Unity editor, horizontal line in the inspector

Public static class EditorGUILayoutUtility
public static readonly Color DEFAULT_COLOR = new Color (0f, 0f, 0f, 0.3f);
public static read-only Vector2 DEFAULT_LINE_MARGIN = new Vector2 (2f, 2f);

public const float DEFAULT_LINE_HEIGHT = 1f;

public static vacuum HorizontalLine (color, float height, margin Vector2)
GUILayout.Space (margin.x);

EditorGUI.DrawRect (EditorGUILayout.GetControlRect (false, height), color);

GUILayout.Space (margin.y);
blank static public HorizontalLine (Color Color, Floating Height) => EditorGUILoutUtility.HorizontalLine (color, height, DEFAULT_LINE_MARGIN);
blank static public HorizontalLine (Color color, Vector2 margin) => EditorGUILoutUtility.HorizontalLine (color, DEFAULT_LINE_HEIGHT, margin);
public static static HorizontalLine (float height, Vector2 margin) => EditorGUILoutoutUtility.HorizontalLine (DEFAULT_COLOR, height, margin);

public static empty HorizontalLine (Color color) => EditorGUILoutoutUtility.HorizontalLine (color, DEFAULT_LINE_HEIGHT, DEFAULT_LINE_MARGIN);
public static static HorizontalLine (float height) => EditorGUILoutoutUtility.HorizontalLine (DEFAULT_COLOR, height, DEFAULT_LINE_MARGIN);
public static static HorizontalLine (Vector2 margin) => EditorGUILoutoutUtility.HorizontalLine (DEFAULT_COLOR, DEFAULT_LINE_HEIGHT, margin);

public static empty HorizontalLine () => EditorGUILayoutUtility.HorizontalLine (DEFAULT_COLOR, DEFAULT_LINE_HEIGHT, DEFAULT_LINE_MARGIN);

#end if


public override void OnInspectorGUI ()
base.OnInspectorGUI ();

EditorGUILayout.BeginVertical ();

EditorGUILayoutUtility.HorizontalLine (new Vector2 (20f, 20f));

EditorGUILayout.EndVertical ();

Will give this result.

Draw a line Result

Purple horizontal line blurred on photos when scanning on v370

Two possibilities:

  • The bar could be due to an optical interference pattern, where a slightly curved glossy photo touches the glass along a line. Test this by sweeping a flat or matte surface, eg. a piece of white paper.

  • This could be because the playhead is stuck for one second and jumps when it passes the obstruction. The problem may disappear if the obstruction is something like a frozen lubricant or a speck of dust. Try repeated scans to see if the problem goes away.

If no help, return the new scanner for a refund or another of the same model.

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trigonometry – Which angle does the wall with the horizontal?

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We call it projective, with Unicode U + 2305, and that represents Enter which is different from Cart return, represented by a.

Although most of the time they work in the same way, there is a difference between Enter and Cart return. While Enter, in most cases, will make a GUI object work at its default function, the Cart return is intended to reset the position of the user at the beginning of the line of a text.

I'm just doing fn+Return should trigger it.

On the short keyboards, you will find either the name or the icon.

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Why not? With so little context, it's hard to know.

Do not use horizontal scrolling for the main way of navigating a page, as it requires more effort than vertical scrolling.

But for side navigation or part of the page, why not use it to save space on smaller windows?

Really, you should rework your question if you want to have more insights.

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Here is the problem: Ms. Soloveichik throws a ball with an initial velocity of vi at a height of exactly 1 meter above where the ball will land. At what angle in relation to the horizontal, should it launch it to maximize the horizontal distance traveled?

What I know:
r = distance traveled or total horizontal distance
yf = final vertical position
yi = initial vertical position
viy = initial vertical speed
vix = initial horizontal speed
t = time
g = vertical acceleration

I'm using the vertical position function (yf = yi + viyt-1 / 2gt ^ 2) and substituted t, which is the distance or total horizontal distance traveled, with r / vix (r / vi * cos (x )). When I tried to solve for r, I got myself. I ended up with this equation: (cos (x) / r ^ 2) + (sin (x) / r) = (g / (2vi ^ 2 * cos (x))). HELP ME!!!!

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  1. the area where the logo and the title of the site are displayed.

  2. the banner image of the home page (containing the image of the desert).

are there any approaches (integrated or using coding) that can allow us to minimize the height of these 2 components or at least one of them?