Premium – – 80% of all Sales & Rebills | 5 Years Old Stable Host | NewProxyLists

Dear WJ Affiliates,

Its been quite long since we have been developing and testing our new file host which is finally up for launch in this year 2016. We have planned the affiliate program that could benefit us and the affiliates in the best possible manner.

Most Unique part of Ausfile
1. Affiliates set download speed for their users, 30KBps to 500KBps.
2. Affiliates can limit free user download file size, 400MB to 5GB.
3. Affiliates set countdown timer for their downloaders, 15 sec to 150 sec.
4. Affiliates set time duration between 2 downloads, NIL to 180 min.
NOTE: Keep all the above settings to DEFAULT which is best for PPS Uploaders to get sales.

Affiliate Plans

1. PPS Plan
75% of all Sales and 75% of all Rebills

2. MIX PLAN (Earn from both sales & downloads at the same time)
Upto $150 for 10K PPD + 40% of all Sales/Rebills

REFERRAL Commission of 10%

Payment Method – WMZ, PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payza, Perfect Money, Paxum, Astropay Card, Payeer and WIRE Transfer
Minimum Payout – $30, Wire Transfer is $300
Payments are processed DAILY between 10:00 to 16:00 Hour (GMT +5.30)

NO SHAVING – We DO NOT cheat. Affiliates are free to check our sales counting anytime and we shall pay back your tested amount in full.
CHEAP PREMIUM PRICES – This encourages more users to pay for our plans.
SSL Encryption – The whole site is SSL encrypted to increase trust among users which leads to 20% more sales.
Payment Methods – We have added wide variety of payments options to our customers.
Subscription -Recurring payments available for short premium plans to boost your rebills

We are Online 24/7 to assist you. Big Affiliates can get Phone and Skype Support as well to increase transparency.
ICQ 687886449

Magento Migration Tool: What should the database host, name, user and password be in config.xml?

I am hoping to migrate Magento to 2.4.1 using the Magento Migration Tool. I have already installed the Migration tool and now I’m trying to configure the confix.xml file in:

<Magento 2 root dir>/vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/etc/opensource-to-opensource/<Magento 1.x version>

I already found and inserted the crypt_key, now I suppose to edit the following:

<database host="localhost" name="Magento1-DB-name" user="DB-username" password="DB-password"/>
<database host="localhost" name="Magento2-DB-name" user="DB-username" password="DB-password"/>
  • Localhost –> I’ve put the IP address of both the source and destination (they are both in the same hosting package but have different IP addresses) – Is this correct?

  • name –> I copied the database name from phpMyAdmin – Is this correct?

  • user –> what should this be? Is this the cPanel user name or the Magento Admin user name?

  • password –> again – cPanel password OR Magento Admin password?

After I get the correct settings in here, can I just run these 2 commands via SSH (Putty) to make the Migration tool migrate all the important data?

php bin/magento migrate:settings --reset <path to your config.xml>

php bin/magento migrate:data --reset <path to your config.xml>

Also, do I need to put the Magento 1 store in maintenance mode prior to doing the migration?

Estimate the number of host computers on the private network by port scanning

If we have a private network connected to the Internet with NAT, how can an attacker estimate the number of host computers in network using port scanning?
For both possible modes, the attacker inside and outside the private network.

networking – Forward Port to localhost of host from VMWare VM

I have a server running at localhost:8081 on the host machine.

From a VM, I would like to be able to visit http://localhost:8081 from a browser running inside of my VM and have that request forwarded to the server running on the host.

The host machine is running macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina) and the VM is running Ubuntu 18.04.

Is this possible? If so, how?

Docker on host have multi ethernet

We were running a docker container on an host that had an eth1 and an eth2 interface. I configured source base policy-base routing so everything was working fine with the software that was installed on the host level communicating over either IP. However, I can’t communicate with a Docker container over the eth2 (non default interface).

I’m using debian 10 on host.


Recommendations for a Conservative web host

I am seeking recommendations for a Conservative web host please. It is not my intention to offend anyone, nor do I want to engage in a poli… | Read the rest of

Looking for a web host

Looking for a web hosting company to set up my website on. It’ll need to offer Free SSL Certificate and SSD with live chat support.

Pr… | Read the rest of

❤️ [ DESKTOP + SERVER ] – A desktop and server accessed from any device – Build and Host! | NewProxyLists is pleased to announce desktop computing in the cloud, complete with remote access via SSH and 500 Mbps of bandwidth for a fast and reliable experience! Complete with audio, directly tune in to your movies, music, and streaming platforms, just as you would on a local computer.

You’ll also have the ability to run your Shell™ server (without desktop) for all your setups. Take advantage of high bandwidth and setups that fit your needs.

Access all your GNU/Linux and Windows/Wine applications from one source on your PlayStation, Xbox, mobile devices, and workstations.

Any device with an internet connection will allow you to use your shell the way you want. You may also download a native Shells™ app to any device, featuring iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux builds, to run your Shell™ outside of a web browser.

Your desktop, your server, made easy!

► Monthly subscription options
$9.95 Basic:
Memory: 2GB RAM
Space: 40GB HD
Bandwidth: 500 Mbps up/downlink unmetered
$1 per extra Public IPv4 Address

$19.95 Plus:
Memory: 4GB RAM
Space: 80GB HD/SSD
Bandwidth 500 Mbps up/downlink unmetered
$1 per extra Public IPv4 Address

$36.95 Pro:
Memory: 8GB RAM
Space: 160GB HD/SSD
Bandwidth: 500 Mbps up/downlink unmetered
$1 per extra Public IPv4 Address

$4.95 Lite:

Memory: 2GB RAM
Space: 20 GB HD/SSD
Bandwidth: 500Mbps up/downlink 100 Hours / Month (For Casual)

US: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Texas
EU: Amsterdam
Asia: Tokyo

► Join our community IRC and Discord! Need help building? We got you. For the love of computing! Reach ut for help at our support / community portal

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Let me know if I can help with anything!

Looking for specific dedicated server host

Im looking for a dedicated server host with a tier – 1 ASN on their infrastructure. does anyone have any leads for this?… | Read the rest of

Selling – direct download porn blog and adult image host | NewProxyLists

selling and

both are very old sites – strong branding

most traffic is direct bookmarked traffic – some of the highest quality traffic – how strong is the traffic? I accidently left down for a month and it recovered on its own after; most traffic from the US

porn tubes are shit. we are offering virtually all scene releases in their original form.

the site has a solid foundation for growth. you can add streaming video to the posts. put ads, change hosts, etc. I really stopped caring about the site a while back.

keep the site up and it just grows on its own for some reason. gets 2k traffic daily, 1k from bookmarks, 1k from google according to google analytics. Feels higher though.

comes with scripts which basically automate the whole thing.

  • automatically downloads scene releases from various sites like torrent sites, nzbs, etc
  • unrar each release
  • rename video file
  • modify hash of file to avoid DMCA
  • take screenshots
  • create screenshots
  • post screenshots to imagezilla or other sites
  • upload each release
  • post releases on any number of forums or blogs – right now just posts on but I used to post everywhere
  • manages disk space
  • deletes torrents done with
  • maintains ratio on torrent sites

I can include the current web hosting plan which is at Novogara or formerly Ecatel. Why here? cause they don’t care about dmca.

comes with 2 servers which you can combine into 1: one for upload/download, 2: websites. I keep two server in order to manage the bittorrent ratio.

scripts are in python and perl; know how to code

Make an offer in USD

Taking bitcoin only

have questions DM me.

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this is more a site for someone with ideas
it is turnkey as is but if you want more money you need to get creative