Host Evolution – Unique offer for LEB! Free Enterprise Level VPS – For those who qualify

Evolution Host has reached out to provide a unique opportunity. They offer free enterprise-grade VPS to those in the LowEndBox community who have a relatively popular website. Although there are no specific criteria to meet, a good start would be the site with a ranking of at least 20 on this scanner: -tools
They would encourage those who do not reach rank 20 on this analysis to apply anyway, as this will not be the only factor taken into account in the application.
The relevance of the applicant's site will also be taken into account. No pornographic or hawkish content of any kind will be accepted.

Their VPS hosting plans are available in a total of 9 locations, including the new one: Warsaw, Virginia and Oregon.

Their WHOIS is public and you can find their ToS / Legal Documents here. They accept PayPal, credit / debit cards and a wide range of cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

What sets Evolution Host apart from the crowd? In their own words:

"Evolution Host has been around since 2012 and has been marketing hosting solutions since 2013 (formerly We like to stay relevant by introducing new technologies, new locations and / or services to our brand every 6 months or so.
We offer 100% dedicated KVM resources, with stable availability of CPU time and high clock speeds. Read: no limitation or tokenization. Our VPS are particularly suitable for hosting game servers, with high processor core clocks of up to 5.0 GHz, which translates into high single core performance. High clock speeds are also beneficial for more traditional workloads.

Providing strong protection against DDoS attacks has been a long-standing goal for Evolution Host. We are proud to exceed the competition in this area and can confidently say that we offer the best DDoS protection currently available in the industry. Our product line combines OVH Anti-DDoS GAME DDoS protection with additional heuristic filtration and machine learning systems that have been developed in-house to provide wider layer 7 protection. We regularly protect customers who have previously "tried everything" with great success. "

Here is the offer:

Free enterprise-level VPS

  • 4 processor cores at 4Ghz +
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 80 GB SSD or 350 GB hard drive
  • 1 Gbps port
  • 60 TB monthly transfer
  • Advanced DDoS protection
  • Linux or Windows
  • Europe / USA locations


Strasbourg, France

IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2001: 41d0: 1000: 2db2: b371: f3e3: b06a: 1

Test file:

Frankfurt, Germany

IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2001: 41d0: 0700: 0a20: 50b1: 87de: 7563: 0001

Test file:

London, UK

IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2001: 41d0: 0800: 0476: 631f: 246b: 4d18: 0001

Test file:

Warsaw, Poland

IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2607: 5300: 0060: 7146: 0000: 0000: d1e1: 0001

Test file:

Montreal Canada

IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2605: 9f80: 177: 2: 5046: ce02: fc3f: 0001

Test file:

Oregon, United States

IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2001: 41d0: 602: 1f87: 569d: 3d1a: 44cb: 0001

Test file:

Dallas, United States

IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2605: 9f80: 8000: 204: 2d8b: 227c: f593: 0001

Test file:

Virginia, USA

IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2604: 2dc0: 100: 681: 0d81: f89b: e8ae: 0001

Test file:

Sydney, Australia

IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2402: 1f00: 8100: 0325: 05e7: 3d02: c83c: 0001

Test file:

Host node specifications:

– Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-7700K processor at 5.0 GHz

– 64 GB of DDR4 2400 MHz RAM

– 1 4 TB hard drive

– 2 512 GB SSD drives

– RAID 1 software with offsite backups

– 1 Gbit / s

– Intel (R) Xeon (R) E3-1270 v6 processor at 4.0 GHz

– 64 GB of RAM

– 2 4 TB hard drives

– 2 512 GB SSD drives

– RAID 1 software with offsite backups

– 1 Gbit / s

Please let us know if you have any questions / comments and enjoy!

php – Connection works for me on local host, it works for me, but in 000webhost it doesn't work

I connect to an administration site, I downloaded the files to a free server which is and it doesn't work, however, in xampp, it works well.
This code works perfectly for me on the localhost but when I try it on the 000webhost it doesn't work.

ValidationSession File File.php

<? php
$ username = $ _REQUEST (& # 39; txtUser & # 39;);
$ password = $ _REQUEST (& # 39; txtContrasena & # 39;);

include (& # 39; connection.php & # 39;);
$ see = "select * from user where mail = & # 39; $ username & # 39; and password = & # 39; $ password & # 39;";
$ run = mysqli_query ($ conn, $ see);

$ cant = mysqli_num_rows ($ run);

if ($ cant! = 1) {

echo "";

} else {
session_start ();
while ($ row = mysqli_fetch_array ($ run)) {
$ _SESSION (& # 39; username & # 39;) = $ row (& # 39; mail & # 39;);
$ _SESSION (& # 39; password & # 39;) = $ row (& # 39; password & # 39;);
$ _SESSION (& # 39; valid_user & # 39;) = TRUE;

echo "";



and this is the file to redirect when the correct connection is established.
This is where it doesn't work for me. because it goes to the login file and stays there, it doesn't advance, but if I delete it, it goes back to the index.php file where I have the login form. I don't know what to do to make it work.





Student data

I really don't know what it could be.
Help me please.

The cheapest way to host 1 TB of files?


My mom runs a scrapbooking site that sells graphic kits. Customers download files after paying. She was on HostGator's "unlimited" shared hosting. It has 750 GB of content they obviously don't like, but there is nothing they can do about it because they will get in trouble for fake ads, so they claim the database is using too much server resources even if it is a low traffic website. . I've been in web development since the late 90's, so I know a lot of people with websites, and this week HostGator dropped the hammer on everyone I know who uses a lot of storage.

So my question is there anyway to fix this for less than $ 50 / month? My mom lives with a disability and doesn't have a lot of money and her website does almost nothing and is more of a hobby. Even if there is a website only for hosting files that she can tell her clients to download. I'm just trying to avoid $ 100 / month for a dedicated server. Does anyone know a real "unlimited" shared host or someone who offers cheap dedicated servers, or cheap shared hosting with tons of space, or whatever What else will work?

Bind VNC on the SSH hop host tunnel to something other than the localhost port

I know how to use a jumphost to create a VNC SSH tunnel ssh -A -N -L 5901:targethost:5901 jumphost however, this binds to the local host of the initiating machine. So if I want to connect to many hosts at the same time via something like Royal TS, it becomes a problem when you get more than 10 machines. Let's say I want to establish a VNC connection to via the jumphost The order would be ssh -A -N -L 5901:

I wish I could link this connection in one way or another to the target IP address, so when I went to start the VNC session, the address would be vnc:// instead of vnc://localhost:5901 In this way, I could save all VNC connections in Royal TS.

statistics – Image host with view and location statistics?

I need to host images that will be published on multiple third party forums (on multiple threads) and I need to follow the most popular ones.

Are there image hosts that offer statistics for each hosted image, such as:

  • Number of views
  • URL of the page on which the image was viewed

magento2 – Magento 2: Your web server is misconfigured and allows unauthorized access to sensitive files. Please contact your host

I'm having trouble solving this very annoying problem on my Magento 2.3.3 store.
Today I forced SSL on the website (I did this by enabling https on the insecure URL). After 10-15 minutes, while I was modifying some promotional codes, I received this notification on my backend:

Your web server is set up incorrectly and allows unauthorized access to sensitive files. Please contact your hosting provider.

I have tried everything. The / app folder has the .htaccess file and has this rule (everyone suggested that as a fix).

    order allow,deny
    deny from all

= 2.4>
    Require all denied

All of my files appear to have 755 and all files 644.

PLEASE NOTE: This error occurs when the / app folder is visible to everyone. The weird thing is that if I try to navigate to this folder, or app / etc / config.php, this gives me the 404 error, so it looks like my files are in security.

Why am I getting this error?


A recommendation for the cloud host with 30 dedicated IP addresses?


We are running a PHP script which should only run for 1 minute every 24 hours. There are 30 such instances, and each instance requires its own dedicated IP. Therefore, we are in the market to buy a new host at the lowest possible cost. Currently, we were on turnkey SEO hosting, but it looks like they have started to put limitations on the running processes.

So our questions are:

1. Is there a recommended affordable host that provides 30 dedicated IP addresses?

2. Since we only need to run scripts 1 minute per 24 hours, is hourly billed VPS cloud the best solution for us?

3. If it is not cloud hosting, is there another type of hosting solution that can provide 30 dedicated IP addresses cost effectively (comparable to hosting Turnkey SEO).

4. Is there a way to deploy multiple dedicated IP addresses on a single Cpanel account?

Feel free to recommend, as well as a private message if you are a hosting provider with such an offer (if this is fine according to the rules).

Networking – Host How to Filter Network Access for a Windows 10 Guest

I installed a virtual machine containing Windows 10 Pro, but I would like to blacklist DNS entries and v4 / v6 IP addresses. ive searched for bridged networks but found no corresponding solution.

is a virtual network interface a good solution? and if so, how can i blacklist these connections?

Ubuntu 18.04
5.0.0-37-generic kernel
AMD x1950 16 cores

Windows 10 Pro
8 virtual cores
Nvidia GTX 750 (Passthrought)

optimization – What is the best way to host a site with many images without it being too slow?

I have a friend who wants me to help him with his WordPress site which contains around 150 images for his gallery. Their site is quite slow even after optimizing the images using the ImageOptim application. They use SiteGround as their web hosting provider, but they only use the StartUp package because it is the most affordable. I know the site is slow to load because of the images, but I don't know what is the best approach to try to speed it up without paying for a more expensive hosting plan.

I think maybe the best way to do that would be to just put their images on Google Images and use them as a gallery instead, or maybe an Instagram feed like Smash Balloon.

What would you all suggest?

Thank you

passwords – Is there anything unsafe about storing plain text secrets on the host FS?

There are recommendations on this website and on the Internet suggesting never to store credentials (for example, login / password in the database that some web applications use, or access key S3 on a non-AWS instance, etc.) in plain text on the file system, apparently due to the ability to recover the password from the disk.

The alternative suggests transmitting secrets from some sort of remote secret manager over the network, I believe this model expects an application that uses the corresponding secret to store it in memory. Variants of this scheme also support storing secrets in encrypted files on the target host's file system and transmitting the encryption key to the application securely over the network.

Since I would still like to store unencrypted credentials on the local file system – let's say due to the limitation of the framework that expects an unencrypted password in a local file – would it possible to store plain text secrets in some files and mitigate the risk by:

  1. Using an encrypted file system – so a malicious actor who steals the disk still won't be able to read the secrets of the encrypted partition.
  2. Using ram FS (let's forget about the need to pass secrets first for now).
  3. In addition to 1 or 2, limit access to the file to a certain user who is used to run the application.

P.S. there are similar questions on this, for example Store database password in plain text? (this may be too vague and therefore did not receive a clear answer). Is it correct that the API secret is stored in plain or decipherable text? (broader scope; however, the responses did not address the particular aspect on which I ask the question).

In addition, I want to clarify that (1) the password is NOT stored in the application configuration, let's just say that it is distributed via a secure mechanism to the host during application deployment; (2) the end user who uses the web application I am talking about does not have access to the host.

My main question is whether there is something inherently insecure in file systems which basically leaves me with options which expect me to never store credentials (to access to other services from my apps) unencrypted on a file system. In order to reduce the scope, let's limit this question to the modern Linux operating system.