The next time you hit this creature this turn with a weapon attack, all damage dealt by the attack becomes force damage.

The fact that this ability modifies all damage dealt to the type of force before the damage is dealt means that the weapon does not matter here, it just counts as strength damage, whatever happens.

The damage caused by the force would bypass the resistance even without the phrase B-P-S

In the basic rules of the section detailing the different types of damage, the damage by force is described as follows:

Obligate. The force is pure magic energy concentrated in a damaging form. Most effects that inflict strength damage are spells, including magic missiles and spiritual weapons.

This means that any damage caused by a force must be automatically considered magical, regardless of its source. See Force damage is considered magical if the characteristic that causes it is not magic? for further discussion on this case.

Thus, even a creature resistant to all non-magical attacks would still not resist the Planarian Warrior's attack.

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long exposure – Take a picture of the horizon with a person closer to the camera during the night

You can do it with one exposure. Use a long shutter speed to expose the background and the flash to properly expose and freeze your subject. You will probably need to install your camera on a tripod or other stable stand, such as a table. This technique is often called "slide shutter" or "slow shutter synchronization".

Most cameras will default to slow shutter sync if the camera is set to Priority to opening (Av) Exposure mode and a TTL flash is detected on the hot shoe when the ambient light is below a specific brightness level.

Many cameras have an integrated scene mode that does it automatically. Canon and Nikon both call it Fashion night portrait. Olympus calls him Night Scene Mode. Others have similar names for that.

For ultimate control, use manual exposure mode and manual flash. Set the ISO, the aperture (Av) and the shutter duration (Tv) of the ambient light in the background, and then adjust the flash output to properly illuminate your subject in the foreground with the ISO, Av and Tv values ​​selected. Disabling the camera's flash and using a flash modifier to dim the flash light will also help, just like gelling the flash according to the ambient light.

What is the difference between "P" mode and scene modes?
Why does aperture priority mode not automatically set the shutter speed on my Nikon?

Difference between model predictive control and rolling horizon optimization

Lately, I've read many articles on Energy Hub Optimization, and the authors often talk about rolling horizon optimization for the consideration of uncertainty.

For example:

For me, this seems to be a model predictive control approach.
So my question is:

Is there a difference between Rolling Horizon optimization and the Model Predictive Control approach?

Are these two terms interchangeable?

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